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Publication numberUS1503378 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 29, 1924
Filing dateJun 9, 1923
Priority dateJun 9, 1923
Publication numberUS 1503378 A, US 1503378A, US-A-1503378, US1503378 A, US1503378A
InventorsReid Albert T
Original AssigneeReid Albert T
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Toilet case
US 1503378 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

jufi '29 1924.

93,3 78 A. T. REID TOILET CASE Original Filed June 9. 1323 Patented July 2%, 124.

nnnnnr r. new, on nnayaaqwonrn, was

TOILET seal; 1

Application filed June 9, 15323, Serial Ido. ceases. Renewed Easy 23, 19%.

To all whom it may cam/cm: I

Be it known that l, ALBERT. T. Ram, a

citizen of the United States, residing (at Leavenworth, in the county of Leavenworth and State of Kansas, have invented certain capacity, and which is neat and attractive in appearance. Qther objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent during the course of the following description. r

In the accompanying drawings formmg a part of this specification, and in wh1ch l ke numerals are employed to designate like parts'throughout' the same,

Figure 1 1s a perspective view of the toilet case, closed, a

Figure 2 isra similar view, showing the same opened, I

Figure 3 is a central vertical longitudinal sectional view through the case, with parts in the open position,

Figure d isa transverse section takenon line M of Figure 3, arts'of the locking ring and catch being s own in section. for the purpose of. illustration,

Figure 5 is a perspective view, in the open position, of a difierent form of toilet case embodying my invention and Figure 6 is a detail section through the lockin ring, the bolts and associated elements oeing in elevation.

, In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of illustration are shown preferred embodi nents of my inventiomattention being called to Figures 1 to 5 inclusive, the numerals 5 and 6 desi mate a pair ofspherically curved fiy hemispherical casing sections, which when shifted to the inner or closed s'uhstantia positi, ior n a'suhstantially spherical casing. ese casjsections are pivotally connected" at their edges by ajhinge '7, the leaves 8 of which are soldered or otherwise attached to the tions.

The numeral 9 designates an annular support or locking ring, arran ed between the 0 casing sections 5 and 6, w on they are in the open position, Figure 3, and adapted to receive these casing sections upon the same, when they are shifted to the closed position. lhe locking ring 9 is preferably provided as with an outwardly bulging annular flange or rib l0, pressed or stamped therein, which imparts to the loclcin ring a suitable degree of rigidity. The ice ing ring is pivotally connected with the casing sectons 5 and 6, through the medium of the hinge 7, and this outeri aces of the casing'seclocking ring carries a knuckle 11, arranged between the knuckles of the hinge, and pivotally mounted upon the pintle of the hinge.

The numeral 12 designates'a reflecting element or mirror, mounted within the locking ring 9, and this mirror embodies an annular frame including interfittin frame rings 13, and i l, receiving and he ding a' pair of so mirrors 15, the reflecting faces of which'are arranged outermost, as is obvious. instead of providing a reflecting element with two reflecting faces, I may provide the same with one single reflecting face, as l have shown and described in my pending application, hereinhefore referred to. ihe reflecting element 12 is preferably pivotally mounted within the locking ring 9, andfor this purpose pivot elements 16, servetoconnect the outer frame ring lei with the looking ring 9, as more clearly shown in Figure 4. The reflecting element 12 is therefore revoluhle within the locking ring 9 so that either of the reflecting faces may be shifted into a position to he used with either of the casing sections 5 or 6. The numeral 17 designates a leaf spring, constituting the body portion of a. catch. This leaf spring is, arranged within the locking ring 9 and is longitudinally curved to be substantially concentric therewith, and one end of the leaf spring isattached to the ring 9 by a pin 18 or the like, Figure e. The locking ring 9 is stifiler than the leaf 105 spring, and hence the force necessary to compress the leaf spring will not distort the locking ring, to any consideralolei 1 x tent. The leaf springdf? is provided at or near its free end with a pair of radially projecting halts or extensions 1?, preferably mtegral therewith, which project throughcpenings 20, icrnied infiie iecinng ring ing ring 9, tiircugh the rib 10 thereof. This ni: LEIAiC-S s heed 24 at its cuter enci. -J is thus seen when the casing secciens e 6 eie cicsed. position,

v1 engage ebcu the iociiing ring 10, boits 19 will enter the recesses cr 21, thereby isicning the casing seciiicns t the iocising i may provide e ring 25, having as nstteneci ortien 26, apertures for receiving the skunk :22. This fistiene pcrbicn is neivveen the iociiing ring 9 end the 2e, snzi the shank 22 is suficientiy long, is permit 01 the proper eperssicn of the iee'f spring, when the 25 is enipioyeci. This ung tile-referee i'ifiS s svviveie'i cennec aicn Winn she shank 2-2, ens. serves as means for suspending che I may e chain 2? er ether flexible is the ring 2- it is obvious is in ne sense resiric seu is the cf ring" er suspensien eiemeni, :25, as the same be minis-ed, if (iesireci.

The numerei desi the ZDOWCiQI end cempects, "cm are secureci the canine-ct. bases 29. Tiiese bases are sphericsiiy curved. ere eds, it snugly Within the sphericsiiy curved casing secsiens, and are iieiii therein by fricciensi engagement. E have fennel the? by iferniing the ceinpecizs SEJiiEI'iCQiiF ciu'ved, than sir vciuine may be increased, and eisc, the ccinpeds not break i e case is clreppezi, es frequeniiy occurs ivy-iii the ern inc-ry fies compacts.

Figure 5, i have Si'iGWIl a slight ineiiiiiceticn of the inveniicn. The casing sec- Lions 5 6, locking ring 9, and; latch device are identical Witthese shown end described in connection with the first form of my inventicn. However, the mirror is non incunieci Wiinin the iecking ring. In this fern-i of the invention, 1 proviiie s mirr01 36, which is pivoteiiy mounted within the casing seciicn 5, by means of aspring actuated hinge 31, whereby the mirror is rcvvn to the open position, when released, and the casing section is opened. In this ccnstructien, the ccnipaci: base mounted vi i'grin iie casing section 5, will be semevziiet reduced in depth, to make room for the mirror. ether pu-rts of the device sire identicei wish Liose shown in the first ie'rin cf my inventien, as i else ccnterepiete mounting the ring upcn the siienk 22, in this form of the invention,

In the use of the device, the casing secticns 5 end 6 carry the rouge end. powder compacts, and these casing sections may be moved to the open position, Figure 3, with the iocking ring 9 elevated. The mirror 12 may be used in connection with either casing section, its is envious.

Particular attention is ceiied to the fact that the diameter cf the mirror frame is snficieniiy smaller than that of the locking ring, whereby the leaf spring 17 may be arranged between these eiemengs, with sufiicient space is prevent of the depressing of the ieei spring is bring the belts 19 out or" engegensens ith the casing sections.

it is is be understood. that the forms cf my invention herewith shown and describes. are to be taken as preferred examples or" the same, and than various changes in the shape, size, ens arrangement of parts may be resorted tc withent departing from the spirit of my invention, or the scope cf die subjoineii cisims.

hav ng thus described; my inventicn, l

1, A ieiiee case comprising e pair 0; casing sections, ineens connecbing Lie same, 21 ippert mounted Within the casing sect ons when close-5., seici support being s lected to assumes position adjacent be the engaging ed es cf the casing sections when CiOSQfi, e refleciing element pive tsiiy mounted within the supporc, s leaf spring inonnieei upon the inner side of the suppert and errengezi between it end the reflecting element, :5, pair of outwerdly projecting belts carried by the ieei spring" to engage with the cesing secticns, and e depressien element secures to the free end pcrticn cf the leaf spring and extending in the entericr or" the iccinng ring,

2. A eoiiet case comprising casing sections, e iiinge cennecting the same, 22 iecking ring sfiispted for engsgemeni, with both casing sections, e reflecting element pivo- 'eily incunfied Within the locking ring, as

leer" s ering mounted upon the locking ring within the same and between it enri the refleeting element, and boits cerriei by the leaf spring for engagement with the casing sections. 7

3. A toilet case comprising a pair of substantially liernisphericei casing sections, e hinge connecting the same, a, support cerried by said. hinge, and. e reflecting element pivotuily mounted upon the support.

in testimony whereof T. efii: my signs.-


As i new.

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European ClassificationA45D33/00V