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Publication numberUS150371 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1874
Filing dateMar 14, 1874
Publication numberUS 150371 A, US 150371A, US-A-150371, US150371 A, US150371A
InventorsAlexander W. Stewart
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Improvement in folding rocking-chairs
US 150371 A
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A. W. STEWART. l Folding Rocking-Chairs.

N0.\50,37l. n Patented Aprl28,1874.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 150.371, dated April 28, 1874; application filed March 14, 1874.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALEXANDER W. STEW- ART, of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Folding Rocking-Chair; and I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and form part of this specification, is a description of my invention sufficient to enable those skilled in the art to practice it.

The invention relates to an improvement in that class of folding rocking-chairs in which each chair is composed of three rectangular framesa rocker-frame that constitutes the base, a seat-frame jointed to the rear end of said rocker-frame, and a back-frame jointed to the seat-frame at about the center of the side bars of the latter, and having extensions or feet that rest in notches in the side bars of the rocker-frame, the three frames closing together, and the back-frame forming a lever, by which the position of the back and seat may be adjusted relatively to each other and to the rocker-frame. Such a construction is shown in and covered by United States Letters Patent No. 136,099, granted to A. Russell February 1S, 1873. Y With the speciic construction shown in said Patent, it is sometimes difficult to hold the back and seat frames when the feet that enter the rocker -notches are dislodged from such notches, there being then no The drawing represents, in side elevation, the construction embodying my invention.

a denotes one of the rockers of the rockerframe, the two rockers being connected, to constitnte the frame, by cross bars or rungs b. c denotes one of the side bars of the seatdrame, the two side bars of said frame being connected at the front by a cross -bar, d, and jointed at the rear ends to the rear end of the rockers, as shown at e. The back-frame,co1n posed oi' two side bars, f, connected by crossbars g, is pivotcd to the seat-frame, as seen at h, the side bars j' being in the vertical planes of the rockers a. These side bars extend below the seat-frame, and they are pointed at their lower ends, as seen at t', to rest in notches k in the top of the rockers. The frame being thus pivoted, I connect the rocker-frame and back-framey by side links 1,01 'an intermediate link, m, or by both. Each of the side links is preferably made with a slot, n, through which 'theY connecting-screw o passes, to enable the links to yield readily in adjusting the position of the frames, and if the link m be employed it is preferably made as a spring for the same purpose.

It will readily be seen that, bythe :intervention of this connection or additional lconnection between the back and rocker frames, a leverage is obtained that enables the parts to be closed or adjusted in position without danger of their falling, and with very slight exertion on the part ot' the user of the chair.

I claim- 1. In combination with the rocker, seat, and back frames pivotcd at e and h, a connectinglink for controlling the movement of the parts, substantially as described.

2. In combination with the rocker, the seat and back frames pivoted at e and h, and the side connecting-links l.




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