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Publication numberUS1505884 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1924
Filing dateDec 1, 1922
Priority dateDec 1, 1922
Publication numberUS 1505884 A, US 1505884A, US-A-1505884, US1505884 A, US1505884A
InventorsFrank C Goldquist
Original AssigneeFrank C Goldquist
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US 1505884 A
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F. C GOLDQUIST CASE Original Filed Dec.- 1,

J" wilh m. wa w \NITNESS:

2 Sheets-Sheet l Mist INVENTOR Aug. 19, 19%, 1,505,884-

F. C. GOLDQUIST CASE Original Filed Dec. 1, 1922 2 Sheets-Shem 2 @2 2 6 5 {agar/719'? 'ZQTK Q7 E a, Q auldq'wi t INVENTOR WITNESS:

ATTO RN EY Patented Aug. 19, 1924.



Application filed December 1, 1922, Serial No. 604,338.

To all whomit may concern:

Be it known that l, FRANK C. GroLn UIsT, a citizen of the United States, rsiding at (ialesburg-in the county of Knox and State of Illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements in Cases of which the following: is a specification.

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in carrying cases and has for an object the provision of a case for holding a camera and a number of rolls of films, whereby the same may be conveniently carried.

Another object of the. invention is the provision of a case of this character which includes a film roll container, constructed so that both exposed and unexposed films may be carried without danger of confusion.

lVith the above and other objects in view, the invention further includes the following novel features and details of construction, to be hereinafter more fully described illustrated in the accompanying drawings and pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings Figure: l is a perspective view of a carrying case constructed in accordance with the invention.

Figure 2 is a rear elevation of the same.

Figure 3 is a front view partly broken away.

Figure 4 is a central vertical sectional view.

Figure 5 is an elevation of the roll container removed from the case.

Figure 6 is an edge view of the same.

Figure 7 is a section on the line '?-7 of Figure 5.

Referring in detail to the drawings wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts. the case which is preferably made of leather comprises a camera compartment 10, whos open upper end may be closed by a flap 11 and held in closed position by fastening devices 12. If desi ech the flap 11 may be provided with a. handle or grip 13.

Secured to the back of the case near the lower end thereof are tabs 14 which carry buckles 15 and secured to one of these buckles and passing through one of a. pair of loops 16, is one end of a strap 17. The opposite end of this strap is adjustably secured to one end of a strap 18, by means of a buckle 19 and this strap 18 passes through the Renewed June 20, 1924.

other loop 16 and is secured to one of the buckles 15. This provides convcnrnt means for carrying the case and does not interfere with raising the flap 11 for the removal or insertion of a camera.

In addition to the camera compartment 10. the case includes a compartment 20 which is in the form of a pocket located upon the front face of the cam-era compartment and like this latter compartment has its open top: closed by a flap 21 which is secured by a snap or similar fastening: device 22. The compartment 20 is designed to receive a roll container 23, which is preferably formed of metal and which is provided in one face near its opposite ends with open ings 24 and 25. The container 23 is designed to contain a number of rolls of films shown in F igure 7 and these rolls are adapted to be inserted through the opening 24 and to be removed through the opening 25 and in order to prevent accidental removal of the rolls, the container 23 has positiorrd adjacent the opening 24, a spring; 26, which is adapted to engage the topmost roll and yieldingly hold the latter in place. A, similar spring 27 is positioned adjacent the opening 25 and yielding'ly holds the lowermost roll in place, the latter however being removable by the depression of the spring 27. As stated, the container 23 is designed to be removably positioned within the compartment 20 and to facilitate this insertion and removal. the said container is preferably provided with a handle 28, while each side. edge of the opening '25 is notched as at 29 to facilitate the removal of the film rolls.

The container may be filled with unexposed rolls and after the roll within the camera has been exposed, the lowm'most roll is removed from the container through the opening 25 so as to be placed within the camera for exposure. The remaining rolls within the container will then move downward so that the exposed roll which has just been removed from the camera may be. in serted through the opening 24 intothe container. This operation is repeated until all of the rolls have been exposed and as an unexposed roll will occupy the lowermost position within the container, danger of confusion will thus be avoided.

The invention is susceptible of various changes in its form, proportions and minor details of construction and the right is herein ILSGIVGCl to make such changes as properly fall Within the scope of the ap pended claims.

Having described the invention Whatis claimed is I 1. The combination with a camera case including a film compartment, of a container adapted to fit Within said compartment, said container comprising a casing shaped to receive a plurality or rolls of films arranged in parallelism, said casing being provided at each end with an opening for the passage of the rolls and means for yieldingly holding the rolls in position.

2. The combination With a camera case including a film compartment, of a container adapted to fit Within said ,coinpartment, said container comprising a casing SllZLPCCl to receive a plurality of rolls of films arranged in parallelism, said casing being provided at each end With an opening for the passage of the rolls and a yieldable member located Within the container adjacent each opening to yieldingly hold the rolls in position.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification206/316.2, 206/225, 224/908
International ClassificationA45C11/38
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European ClassificationA45C11/38