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Publication numberUS1500269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1924
Filing dateJul 14, 1922
Priority dateJul 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1500269 A, US 1500269A, US-A-1500269, US1500269 A, US1500269A
InventorsReynolds Frank J
Original AssigneeReynolds Frank J
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Card-holding device
US 1500269 A
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Julyu8. 1.924.

. F..J. REYNOLDS CARD HOLDING DEVICE F11 d J 1y 14 1922 IIIII/ v v INVENTOR 1M w m, a fimze, ATTORNEYS Rockville Patented July 8, 1924.


Application filed July 14,

To all whom 2'25 may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK J. REYNOLDS, a

citizen of the United States, a resident of' Center, Long Island, in'the'county of Nassau and State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Gard-Holding Device, ofwwhich jthefollowing is a specification.--

This invention relates to a card holding device in combination with a shipping case.

This invention relates also'to a card holding device and more particularly a device adapted to hold cards indicating the contents of a shipping box containing textile I goods, said device being attached to the shipping box in a convenient manner.

While the invention may exist in various embodiments, the following description is intended to cover a preferred embodiment of the invention which has been found very convenient. and advantageous in practical use.

The said preferred embodiment is illustrated in the accompanying drawings which form part of this specification and in said drawings,

Figure 1 represents a shipping box designed to contain textile goods, the card holding device being shown attached to said shipping box to provide a combined structure.

Figure 2 shows a card inserted in the card holding device, this figure being in the same position as the card holding device in Figure 1 but the view being from the inside of the box outwardly.

Figure 3 is a section of Figure 2 on line 3-3.

Figure 4; is a modification of the card holding device.

Figure 5 is a section thereof on line 55 of Figure 5.

In the drawings a shipping box or packing case 1 is shown and there is attached thereto a card holding device denoted generally by 2. This device is preferably and advantageously attached to the shipping case. at the upper edge thereof underneath and against the lower side of a board 3 of the shipping case which in the usual form of construction is nailed or screwed to the main body of the case and stands out from the outside surface thereof. The card holding device is attached by means of hinges 4: as shown, these hinges lying flat against the lower rear end of the card holding device 1 22.. Serial No. 574,914.

and against the side of the board 3, in such a manner that the device '2 may be lifted up and turned through 180 into 'an'upright position as shown by the dotted lines in F igure l represented by numeral 5,." When in the latter position the card denoted by the numeral 6 will appear exposed to view so that" the contents of the' 'card I may be inspected and read. A suitable fastening de vice 7 may be provided at the lower end 8 of the card holding device in order to hold it against the side of the shipping case. Any suitable device may be used for this purpose and it will advantageously consist of a structure not easily broken during transit.

The card holding device 2 consists of a board or plate 9 which has attached thereto at three sides frames 10, 11, and 12, these frames being provided with recesses between the board 9 and the overhanging portions of the frames so that a card may be slipped in between the frames and the board as clearly shown in Figure 2. The device 2 may be of 'wood', iron, or other suitable material.

In the modification shown in Figure 4 a' metal frame denoted generally by 13 surrounds the board 9 at three sides thereof and also has a groove or slot between the frame and the board 9 to admita card. This metal frame may extend over theback of the board 9 as shown in Figure 5 and denoted generally by the numeral 1 1.

The view shown in Figure 2'is, of course,

the reverse of the view which will present itself whenthe card holding device is swung up into position 5, that is, it is upside down with respect to position 5.

In this manner there is provided a card holding device which is easily accessible and yet out of the way so that it will not be damaged during transit by coming into engagement with other shipping cases or boxes.

Advantage is taken of the recesses which are customarily found in the usual shipping cases to place therein the card holding de vice. This may be mounted in any position within said recesses and may be advantageously situated in one of the corners thereof. It may, however, be positioned and fastened underneath any overhanging portion of any shipping case or it may be fastened below a specially provided ledge or overhanging board where shipping cases are built in a peculiar or unusual manner. The card holding. device is quite simple in construction and securely protects the con- 7 tained card from the weather and from damage due to abrasions or accidental tearing. The card is always accessible and therefore the invention obviates the difficulty of having to open the shipping caseand search for the card among the contents thereof. If desired the locking or holding means 7 may be made in the form of a lock which only the consignee can open with a key or it may comprise any other locking device which will prevent access to the card by unauthorized persons.

As many apparently widely different embodiments of this invention may be made without departing from the spirit thereof, it is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the details of the above embodiment except as may be indicated by the appended claim which defines the invention.

I claim:

The combination of a shipping case constructed with reinforcing boards along the edges to provide a recess having a reentrant angle in the side of the case, and a base plate hinged at its lower rear side to one of the said boards adjacent said angle so as to occupy a portion of the recess, said base plate carrying a card with its face toward the shipping case and in inverted position.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing, I have hereunto set my hand this 11th day of J uly 1922.


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