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Publication numberUS1502304 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 22, 1924
Filing dateJun 12, 1922
Priority dateJun 12, 1922
Publication numberUS 1502304 A, US 1502304A, US-A-1502304, US1502304 A, US1502304A
InventorsJohn T Gaines
Original AssigneeJohn T Gaines
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Art stand lamp
US 1502304 A
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J. T. GAINES Anf; STAND LAMP my z2, 1924. 1502,39@

Filed June 12;. 1922 ma, ATTRNEY.

Patented duly 22, 1924.

isoaau JOHN r. GAINES, or INDmNAroLrs, INDIANA.


Application med June Y12, 1922. seriarno. 567,791.

had to the accompanying drawings and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon. i Y

This invention relatesv to a' portablejart ystand lamp and has reference morepar'ticularly to a stand lamp vc'olumnthatis prin` cipally of monolithicformation and having highly polished face portions of irregular design. Y

An object of the invention is to provide' an art stand lamp of such type as to permit different lamps to be ornamentally different and without,materiallyiaffecting the cost of production, so that the purchaser of each lamp may have an exclusively"original design of surface ornamentation differing from that of every other lamp, which lamp may be of such height as' to be adapted to stand upon a table, `or tallerto stand upon a oor.

Anotherv object is to provide an art stand lamp which shall be of such construction as to have differently colored and polished face portions so disposed as to be exposed to slantingv raysof light, more particularly' from electrical or gas lights on the lamp structure, in order that the lamp shall be novell in appearance and pleasing tothe observer.

A further object is to provide an im? proved art standy lamp which shall permit of monolithic concrete construction at moderate cost, in order that it shallfbe' sufhciently heavy to stand firmly, shall not be liable to serious Vdamage in case of accident thereto, which may be adapted for electrif cal lighting or for gas lighting, and which shall be durable and economical in use With the above mentioned and other'objects in view, the invention consistsin an art stand lamp having a' novel composite column and lamps mounted in a novel manner thereon; and, the invention consists also further in the parts and combinations and arrangements of parts as hereinafter particularly described and further set .c forth in the accompanying claims.

`Referring to the drawings, Fig`ure l is a fragmentaryl perspective View of ata'bl'e and a lamp Athereon constructed substantially in accordance with the invention;

Fig. 2 is an elevation showing the'princi-'f pal part of the lamp column; Fig.y 3 is a vertical central section of KVVthe monolithic part of theM composite column, the upper portion of the column and' lamps thereon being in elevation; Fig. 4 is a fragmentary vertical central Vsection of the upper ypor'- tion ofthe lamp structure on 'ani enlarged sc'al'eg'and Fig. 5 is a section on the line V-V in Figf. i v Similar reference characters in thedif# ferent figures of the drawingsrindicate corresponding or likeelements or Vfeaturesr of f construction herein referred to in detail.`

In Fig;` lfthe numeral l indicates a table, 2 the new stand lamp generally, and 3 the lamp shade commonly used yon stand lamps, illustrating the general character of thev invention and the purposes thereof.

A practicalv 4embodiment of the invention comprises a broad base having a suitable bottom 4 and a side face or faces 5, and also an inclined top face 6, the bottom ofthe vbase preferably having a thin cushioning pad 7 thereoncomposed of felt or other suitable material.` A tapered column 8 is supported upon the base 'and preferably is Vintegral therewith, the'base and the col umn being of monolithic formation com-y posed of cement 9 as a body in which are embedded many fragments of broken 'man bley orr other substance capable of being' ground andk polished, there being many differentlyy shaped `and differently colored facestones l() and l1 in the face of the column, more or less similar face stones l2 inthe side'faces of the base and in the inclined top face of 'the base. Other frag- -ments of marble or stone 13 are entirely embedded in their rough statewin the column andr its'fbase, The column and the base may have any desired external contour, and theface or yvarious vface portions of the'concrete body are on one and the same plane with the face portions of the fragments, all being smooth and ypolished to such a degree as the different portions are capable of being polishedafter'y having been ground smooth. v

A metallicjtube Acomprising a. `straight main portion 14 is embedded centrally in the column and extends upward asuitable distance beyond the top of the column and constitutesa 'shaftwportion of the column, the

`extending through the flange, each rod having a head 2O thereon engaging the topof the flange. A hollow stem 21 is provided which is slipped over the projectingv portion of the tube Y14 and has an attachment portion 22 which is secured in the flange 17,

preferably by means of screw threads,'thecollar being larger internally than theex-g ternal diameter of the tube V14. YThe stem has a hollow head on `its top adapted for supporting suitablelamps ork the burners 'of such type as may be desired; for electric lighting :there being; a hollow head portion or shell 23connected with a nut 24Crwhich is secured, preferably by means of screw threads, to the stem 21, astandard'25 being arranged Yin the shell and having a foot 26 that is secured also to the' stem torfasten the shell thereto, the standard having an arm 27 Aon its top supporting a screw 28V that extends through a vcap plate 29 fitted to the top Vof the shell vand secured in place by means ofr a nut 3() Vplaced on. the screw;

- When a lamp shade is desired the necessary shade holder may be placed on the cap plate 29 and secured in place by the nut 30,

as will be understood. A suitablefnumberr of switch boxes 31, 31V are connected to the shelland have electrical lamp sockets 32, 32 into which electrical lamps 33, 33 are secured. v f

In order to supply the lamps, with electrical current an electrical circuit cord 34 is varranged in the tube within the column and is provided on its outer end with a conventional plug 35 to `be connected with any suitably arranged electrical socket. The-circuit cord 34 extends upward beyond the tube 14 and into the casing 23, the circuit 'wires be# ing suitably connected with the switch boxes as in common practice. Y l Y The monolithic columna-1 structure has novel reinforcing rods therein comprising main portions 36,` 36"extending from the base upwardly atv an` inclination and convergently to a portion of the tube 14, each rod preferably having a foot -portion 37 extendingV outwardlyI in the base of the column; and the rods have upwardly extending upper portions 38, 38,f diverging from the tube 14. A band 39 extends-about the 'rods where they Vare in'contact with the slight-ly polished and form pleasing` .back-A ground forthe highly polished andv differ-z. ently colored spots thereon formed by the faces of the fragments embedded in Vthecement.V Y v K I v It should be understood that the `hollow head of the stem 21 may be'of such construc= tion as to 4,distribute gasto burners connected-therewith, and that illuminating gas may` be suitably conductednvinto the horizontal` portion 16- of the Ytube'. Y

In practical use the bottom of thebase the column is placed where desired and may readily be transferred toother positions. v`The.

plug 35 is connectedwith a socket as usual,

and the lamps may be supplied witlrelectricV current in the customary manner,'by operation of the electrical switches in theswitch boxes. When the lamps are kin operation, light rays therefrom project downwardly in slanting directionsv on the surfaces of the column, the highly polished surfaces' or the spots in the surfaces reflecting or deflecting the light rays with pleasing effects. V

Having thus described theinvention, whatY is claimed as new is,-

1. An art stand lamp including a base, a

tapered column upon the base, acap secured to thetop of the column, a hollow stemseV cured to ,the cap, a hollow head secured to the stem to support a lamp, a tube extend-` ing through the base and thecolumnland also into the stem and nearly to the/.top of the' stem, and rods arrangedV in the column and extending into A4the base` and also upward nearly to the cap. c n Y "2. An art stand lamp including a base, a tapered column upon the base, a caparranged uponthe top of the column, securing devices embedded in the column and engaging the cap to secure it yin place, a hollow` stem secured to the cap, `a hollowv head secured to the stem to support a lamp, Vatube extending through the base andthe column and also into kand nearly to Ythe topV of the stem, and rods arranged in the column about the tube and extending into 4the base and also upward nearly to the cap andV between the securing devices. .f .Y

1 3.` An. artstand lamp includinga base and a tapered columniintegrally connected together and having irregular particles therekin,w some ofthe particlesl being embedded partially in the base andmpartially'in'the column, a cap secured to the to of the column, a hollow stem secured to t ie cap, a hollow head secured to the stem to support a lamp, a tube extending through the base and the column and also into and nearly to the top of the stem, and rods arranged in the column about the tube and extending into the base and also nearly to the cap, the rods being arranged among the irregular particles in the base and the column.

4. An art stand lamp including a base, a tapered column upon the base, a cap secured to the top of the column, a hollow Stein secured in the cap, a hollow head secured to the stem, electrical switch boxes connected to the head, a tube extending through the base and the column and also through the cap and into the stem and nearly to the top of the stem, an electrical circuit cord extending through the tube and the head and into the yswitch boxes, rods arranged in the column and extending into the base, each rod extending upward from .the base at an inclinationto the tube and thence divergently from the tube, and a band embracing the rods and securing them to the tube.

In testimony whereof, I aiiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



U.S. Classification362/414
International ClassificationF21V21/10
Cooperative ClassificationF21V21/10
European ClassificationF21V21/10