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Publication numberUS1504310 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1924
Filing dateMar 22, 1922
Priority dateMar 22, 1922
Publication numberUS 1504310 A, US 1504310A, US-A-1504310, US1504310 A, US1504310A
InventorsClayton Backus John
Original AssigneeBackus Novelty Company
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Ash tray
US 1504310 A
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Aug. 12. 1924. 1,504,310

' 1 J}. c. BACKUS ASH TRAY Filed Ilarch 22, 1923 To all whom it we cancern:

Patented Aug. 12, 1924.




holstery of such a. vehicle.

e invention has as a further object to rovide a device employing .a supporting racket and wherein the "bracket may be pressed from suitablesheet metal.

the invention has. as a still further object to provide a device wherein the recedptacle employed will be detachably-mounte uppn the bracket and wherein a spring will e provided for frictionally ho ding the rece tacle upon the bracket'sothat the rweptac e may be readily applied or re-' moved. l a

Other and incidental objects will appear 'heremafter.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a. fragmentary perspective view showing the manner in which in improved ash tray may be mounted wi a water vehicle. h

igure 2 is a perspective view s owing the receptacle removed from the supportin brac et of the tray.

igure 3 is a vertical sectional view through the device, and

Figure 4 is a 'fi-agmentaryperspective view of the sup rting bracket.

In carrying e invention into efiect, I employ a supporting bracket com rising an annular top plate 10 from wlii extends, at substantia y ri ht angles, a base plate 11. As shown in e drawing, the bracket is preferably constructed from a single piece of suitable resilient sheet metal and depending from the top plate is a split annular rim or flange 12 rovided at its endswith laterally defiected lugs 13 which are bent to abut the inner face of the base plate 11. These lugs'thus lie in the le the base plate and top plate-of e bracket and are widened to coact with the base plate .Mounted upon t 20, the spri I Tasn 'rnaY. Application and March 22,1922. Serial No. 545,776.

- for rigidly supporting the to plate with late. As est brought out in Figures 2 an 3, the top plate is ro vided with a central openin 14. an is pressed downwardly to provide a conical wall 15 slopin respect to the se e base plate 11 near its upper end is a double-ended attaching member 16. This member is preferably formed from'a length of suitable resilient wire and comprises spaced parallelprongs 17 joined by an intermediate connectin portion. which, as shown in Figure 4, lies at against the inner face of the plate while the pron are arranged to extend throu h suitab e openin in the: plate to depen in spaced aralle relation at the rear face of igidly securin'gthe member in position is a bond of solder 18. The base plate is preferably tapered toward itslower end and 15 provided with openings 19 therein so that should it be so desired, the bracket may be' permanently-I mounted b screws engaged through (said openings. e prongs 1 terminate at their free extremities substantially halfway between the-ends. of the base plate and mounted uponsaid plate at its orward side is a medially spring 20. This spring is rivete or otherwise secured at its lower end to the base plate and is ofi'set to extend at its u per end in spaced parallel relation to said p ate. In conjunction with the supporting bracket,- I- employ a cylindrical rece tacle 21. As shown in Fi re 2, the wallo said outwardly or ofiset receptacle is press near its upper edge to rovide a spacing ring 22 atthemouthof t e receptacle and, as brought out in Figure 3, said ring is adapted to snugly fit within the flange 12 of the top plate 10 of the .supporting bracket of the evice frictionall coacting with the spring being held under tension by the ring for ocking the receptacle upon the bracket. However, the receptacle may, of course, be readily removedby pulling downwardly thereon and maybe replaced with equal facility so that the receptacle may be conveniently emptied at any time. As will be noted, the. to plate will provide a cover for the receptac e while the sloping wall 15 of said gate will serve to direct ashes depositedi ereon into the receptacle.

As previously ,intimated my improved ash tray is particularly designed for use in toward said opening.

the plate.

dis osed flat iii! I pron connection with closed automobiles and I have accordingly, in Figure 1 of'the drawing shown the device upon the door 23 of such a vehicle. As will be observed, the 17 are engaged inthe upholstery of the cor for connecting the supporting bracket therewith so that the base plate 11 will thus be disposed to sustain the top plate 10 extend' at right an Ice to-the inner face of the 001'. has, t e device ma be readily secured in osition without li elihood of injur to t e upholstery while-the receptacle wi be supported in a position convenient for use.

' is claimed as new is:

1. In an ash tray, the combination of a supporting bracket having a top plate, a receptacle fitting the top plate and removable downwardly at the lower side thereof, and yieldable means .frictionally locking-the receptacle upon the bracket.

2. In an ash tray, the combination of a su portin vi ed wi a de ending ange, a rece tacle fittin said ange and removable ownwa at the lower side of said plate, and yielda le means frictionally locking the receptacle upon the bracket sustaining a portion of the weight of the receptacle.

.su rtin bracket having a to late, a re e p tacle fitting said plate and ieriiovable downwardly at the lower side thereof, and

'eldable means mounted upon the bracket 0w said plate to engage the receptacle frictionally ocking the receptacle upon the bracket. f

Having thus described the invention, what bracket havin a top plate pro- 3. In an ash tray, the combmatmn ofa 4:. In an ash tray, the combination of-a supporting bracket having a top plate, a. receptacle fitting the top plate and removable downwardly at the lower side thereof,

thereby and removable downwardly at the 'lower side of the plate, and yieldable means frictionally locking the receptacle upon the bracket sustaining a portion'of the weight of the receptacle 6. In anash tray, the combination of a supporting bracket havin a base plate rovided with an angularly isposed top pliate, the top plate being formed with a-depending flange coacting between said I the top plate with respect to t e base plate, a rece tacle fitting in said flange and removable ownwardly at. the lower side of said plate, and means removably locking the receptacle upon the bracket. A 1 In an ash tray, the combination of a' supporting bracket including a base plate havin a top late extending therefrom and rovi ed wit :1. depending split flan ormcd at its ends with lugs abuttin ti: base plate for bracing the top plate wit respect to the base plate, anattaching device carried by the bracket, a receptacle fitting in said flan e, and means removably lockin the receptac e upon the bracket. 1

In testimony whereof I JOHN CLAYTON BACKUS. [1.. a]

lates bracing aflix my signature,

ving a top plate, a receptacle fitting the top plate partially closed

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