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Publication numberUS1504851 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1924
Filing dateMay 24, 1923
Priority dateMay 24, 1923
Publication numberUS 1504851 A, US 1504851A, US-A-1504851, US1504851 A, US1504851A
InventorsWren John J
Original AssigneeWren John J
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Device for washing vehicles
US 1504851 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

" Patented Aug. 12, 1924..

unirse sra'ras Param OFFICE.



Application lcd May 24,1923. Serial No. 641,267.

in the combinations, construct-ions, and arrangements herein described and claimed.

An object of my invention is to provide a simple device by means of which mud,

dust, etc., may be Washed off' from vehicles such as automobiles, and the like, in almost effective manner.

A further object of my invention is to provide a simple device in which a stream of water is forced by air pressure from a nozzle at high velocity, air being mixed with the stream so as to break the stream up into a series of intermittent jets which more effectively remove mud and dust than a mere stream of water under high pressure.

A further object of my invention is to provide a device which is of relatively com pact form, thereby enabling the device to be manipulated into small spaces, as for instance, between the spokes of an automobile wheel.

A yfurther object of my invention is to provide a device of the type described that is adapted to mix a cleaning fluid, such as kerosene, with the Water.

Other objects and advantages will appear in the following specification, and the novel features of the invention will be particularly pointed out in the appended claim.

My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing forming part of this ap plication, in which- Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device, portions thereof being shown in section,

Figure 2 is a section along the line 2 2 of Figure l, and

Figure 3 is a section of another portion of the device.

In carrying out my invention, l provide a header or mixing chamber A having a water inlet B communicating with a water pipe D. In the present instance I have shown this pi e as being integral with the header A. T e pi e D is connected with a hose section F which leads to any suitable supply of Water, not shown.

' K is connected with a flexible hose P leading to some suitable supply of compressed air, such as the supply hose ,found in all public garages for transmitting air for the inflation of tires.

I have found that water mixed with a cleaning Huid such as kerosene will more effectively clean than if Water alone were used. To this end I provide a nipple Q that is removably disposed in an opening R in the header A. A Hexible pipe S is secured to the nipple Q. The pipe S is in communication with a cleaning fuid such as kerosene or the like. air and water past the inner end of the nipple R and out through the outlet G creates a suction in the nipple and entrains the kerosene, the kerosene being thoroughly mixed with the water -before the water strikes the surface to be cleaned. This suc-v tion is suflicient to draw the kerosene from the receptacle in which it is contained.

A hand grip or covering T is secured to the casting by any means such as bolts U. The casting has the header A, the pipe D, and the pipe K, fashioned therein, and can be handled as a single unit. The hand grip or covering T is made out of any material desired, preferably of some material that is a non-conductor of heat. If the handle T, is a non-conductor of heat, the device can be readily used when it is desired to have the pipe D carry hot water, or any other kind of hot or cold fluid.

From the foregoing description of the various parts of the device the operation thereof may be readily understood. A device constructed as above described provides a very efficientmeans for cleaning cars. The water is first turned on at the source of su ply and air is admitted by turnin the valve L. The admission of air accomp ishes two important results. One is that it increases the pressure so that the resulting stream from the outlet G is of high velocity. The second is that the air mingles with the water and breaks up the stream into a series of intermittent 'ets Of course these jets appear as a solid stream, since the water is The rushing of the travelin at a high velocity. I have found that wit a givenl amount of water a ear can be moreeectively cleaned with my de vice that employs an air jet, than with one that is not rovided with an air jet, and I attribute thls fact to the mingling of the air with the water, as Well as to the high pressure imparted to the stream,

The kerosene or other cleaning fluid when mixed with Water provides a very eiiicient cleaning fluid. In case the operator only desires to use the water, the nipple Q is removed and a set screw V is disposed in the threaded opening R. It will be noted from Figure 1, that a n W is disposed in the head A and is positioned between the pipes D and H to prevent the water from passing into the pipe H.

The device is especially effective where the only Water pressure that is available is low. Then the full force of theair may be admitted to the header, thus imparting the necessary velocity to the water to cause the dislodgment of the mud, dirt, or grease,

The device may be used with hot water as Well as cold, and is especially effective in removing grease without the use of soap.

I claim:

A device for washing cars, comprising a casting having a mixing chamber with an outlet nozzle`r said casting having a water inlet and an air inlet to said chamber, the end of the air inlet comprising a pipe that is disposed within said chamber and bent so as to direct the stream of air toward the water that is being conveyed into the charliber from the water inlet, the inner end of the water inlet comprising a partition separating the rear portion of the mixing chamber from the Water inlet and disposed adjacent to the airv pipe, a fluid inlet disposed adjacent to said pipe, and in converging relation thereto whereby the air flowing from said pi e will entrain the fiuid from said fluid in et, and a valve for controlling the owof air through said air inlet.


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