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Publication numberUS1505510 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1924
Filing dateApr 18, 1923
Priority dateApr 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1505510 A, US 1505510A, US-A-1505510, US1505510 A, US1505510A
InventorsMatthaus Uhl
Original AssigneeMatthaus Uhl
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US 1505510 A
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Ni Uh.

' TOOL Filed April 18. 1923 BY a;

(2 ATTORN Y Patented Aug. 19, 1924.




.Application filed April 18,1923. serial ma a. i v i To all whom it may concern g Be it known that I, MATTHZUs, UntL, a

citizen of the Republic of Germany, and

quickly connectinglike or unlike jaws to, the relatively movable handle members of the pliers. y a

In one embodiment of the invention, I may provide the crossed pivotally connected handle members with slotted or bifurcated terminal arms, said arms being connected by a fixed pin extending transversely across the slot. The interchangeable jaws are each provided witha tongue having a curved 'recessopening upon one of'its side edges and undercut walls at the inner end of the tongue. The end edges of the bifurcated arms of the plier members areobliquly in-s clined and beveled to coact with said undercut end .Walls of the jaw elements, when:

said tongues are moved into the slots in'said arms and the pins engaged in the recesses I in the tongues. Inthis mannerthe aw elements are held in detachably connectedrelation with the plier members projecting longitudinally from the bifurcated arms thereof. i I v I It is a further general object of the in: vention to provide a tool of the ab0ve;char-,

acter' which is simple and practical in its;

construction and may be manufactured an :sold at comparatively small cost. t

'With the above and other objectsin view, the invention consists in the improved pliers and in the form, construction and relative arrangement of the parts thereof: as willbe hereinafter more fully "described, illustrated in the accompanying drawing andj subsequently incorporated in; the subj oined claims. In the drawing wherein I have illustrated Several des ra le e bodimee s 9f the in em 7 tion tionland in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several ,views: I s

illustrating one embodiment the inven- Figure 2 is a 'plan'sviewthereof:

Figure 3 is a sideelevation partly in' sec 'tion of 'the pliers with the jaws disconf- "f nectedtherefrom; a ,7

F lgures & andi5 are detail viewsof the -.complementary plier jaws; y I p Figure 6 is a fragmentary elevation part- Figure 1, is aside elevation ofa'pliers 1y insection' illustrating the mannerof con- Hnecting' the jaws tothe plier members;

Figure 7 is a 'horizontalsectiontaken on Gaul.

FigureB iswa idetailperspective view-of one ofthefinterchangeable plierfjaws; and I Figures 9 and 10 aresideand plan views, a respectively illustrating the fied form of the invention.

slightly mo'di Referring in detail to the drawing'andf more particularlyto Figures l'to 8 theret of, 5. and 6 respectively designate the two plier members having the usual reversely curved hand engaging portions. Adjacent one of their'ends, these members arere- Figure 6 of the-drawing and connected by vduced in thickness and disposed in jcrossintersecting relation, as clearly shown in; i

the, transverse pivot" pin 7. The reduced pivot receivingi portion of each 'plier member has an off-set longitudinally projecting arm 8 disposedout oflongitudinal alignment with the handle portion of said mem-" her, This arm is forked or bifurcated to provide theslot 9 havingiits inner end wall obliquely inclined, as shown I at 11, in an:

opposite direction to the end wall 10, saidobliquely inclinedas at 10. The end edges of the spaced parts of the arm are likewise I 1 end edgesll being also transversely beveled .pear. Intermediate the ends of each of thebi V for a purpose which, willhereinafter apggn furcatedarms 8, a pin 12 is transversely dis posed across the slot 9 and securely fixed in' -i paeedpartset ar I 9 H jaws may be interchangeably connected to or interlockedwith the relatively moveable plier members. To this end, each jaw 13 is olined end aw of the arm In this man ner,the aws are securely though detachably provided upon one end with a longitudinally projecting tongue 151, beveled or undercut walls 15 be'lng'provided at the inner end of this tongue'and obliquely inclined across the width of the jaw. A slot or recess 16,

preferably of arcuately curved form, is cut into the tongue 1a from the inner edge thereof, the entrance throat 17 to said slot being located'adjacent to theundercut end walls '15 and said slot receding or curving wayfrem ,Sfidd fifid. wall 18, to t nn Upon" re jaw'is first positionedat an angle to the bifurcated arm and the tongue 1% of the J s in e t d nt the elet .9 so a he p itionfthetransversely disposed'pin 12 in the entrance throat 17 of the walls 18. The aw 13 is then turned orm oved outwardly to a position in alignment with the 18.

pin 12 is so located with respect to the end edges 11 of "the arm" that in this turning movement of the jaw said pin will exert a camming act'ion againstthe curved wall of the slot 16 and thereby cause the undercut obliquely inclined'fwalls 15 of thel pliers toclosely contact with the beveledjor inconnected to the plier members so that in the movement bymanipul'a'tion of the plier members in the use of the tool, the jaws will remain in their longitudinally extending positionswith respect to the bifurcated arms In Fi 9 a d 10 of h dra in s 1 e. illustratedanalternative embodiment of the invention, wherein instead of providing the bifurcated arms on the plier members, each. aw 13 hasa bifurcated end portion 8 which providesaslot 9 to receive a tongue '14 projecting from the pivoted end of the-plier member. In this case, the'transverse pin i a rie l y th j w. mente d meets the s aaced parts of .thebifurcated end 8; thereof. The tongue 14;. on the plier beris, provided with a slot 16 which receives fiel t n ue I ill u be, s en tha h s construction involves a reversal cf the an ra-ngemen't.


is immaterial and in addition to the form fiew shown in gure I may eerie? ample "(if such differe r'it jaw sh'a esteing illustrated in Figure 8 of the drawings.

ference now to Figure, 6 the draw ngs, it w ll be seen that in connecting Jaw lem z e eeeh Phe be th l of the c'o- .operating parts above I l aeesa eea he form of the gripping portions of the jaws I i 7 parts of the arm having 'beveled'end' edges,

said pin coactirig with the curved walls'of From the foregoing description considered in connection with the accompanying drawing, the construction, manner of use and several advantages of the present invention -will be readily understood. It will be app e tha I a s 'eedeel n pre idi g a tool which will be of great serviceability in practical use. As shown in Figure 9, the

jaws connected to the plier members may be of different forms in accordance with the particular purpose for which the tool is to be used. Since theforms and shapes of the jaws which might be provided, are

quite numerous,'I'have not undertaken to illustrate and describe all of the different constructions of jaws which. mighebe prov d li r inte c a geabl ee 'eet h. h, the r v t-a ly ehne t me er f t 'plie a b h i lu t at d a few 101 h eehft tional forms of such jaws. lt i's also apparent that although I have herein referred he a eer ein p eifi n t h eh f th p er members, and the jaws, the details thereof may be varied to a certain extent'without-z efiecting the efficiency of the device. 'Ac

cording'ly it is to be understood that I re serve the privilege of resorting to all such legitimate changes in the form, construction and arrangement of the several structural parts of the invention without departing from the' spirit'and seopeof the invention as claimed,

Iclaim: Q I Y 1. A pliers comprising pivotally connected members each terminating at one end a, longitudinally projectingbifurcated arm, a transversely positioned'pin connecting the spaced parts of each arm, and interchangeable jaws each'having a tongue at one'e'nd adapted for insertion into the slot of the arm of one plier member, said tonguehav ing an 'a-rcuately curved slotto receive -said pin, "the. jaw adapted to be turnedon said pin into'longitudinal alignment ith-the arm;

2. A pliers comprising pivotally connected members each terminating at one end in a;

longitudinally projecting bifureated arm,

a transversely positioned pinextending across the slot between the spaced pa rs ofthe arm, and interchangeable jaw memhere adapted to be'connected with said arms and each having a tongue atone end for 1n'- sertion into the slot "in the arm and said tongue having an arcuately curved slot opening'upon one edge'of the arm to receive "said pin,i's'aid jaw liaving'oppositely beveled walls 1 at the inner end of the tongue and thespaced 3. A plus compr ing pl ta ly connected members, jaws adapted to be detachably connected to said members, one of the parts being provided with a tongue for insertion into a slot provided in the other part; said latter part having a fixed pin extending transversely across the slot thereof and said tongue being provided With an arouately, curved slot to receive said pin, said pin coacting with the Walls of the slot to retain member. I n

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name I hereunder.




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