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Publication numberUS1504006 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1924
Filing dateNov 11, 1922
Priority dateNov 11, 1922
Publication numberUS 1504006 A, US 1504006A, US-A-1504006, US1504006 A, US1504006A
InventorsWeaver Dunham A
Original AssigneeWeaver Dunham A
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Liquid-fuel distributing tank
US 1504006 A
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Aug. 5, 1024. r 1,504,000

D. A. WEAVER LIQUID FUEL DISTRIBUTING TANK Filed Nov. 11, 1922 s Sheets-Sheet. 1


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Aug. 5 1924. 1,504,006

D. A. WEAVER LIQUID FUEL DISTRIBUTING TANK Filed 139V. 11, 1922 3 Sheets-$heet 2 j' /7 /D fl p I (7 E Jg', Z,

z A? w Aug. 5, 19254., 1,504,006

' D, A. WEAVER LIQUTD FUEL DISTRIBUTING TANK 'FiLed Nov 11, 1922 3 Sheets-Sheet Z). fli Ma 1267",


Patented Aug. 5, 1924.

UNITED STA UHHAM .A- WEA'YEB, ELMIRA, NEW YORK- rmna r a m a r rm rempp1iqati0n filed ifl'gvemper 11, 1922. Serial No. !),243.

all w zc i may enee Be l'c af ha i, DUIBTHAM A- WEAVER: a eitizen 9f th Uni ed "St e e din at Elmira, in the county of Chemung and State of Ne e le ha e n e e c a 'n'ew ank-l useful Improvements inLiquid- Fuel Distributing Tanks, of which the 'folwing isa sp cificetica Fhisinventior'i relates to liquid fuel tanks,

and has for the primary object thereof, a

means for adequately discharging the fuel from the tank in a simple and convenient manner. i

A further object of the invention resides in the provision of a distributing tank for liquid fuels, wherein the same is simple of construction, inexpensive of manufacture, and highly useful of purpose.

The nature and advantages of the invention will be better understood when the following detailed description is read in connection with the accompanying drawings. the invention residing in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts as claimed.

In the drawings forming part of this ap plication, like numerals of reference indicate similar parts in the several views, and wherein Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a fuel tank constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a vertical cross sectional view of the tank shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view upon the line 33 of Figure 1, and

Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary view of a portion of the fuel tank, showing the improved fuel gauge associated therewith.

Referring to the drawing in detail, the tank comprises a vertically disposed relatively large cylinder 1, closed at its bottom end and having supporting legs 2 formed or secured thereon. The upper open end of the cylinder 1 has an annular projecting flange 3 formed thereon for receiving the similar flange 4 of an annular head 5, bolts 6 engaging through these flanges. The head 5 has a'central opening 7 there in and formed therearound is a screw threaded nipple 8, for receiving a screw securing cap 9.

The bottom wall of the cylinder 1 has a screw threaded opening therein for the screw threaded end-of a water pressure pipe 19, th s p pe. 10 being preferabl a,

water pipe from the still waterrnain and has a globe valve 11 therein. Upon the bottom of the cylinder, there is also formed another screw threaded opening for receiving the screw threaded end of an outlet pipe 12 having a similar valve 13 therein.

Il osit ioned for sliding movement within the cylinder 1, is a piston 14having suitable' packing rings 15 therearoundand it will be readily understood that in the primary use of this fuel tank, the piston is at the bottom of the cylinder, at which time, fuel is received within the cylinder above the piston 14, through the inlet opening 7 in the head 5, the cap 9 being removed. The head 5 is provided with an outlet pipe 16, having a valve 17 therein and when it is desired to remove the fuel from this cylinder, the valves 17 and 11 in the outlet pipe 16 and Water inlet pipe 10 are opened for allowing the water under pressure to contact with the undersurface of the piston 14, for forcing the same upwardly, and for consequently discharging the fuel from the cylinder. When the cylinder has been emptied of the fuel, and it is desired to again 'fill the same, the valve 13 is opened, the valve 11 being closed for allowing the water to drain out of the cylinder beneath the piston 1.

Referring particularly to Figure 4, the head 5 is shown as being provided with a fuel gauge 16, and this gauge constitutes a centrally bored screw threaded plug 17 received within a screw threaded opening 18 in the head 5, and is channeled upon its upper surface for providing a seat for the glass cylinder 18. This cylinder having a head 19 at its upper end secured to the plug 17 by vertically extending rods 20 between the plug and head. Adapted for sliding movement through the central bore in the plug 17, is a rod 21 enlarged at its upper end as at 22, the lower end of this rod adapted to extend downwardly within the cylinder to be forcibly engaged by the piston 14, when the same is at substantially the limit of its upward movement within the cylinder for consequently moving the enlarged end 22 of the rod upwardly within the glass cylinder 18 for indicating the position thereof to the attendant.

While it is believed that from the foregoing description, the nature and advantages of the invention will be readily apparent, .I des re to have it understo d, t at I do not limit myself to what is herein shown and describedyand that such changes may be resorted to when desired as fall within the scope of what is claimed.

What I claim as new is An indicator device adapted to be used upon a fuel distributing tank having a piston movable therein comprising a plug adapted to be screwed into the tank provided with a central bore and With a recess leadin in from its outer face and-provided at its Ioottornwall with a socket, the recess and the socket being concentric with the bore, a transparent cylinder having its lower end received within the recess, a head mounted upon the upper end of the cylinder and closing the same, rods disposed exteriorly of the cylinder and connecting diametrically the head with the plug, a rod fitting snugly within the bore of the plug and slidably mounted therein, said rod having a enlarged head adapted to fit snugly in the socket, the internal diameter of the cylinder being greater than the di- 7 ameter of the head of the rod, the sum of the lengthof the rod and the enlarged head thereof being greater than the length of the cylinder whereby the piston in the fuel tank is adapted to contact. with the end of said'last mentioned: rod for -moving-the head thereon in thecylinder to indicate the positionxof the piston. i


vIn testimony whereof I afliX my -signa-

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