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Publication numberUS1505182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1924
Filing dateJun 22, 1922
Priority dateJun 22, 1922
Publication numberUS 1505182 A, US 1505182A, US-A-1505182, US1505182 A, US1505182A
InventorsWrixton Ernest E
Original AssigneeWrixton Ernest E
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Vehicle package carrier
US 1505182 A
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ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 19, 1924.


ur'rpplication .filed June 22, 18522.

T 0 all whom it many concern:

Be Litknown that I, ERNEST E. lV-RIX'roN, a citizen of the .United States, residing at 1535 24th Avenue, in the city of Oakland, county of Alameda, and State of California, have invented a new and useful Vehicle Package Carrienof whichthe following is a specification.

"l -his invention relates to ,package and :article carriers .for vehicles, and :more specifically, to a .shoppingor vcarryall bag, to be used in con-junction with and adapted to be supported :and carried by a ibabybarriage.

tint-heart so far asknowniby me, there is no device-on the market to lighten the shopping, and pacliage-carrying burdens of a mother when drawing her baby about in its 'a-rniage .vhen marketing. At ,present, I observe that :the purchases she makes, she puts into the carriage and all about the baby, wihich, at times, must be very discomforting and inconvenient to the child. Also, the element of danger is ever present, as the child may get 121i) the contents of any package unobserved by its mother, and sad results follow.

Therefore, the chief object that I desire to attain, is to overcome the above, thereby permitting the baby to have the full and unrestricted use of its carriage.

I accomplish this by producing a carrying bag which can be readily attached to a babyoarriage and be supported and carried thereby. One that can also be readily cletached from the said carriage and be carried in the hand as a shopping bag when making purchases in a store.

To accomplish the above and other objects, I construct a carryall bag adapted to be positioned between the upright handles of a baby-carriage and be suspendedly attached to the upper horizontal handle-member thereof, and I also provide suitable attaclr ments for attaching the bottom of the bag to the said upright members of the carriage handles, to prevent inconvenient and annoying swinging of the bag against the knees of the carriage operator.

In the accompanying one sheet of drawings I have illustrated a carrying bag, and the mode of construction thereof, also a babycarriage, and the manner of attaching the bag thereto.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a babycarriage with my package carrier attached thereto.

Serial .No. 570,067.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the carrier on a larger scale, showing the bag and the carrying handles therefor, :the eyelet means by which it can be engaged by the supporting mean-s attached to the carriage handles, and showing also a strap for closing and securing the bag.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary view of a carriage handle in side elevation, showing the attaching straps for engaging the carrier.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary elevation of partof the top of the frame of .the carrier, the fabric body thereof being omitted.

Figure 5 is an enlarged section on the line 55 of Figure 4.

Referring to the drawings ;-The .1111- meral 1 represents the baby-carriage and its wheels, 2 the .upright members of the handles, and 3 the cross-handle at the .top of the uprights 2. Attached to the crosshandle 3 are slings a, terminating in snap hooks 5, and attached to the upright handle members ,2, near the lower ends thereof are slings 6, terminating also .in snap hooks 7. The slings may beadjustable :andcomposed of straps and buckles as shown, and be passed directly around the handle members as the upper ones 4 show, or may be attached to the handle members by adjustable metal clips as shown at 8, and said clips may be twisted as indicated in Figure 3, to give the slings a fore-and-aft swing and resist a lateral swing thereof.

The carrier, shown more particularly in Figure 2, is composed of flat sides made of a fabric mounted on a frame preferably of metal. The fabric may be of any suitable material, such as canvas or duck, and the frame, as indicated in Figures 4 and 5, be of round steel rod 9, reinforced at the top and bottom by a metal plate 10 turned over the rod 9, and having its edges brought together and extended inward a desirable degree, one edge being longer and turned back over the other as at 11, shown clearly in Fig ure 5.

Thus constructed, the sides of the carrier are flat, as at 12, Figure 2, barring the bulge or bagging due to the contents of the bag, and the edges of the bag may be folded or turned in accordion-like, as partially seen at 13, allowing ample carrying capacity for the bag. As seen at 14 in Figures 2 and 4, the top edges of the fabric 12, both front and back, and also the reinforcement strip 10, are notched to expose the rod 9, for engagement by snap hooks 5, and for connection of handles 15. At the bottom edges and near the corners of the bag, both front and back, are secured rings 16 for engagement by snap hooks 7.

' To hold the filled bag closed at the top, a

' strap 17 secured on one side thereof and extending over the top, is adapted to be engaged by a buckle 18 secured to the other side of the bag.

When not in use the handles 15 can be turned inside the bag, to lie close against the sides thereof, and under the shoulder 19 of the reinforcement strip .10, as indicated in Figure 5. Also, the strap 17 may be tucked inside the bag, and which bag may then be the carriage still carrying the bag by the handles re-engage it with the slings by means of the snap hooks. The two sides of the bag being alike, it can be placed in position without bother to face it in any particular Way. Snapped to the slings the bag will hang close to the handles 2 of the carriage and be out of the way of the user, who need pay no further attention to it.

In the drawings, I have shown but one specific form of my invention, but it is to be understood that the invention may be embodied in other different forms, each being a species of my invention, and the patent protection that I desire, is all of that which comes within the spirit and scope of what I claim as new, and which claims are the following:

1. A portable and detachable package carrier adapted to be supported and carried by a baby carriage, said carrier having a reinforced frame and provided with attaching means at its top and bottom for attaching the carrier to the baby carriage, and said frame provided with handles for carrying the device when detached from the carriage.

2. A portable and detachable )ackage carrier adapted to be supported an carried by a baby-carriage, composed of fabric mounted on rod frames, said frames reinforced at the top and bottom, and provided with eyelets at the top and bottom for attaching the carrier to the carriage, and said rod frames provided with a pair of handles for carrying the device when detached from the vehicle.

3. A carrier bag composed of fabric mounted on rod frames, said frames reinforced at the top, said reinforcement having shoulders inside the bag and under said rods handles hingedly attached to said rods and adapted to lay within the bag and under said shoulders for close folding.

In testimony whereof I aflix my si nature.


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