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Publication numberUS1503633 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1924
Filing dateAug 18, 1923
Priority dateAug 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1503633 A, US 1503633A, US-A-1503633, US1503633 A, US1503633A
InventorsVally P Brun
Original AssigneeVally P Brun
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Indoor golf game
US 1503633 A
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Patented Ang. ice.


Application led August 18, 1923. `Serial No. 658,163.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, VALLY P. BRUN, a citizen of the United States, residing at city and county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Indoor Golf Games, of which the following is a specification.

My present invention relates to an apparatus designed particularly for use in golf instruction or practise, and is designed for erection and use in conned spaces such as yards, attics, or other indoor places. One of the objects of the invention is to provide an ap aratus which will enable the practicing o driving, and infact any stroke used on a golf course, where it is the intention to lift theI ball from the playing surface or obtain distance by the stroke, under conditions wherein the distance of the driven golf ball or missile is ascertained, I

The invention consists primarily in a pendulous frame having associated with an impact receiving face, a suspended sheet which is positioned immediately in front of the vsurface, and which receives the impact of stray shots. The invention consists further in employing in connection with the pendulous member, an indicator for registering the movement of the pendulous member in accordance with the force of a missile strikin the impact face thereof.

ith the above mentioned and other objects in vie-w, the invention consists in the novel construction a'nd combination of parts hereinafter described, illustrated in the accompanying drawincs. and set forth in the claims hereto appended, it being understood that various changes in the form, proportion, size and minor details of construction within the scope of the claims may be 'resorted to without departing from the spirit ,or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention.

To more fully comprehend the invention, reference is directed to the accompanying drawings, wherein- Fig. l is a view in perspective of the preferred embodimentof my invention.

Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation illustrating the suspended sheet, the peiidulous member, theimpact face and the indicator operating lever. I

Fig. 3 is a view in elevation of the impact face.

Fig. 4 is a view in detail `of one form of 55 indicating member Referring more particularly to the several views of the drawings wherein like characters of reference designate corresponding parts, 1 indicates a sheet of relatively thin 60 material suspended at its upper edge as at 2 to any suitable support and hanging free at` its lower and side edges as at 3. A rectangular frame, consisting of the parallel spaced frame members Il united at their front and rear ends by the end members 5, is suspended immediately in rear of the sheet 1 by the links 6, which are pivotally supported at their upper ends as at 7 with the support from which the sheet 1 depends. 70

The lower ends of the links are pivoted as at 8 to the top frame members 4. Over the front end of the pendulous frame is tightly stretched a net 9 preferably of the type used in tennis rackets, but not necessarily constructed of cat-gut, although it is preferred that the strands l0 forming the net be of a tautness corresponding to that of a tennis racket. The post 11 extends through the frame 4, and to the same is fulcrumed a lever 11, it being connected through a flexible connection or cord 12 with the rear frame members 5. At a point near its free end, the lever connects with one end of the rope 13 which extends forwardly of the `B5 sheet 1 to a fpoint opposite the place where the player o the game stands when making the shots. The outer end of the member 13 is secured to an indicator 14 movable on a guide 15, and-'the indicator is adapted to 9o travel over a surface 16 having suitable indicators 17 thereon indicative of yardage of a rolf stroke.

it will be observed that the impact face of the frame is of a relatively small area,

its boundaries indicatin the fairway of a course and the remain er of the sheet 1, which is in advance thereof, indicating the rough of a course. The invention being assembled as in the drawings, the player decause a movement of the member 14 over the 105 face of the member 16, the impact causing a more or less swinging of the frame and consequently a greater or less movement of the member 14 to indicate yardage of the stroke on the member 16. It has been discovered4 in the use of this device that, by employing a relatively thin suspended sheet requiring .very little force to displace the same, strokes of the easiest character can be readily indicated as the pendulous frame swings under the sli htest impact of the ball or mlssile when stri ing its face.

I claim 1. A game apparatus including a pendulousy member provided with a yielding surface adapted to receive the 'blow of a mis- Sile, a sheet suspended immediately'in advance of the pendulous member with its side and bottom ed s free and of an area greater than that of t e yielding surface to extend beyond the edges thereof, a registering means, a flexible connection between the peni dulous member and the registering means :for-A operating the registering means'l 'in accordance with the movement inone direction only of thev member by the impact of the missile therewith. v

2. A game apparatus including a frame provided with a vertically disposed impact surface adapted to receiv the impact of a missile, a link for suspending' the frame, a lever, a connection between the lever and the frame, a manually re-set registering means a sheet-of an area greater than the area o the impact surface suspended in' close roximity` to the impact surface of the rame withits side and bottom edges lying free, and a fiexibleconnection between the lever and registering means for operating the latter in one direction to register the impact of the missile against the surface ofthe frame.,

`In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification. i


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U.S. Classification473/190
International ClassificationA63B69/36
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