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Publication numberUS1500431 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 8, 1924
Filing dateSep 12, 1923
Priority dateSep 12, 1923
Publication numberUS 1500431 A, US 1500431A, US-A-1500431, US1500431 A, US1500431A
InventorsAlbert Wolf
Original AssigneeAlbert Wolf
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Fire-extinguishing device
US 1500431 A
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July 8 19249 A. WOLF FIRE EXTINGUISHING DEVICE Filed Sent. 2, 1923 .Jzzverzfar' :7 MW @Zm @atented July 8, 192%.



Application filed September 12; 1923. Serial Xi'o. 862,308.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALBERT Wow of German nationality, residing at and w ose post-oifice address is 80 Kurfurstenstrasse, Berlin W., Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in and Relating to F ire-Extinguishing Devices; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact descriptionof the invention, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to fire extinguishing pistols intended to be used as a first protective against fires that have broken out. In order to obtain a practically suflicient extinguishing efiect by discharging a fire extinguishing substance, it is necessary that the extinguishing substance is discharged in such a quantity that it can cover as far as possible the seat of the fire. In order that this condition may be fulfilled, a comparatively large cartridge for the extinguishing material will be required, so that according to a prior proposal of inserting this cartridge into an ordinary pistol the contrivance would become too heavy for allowing its handy manipulation. reason the pistol according to the invention is made without a barrel and the cartridge is constructed in such a manner that by removably attaching it to the pistol the latter is converted into a contrivance ready for firing, serving at the same time as a barrel for aiming and for fixing the shooting direction of the fire extinguishing substance. It has already been proposed to combine a reservoir containing the extinguishing substance with a special cartridge holding the primin remova 1y fixed to the trigger mechanism so as to form a barrel for the pistol. A contrivance composed in such a manner has however the disadvantage that on account of the danger of its parts becoming detached, it cannot be stored and in practice cannot be used as a reserve cartridge, while the invention relates to an undividablecartrigge ready for use.

pon the accompanying drawing one mode of carrying out the invention is shown by way of example.

For this composition in a third reservoir- The fire extinguishing cartridge a is filled with a fire extinguishlng substance, while in the bottom of the cartridge a priming composition having a percussion ca is located, the latter being exploded y the striker of the pistol 0, whereby the priming composition is caused to ignite. The extinguishing cartridge is fixed in a remov able manner to the pistol 0 by means of a cartridge clamp 72 of any desired shane, whereby the pistol is turned into a shooting contrivance ready for use. As soon as a fire has been discovered, the pistol is directed towards it, in which case the cartridge .a serves as the barrel and facilitates the aiming. After the pistol has been fired the exploding gases of the powder throw the fire extinguishing substance in the shape of a wide spread and sprayed cone vigorously against the source of fire, while the cartridge remains as the barrel on the pistol.

The advantages of this fire extinguishing device are the effects of the air pressure, the force of the ejected extinguishing substance and the immediate and in consequence of the easy exchangeability of the cartridge the quickly renewed readiness for use.

Having now described the nature of my said invention, I declare that what I claim 1s:

In a fire extinguishing device, the combination of a pistol shaped trigger mechanism, an elongated cartridge containing a fire extinguishing substance and a priming composition, and means detachably connecting one end of the cartridge to said trigger mechanism, whereby said cartridge forms an elongated barrel for the pistol shaped trigger mechanism, said cartridge being of suflicient' size to contain a full charge of the -fire extinguishing substance and of sumcient length to direct the charge a considerable distance "when the trigger mechanism is actuated. v In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specifiication in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

ALBERT WOLF. Witnesses:

Bnmwo Oo'rrmcna,

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U.S. Classification42/51, 169/36, 169/35
International ClassificationF42B12/50, F42B12/02
Cooperative ClassificationF42B12/50, A62C17/00
European ClassificationF42B12/50, A62C17/00