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Publication numberUS1500107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1924
Filing dateJun 5, 1923
Priority dateJun 5, 1923
Publication numberUS 1500107 A, US 1500107A, US-A-1500107, US1500107 A, US1500107A
InventorsJermain Chandler
Original AssigneeJermain Chandler
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Dental appliance
US 1500107 A
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Filed June 5, 1923 Patented July 8, 1924.



Application filed June 5,

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JERMAIN CHANDLER, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Toledo, Lucas .County, Ohio, have invented new and useful Dental Appliances, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to teeth and gums cleansing apparatus.

This invention has utility when incorporated in a flushing nozzle or syringe device.

Referring to the drawings Fig. 1 is a View of an embodiment of the invention as a teeth cleansing appliance;

Fig. 2 is a section on the line IIII, Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a section on the line IIIIII, Fig. 1, looking in the direction of the arrow; and

Fig. 4 is a section on the line IV-IV, Fig. 1.

The bulb or reservoir 1 is shown as having flexible connecting tube 2 extending to stem 3 of the member proper. This member proper is of general U form having an upper channel t and a lower channel 5. Between the channels 4, 5, is a hollow web 6 from which rise the flanges 7 giving the body of the member a general Lshape and tubular with jets 8 on the inner sides of the flanges 7 converging outside of the channel. This I-shaped member as tubular is thus a passage forming channel or member. Its hollow interior forms a chamber. Additional jets 9, 10, may be distributed in the flange inner sides as well as in the sides of the web 6.

The flanges 7 are preferably spaced a distance to embrace or span the teeth of the user, and these flanges 7 are continuous over the bend of the U and out the legs of the U to be connected by lower flange portion 11 in completing the wall about the channels so that the channels may be positioned closely up over the teeth of the user notonly as to the upper but as to the lower jaw. By submerging the U-shaped member in a vessel of water with the bulb 1 comressed, the release of this self-distending ulb 1 will tend to draw in water so that the user in placing this appliance in his mouth to seat over the gums or teeth may upon squeezing the bulb 1 force water to I be discharged through the jets 8, 9, 10, upon the walls of the teeth as well as beyond 1923. Serial No. 643,493.

the teeth and in the regions of the junction between the gums and the teeth for efl ectively loosening and removing foreign matter. In this operation the bulb 1 may be allowed to expand and be recompressed several times as a sort of pump in slushing the liquid in and about the teeth. The ex pansion of the bulb may work as a suction in drawing back into the appliance liquid as discharged into the mouth of the user, such liquid to be rejetted into the users mouth.

Opposing the stem 3 is a minor stem 12 having exterior threaded portion 13 upon which may be mounted a cap 14:. In this stem 12 may be placed a supply of tooth paste or prophylactic, as may be desired, against which the incoming stream of water from the duct 2 will impinge to carry such paste or prophylactic for general distribution in this U-shaped member and discharged therefrom against the walls of the teeth. and the gums.

In the event it is desired to give the mouth but the single use of the water supplied by flushing directly and but once for the discharge through the jets, the accumulation of the water in the mouth may be relieved by ducts 15.

The source of supply herein shown as a bulb 1 may be detachable in order that the duct 2- may have other connection, as to a spigot. The bulb 1 and the tube 2 may be of rubber, while the U-shaped opposing channel member may be of more rigid structure, although partially flexible. To this end where a substantial structure is desired and different sizes used, the U-shaped member may be of metal and of a sanitary construction to permit of ready cleaning or thorough disinfection. A composition of non-metal material as zylonite may answer. In the form as shown in which the U member is not symmetrical, the member may be turned over for use in the other side of the mouth.

What is claimed and it is desired to secure by United States Letters Patent is a w A;

relatively inclined jet outlets directed toward each other from an adjacent common chamber portion of said housing.

3. In an appliance for cleansing the month, an are shaped chamber forming member having oppositely open channels, and jets from said member directed into said channels.

i. In an appliance for cleansing the mouth a chambered member of I-shape in cross section to provide oppositely extending hollow flanges and a connecting hollow web, there being jets inwardly directed from flange termini.

In an appliance for cleansing the mouth a U-shaped channel having jets from the legs of the U-portiom' said jets being directed to converge beyond said legs, said channelbeing curved, and a jet flushing supply duct connected adjacent one end of the curved portion of the channel.

6. In an appliance for cleansing the mouth a chambered member of I-shape in cross section to provide oppositely extending flanges and a connecting web, there be ing jets from the flanges and web.

'1'. In an appliance for cleansing the mouth a U-shaped member having opposing similar U-shaped channels provided with jets from the legs of the U-portion directed to converge beyond said legs.

In Witness whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification433/80, 433/88, 601/164, 604/77
International ClassificationA61C17/08, A61C17/06, A61C17/02, A61C17/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61C17/0211
European ClassificationA61C17/02E