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Publication numberUS1503516 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1924
Filing dateMay 18, 1920
Priority dateMay 18, 1920
Publication numberUS 1503516 A, US 1503516A, US-A-1503516, US1503516 A, US1503516A
InventorsPorter William A V
Original AssigneeDavid Weil S Sons Lithographic
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Collapsible carton
US 1503516 A
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Aug. 5, 19% v' @kwam W. A. v. poma@ y C OLLAPS IBLE CARTON Pif-enea Aug. s, 1924.




xenon. To nam s sons New Yoan, a consonancia or new COLLPSIBL CARTON.

Application ma my is, wao. serial no. seam.

1 Toallwhomitmaycomern:

Be it known that LWrnnraM A. V. Ponrnn, a 'citizen of the United States, and resident of the borough of Manhattan, in the city andState of New York, have Vinvented a new and useful Improvement in Collapsible Cartons, of which the following is a specifi'cation. This invention relates to an improvement in collapsible cartons and has for an object to providesuch an article which includes means for exposing part of the outer surface of its cover toward the front for purposes of display, and holding the cover in saidiposition.--

, `Another obj an article in which the front and sides are very'sturdy and in which means is provided for preventing the cover`from being pressed down between the sideswlien the carton is in closed condition.

Another object consists in providing such anfarticlev which includes improved means for holding the carton inbox formation and simultaneously reinforcing various portions thereof.

Another object consists in providing certain im rovements in the form, construction an arrangement of the several parts whereby the above named and other objects be effectively attained. practical embodiment of my invention is represented in the accompanying drawinsin whichig. 1 represents a plan view of the blank from which the carton is formed.

Fig. 2 representsa perspective view of the carton partly folded.

Fig. 3 represents a erspective view of '40 the carton completely olded'into shipping condition.

Fig..4 represents an enlarged detail section taken in the plane of the line IV of Fig. 3, looking in the direction of the arrow.

A`Figl 5 re resents a perspective view of the carton fol ed into display position.

The carton may be formed, as usual, from a blank ofsheet material and provided with suitable creases for assisting the folding 5 thereof.

The blank includes a bottom panel denoted by 1 and a top panel composed of two halves marked 2 and 3, the said halvespf. the top portion being divided by a crease line bottom panel 1 ect consists in providing such 4, and the half 3 being provided with a flap 5 also separated from he part 3, by a crease line'6, and with a di ay rtion 3*, which is struck out from t e hal 2 and connected with the half 3 along the line 4.

` Side panels arc'directly connected to the l bottom panel 1 and each side panel includes an inner member 7, a' central member 8, and an outer ap 9; the inner member being separated from 'the central "member by a crease line 10, and the vcentral member being separated fro the outer Hap by a crease line 11.

A rear panel 12 intervenes and the half 2 of the top panel, and is separated from the said bot- 'tom and top panels by crease lines 18 and 14. This rear panel 12 has laterally projecting-ears 15, 'which are separated there from by crease lines 16. l l

A front panel 17 `is separated from the" bottom panel 1 byV a crease line 18 and has,

between the an outer member 19, which is separated from it by a crease line 20. This outer member 19 has laterally extending ears 21, which are similar ,to the ears 15 and are separated rcm the member 19 by the lines 22. v

Tongues 23 are stamped out fro the central members 8 of-the side panels, which tongues are connected to the inner member 7 at the crease lines` 10. Tongues 2e are struck mit from the bottom panel 1, each of said tongues being adjacent the side panels. ITongues 25 are arrangedatone end of each central member 8 nmlie side panels. arid are separated from said-central members by crease lines 26.

It will be understood that the 'im ai. described with its struck out. orti and crease lines, is formed from t e Sheet material at a single operation and that it may be printed on one` side with suitable inscriptions or representations or both.

The blank is folded i to box formation as follows:

The outer member 19 of the front panel is folded over on the line 20 until it lies fiat on the member 17. The members 17 -and 19 are than folded on the line 18 until they stand at righ-t angles to the bottom 1. The rear panel 12 is folded on the line 13 until it stands at right angles with the 'bottom 1.

The ears 15 on the rear panel 12 and the ears 21 on the frontr member 19 are then,


tom panel 1 :ind lie incontact and parallel with the eers 15 and 21. Next the tongues are folded on the lines until they stand et right singles to the central members 8 of the side panels. Then the central members 8 o the side panels ero folded on the lines 10 until they lie down dat, parallel with the members 7 and abut the ears 15 and 21 on the Sides opposite from the meiribers 7'.

while the tongues 23 stro This osition of the members 7 and 8 serves to ein race the ears 15 and 21, thereby tending to hold the front panel, rear panel and side panels et right angles to the bottom panel 1 or, in other Words, in box formation. ln the operation of folding the central members 8 against the cars 15 and 21, and in parallelism with the members 7, the flaps 9 of the side panels are folded on the lines 1l so as to extend at right angles to the members 8 and hence lie Het on the bottom panel 1. In epprosching this position, the fie 9 are slid lunder'tlie tongues 24, thus locldng the side panels in the ition described, and thereby firmly holding the carfon in box formation.

ln the foldingof the members 8 and 9, the tongues 23 are folded on the' lines 10 only so ier es to bring them into a position projecting inwardly toward cach other und lying et right singles to the members 7.

The box is now completely formed and ready to be lled with its contents and ein mnged either for shipment or for display'. F or purposes of shipment, the top panel, consisting of the portionsa 2, 3, 5, is olded over on the line 13 until it'lics flat u on the inwardly projecting tongues 23 an u per edges 'of the folded side nels and' ont panel. Then the` flap 5 is folded on the line' 6 so as to lie down against the outside of the front snel. The carton may non;l be suitably pacEcd for shipment; and it will be observed that the structure described includes very rigid side and ront members, ly resist any force tending to depress vt e -top downwardly against the contents.

When the carton has been received by the retailer and it is desired to arrange it for dis lay urposes, lthe top is folded ewa.

from t ie si e and front panels and the ha. f 4

3 of the top panel is folded forwardly on the line e until it lies flat/against the half 2. Then thev flap 5 is inserted between the rezar panel 12 and the adjacent tongues 25 to hold the top panel in this folded position, in which the outside of the half is exposed forwardly. This enables the print I layers of material, ears carried Ilayer of the front panel adapted to enter I' t ner, it would either be devoid of printed metter exposed forwardly or else it would be necessary' to print on both sides of the blank from which the carton is formed, which would increase the ex vuse of production, When the top is fo ded into this position, the display portion* -will stand up in line with the helf 3, and thusl afford an additional surface containing suitable inscriptions or declarations. The presence of the tongues 25 serves to h'old the top panel in this folded display posiin, irrespective of the partial removal of the contents from the carton, since the contents are not relied upon to perform this function.

lt will be understood that various changes may be resortedto in the form, constructiii und arrangement of the lseveral parte, without departing from tbe irit and scope of my invention, and hence do not intend to be limited to the details herein shown and described, except as they may be included inthe claims.

What l claim is:

l. A collapsible carton comprising, a bottom enel, side panels, a rear panel, a top pone said top enel being adapted to act as e complete endeubstantially flat cover for the carton when in box formation and being lso foldeble forwardly against they front of the rear panel to expose art of its outer surface forwardly for disp ay purposes, and tongues carried by the side panels adjacent the. rear enel for securing said top panel against t e front of the rear panel in said folded position.

2. A collapsible carton comprisin a b ottom anel, side panels, a front pane a back pene a. top panel, said front panel and side panels being composed of a lurality yof by the inner between the layers of the side panels when the parte are 11i box formation, flaps carried by the inner layer of the side panels tongues carried by the bottom panel dnd adapted to overlic seid flaps for holdin the parts in box formation, said top panel ing adapted to act es a complete cover for the carton when in box ormation, -tongues struck from the inner layer of the side lll Egpels for preventing the top panel from' pressed downwardly between the side pane s when the carton is in completely folded condition, said top foldable to expose part of its'outer surface forwardly for display purposes, vtongues carried by an inner layer of the side panels sdjacent the back panel, and a flap carried bythe top panel and adapted to enter bepancl being also tween said last named tongues end the back fcluding a. member fol anel, for, holding the top panel in saidy aglded display position.

).V A carton comprising a bottom panel, a rear panel, a top panel, said side panels,

' top panel being adapted to act as a complete top edge of one side panel parallel therewith for seeuring said top panel against the rear panel in said folded position.

4. A carton comprising a bottom panel, side panels, a rear panel, a toppanel, said top panel being adapted t0 act as a complete c'over for the carton when in box formation and being also foldable against the rear panel to expose part oilsouter surface forwardly for display purposes, and bendable tongues integral panels for securing said to panel against the rear panel in said folde position. l

In testimony, that I claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name this 27th day of April,`1920.


with the side`

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