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Publication numberUS1504100 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 5, 1924
Filing dateDec 14, 1922
Priority dateDec 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1504100 A, US 1504100A, US-A-1504100, US1504100 A, US1504100A
InventorsJoseph Danubio
Original AssigneeJoseph Danubio
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Hair protector and conformer
US 1504100 A
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Aug. 5 1924.

J. DANUBIO HAIR PROTECTOR AND CONFORMER Filed Dec. 14, 1922 Patented Aug. 5, 1924.





Application filed December 14', 1922. Serial No. 606,899.

To all whom it may) concern:

Be 1t known that I, Josrrn DANUBIO, a

I citizen of the United States, residing at East This invention relates to hair protectors and conformers and has for its'principal ob-- ject the provision of a light covering for the head of net or other reticulated construction closely fitting the hair for the protection of the same at the time of retiring and designed also for day-time wear in the case of athletes or others who may be caused annoyance in the course of their employment by hair falling into thejeyes. v

Another object of the invention is the construction of a'hair protector and conformer held in place by a band encircling the head and secured thereto by slight elastic pressure. said band being sufiiciently broad in its' forward part to distribute said pressure over a wide area of the forehead to avoid after-marks on the forehead indicating previous use of the device. 1 Y

Still another object of the invention is the construction of a hair protector and conformer with ahead embracing band divided at the rear and adjustably fastened together to provide for change of size, the fastening means being arranged to one, side of the median line of the head to prevent discomfort which might otherwise be sufi'ered by the wearer of the hair protector in lying upon said fastening means.

A further object-of the inventionis the provision of a band with an inelastic edge adjacent the net or reticulated part of the device the free edge of said band being formed with an elastic portion. h

IVith the above and other objects in view,

my invention consists in the improved hair protector and conformer illustrated in the accompanying drawings, described in the following specification, and particularly claimed, and in such variations and modifications' thereof as will be obvious" to those skilled'in the art to which my invention relates. i

In thev drawings accompanying and "form ing a part of this specification, and wherein the preferred embodimentof my inventionis illustrated p v the ear as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improved hair protector and conformer viewed from the rear.

Figure 2 is a' perspective view of one form of hair protector and conformerapplied to the person of a wearer.

Figure 3 is a similar view of a slightly modified form of the invention.

Figure 4 is a detailed view of the fastening means. I

Figure 5 is a section taken along the line 55 of Figure 4.

Referring now in detail to the several fig:

ures, the numeral 1 represents a bag-shaped hair covering made from net or other light reticulated mate.? i the lower edge of which is secured in any suitable manner, as by sewing to the upper edge of the band 2. i In its preferredform, said band is made from a strip of inelastic material and is adapted to surround the head of the wearer as shown in Figures 2 and 3. In- Figure 2 which represents ahair protector and conformer intended for mens use the band is relatively short and intended to encircle the back of the head in a plane not far below the top of In Figure 3 which illustrates a form of the invention de-' signed for womens use the band 2 is made somewhat longer so as to embrace thehead rather low down in the back for the purpose of' accommodating the rather abundant quantity of hair-which usually characterizes a womans head adornment. In this case' the net or reticulated portion of the hair protector is necessarily-lar er.

The band 2 is divided at the back-as clearly shown in F igure- 1 and the line of division is carried upwardly a short distance into the net portion as shown at 3 in Figure 1, the cut edges 4L of the net being bound as shown. The free ends 5 and 6 of the band are of sufficient length to overlap as illustrated in Figure 4 one of said ends being provided with a slot 7 through which protrudes the other end, said ends being detachably fastened to the adjacent portions of the band by means of the snap fasteners 4 adjustment in size between said steps, the lower edge of the band is furnished rearwardly with 'an, elastic portion 9 on each side imparting to the band a slight elastic to pressure which holds it insnug conformation to the head of the wearer. The elasticity is confined to the lower free edge of the band 2, the upper edge of said band being inelastic and invariable in length. It is to this upper edge that the reticulated portion of the device is securecl and were said @upper edge elastic the adjacent meshes of the reticulated portion would be drawn toin Figures 2 and 3 and maybe slightly narrowed-or cut away as at 10 where it'passes over the ears.

My improved hair protector and conto former is adapted for either day or nighti Its particular function at night time is to hold the hair in the position in time wear.

which it may have been brushed or combed prior to retiring without the risk' of it being disarranged or mussed due to tossing of the head while asleep. It is particularly prising a head encircling band inelastic addesigned for men'whose hair is hard to trainor who wish to change the style of arranging the hair, as itholds the hair in set AQ-POSltlOIl against misadvertent displace- 'ment until it has become set to lie naturally in the desired manner.- The hair protector Y and conformer opens in the rear for the purpose of enabling" the application of the 5 same to the hair without deranging the same after .it has been combed. It may also be used with advantage by women who wish to curl the hair and in the case of those who wear the hair bobbed it will be especially efficacious in holding the". locks in place.

-.By p reserving the hair unmussed, the hair .in which the hair is apt to fall into the eyes.

The hair protector'iiot only holds the hair in place but the band serves as a sweat band eliminating the discomfort of having perspiration running downinto the eyes. day-time use the hair'protectonand conformer is best made with the band 2 considerably narrower than that shown in thedrawings, but for night wear a protector with awide band is contemplated, as a narrow band would have a tendency to be displaced or to leave an after-mark.

Although I have'thus described the preferred embodiment of my invention, it is evident that those skilled in the arts to whichthis relates may make various changes in the construction, combination and ar- I rangement of the several parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention.

Having described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by .Letters Patent is 1. A hair protector and conformer comprising a head encircling band inelastic adjacent the upper edge and having a lower elastic portion, and a hair protecting member secured to said upper edge.

2. A hair protector and conformer comjacent the upper edge and having a lower elastic portion, and a reticulated hair protecting member secured. to said upper edge. 3. A hair protector and conformer com-. prising a head encircling band inelastic ad-- jacent the upper edge and having an inelastic forehead-engaging portion, a reticulated hair protecting and conforming member secured tosaid upper edge, the lower. edge of said band being elastic rearwardly of said forehead-engagin portion.

In'testimony whereof my hand.

JOSEPH DANUBIO have hereunto set

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