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Publication numberUS1506951 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1924
Filing dateJan 22, 1923
Priority dateJan 22, 1923
Publication numberUS 1506951 A, US 1506951A, US-A-1506951, US1506951 A, US1506951A
InventorsWenzl Soukup
Original AssigneeWenzl Soukup
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US 1506951 A
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Sept. 2 1924.

nGGBzArln filed Jan. 2g, 1923 Flail IHHD mill I anys' Patented Sept. 2, 1924.




Application led January 22, 1923.

T all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WENZL SoUKUr, a citizen of the Republic of Czechoslovakia, residing at Karlsbad, in the Republic of Czechoslovakia, -have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Eggbeaters; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and yuse the same.

My invention relates to improvements m egg beaters and the like, such qas. are used for beating eggs, whipping cream, mixing" dough and accomplishing similar results, and the object of thel improvements isto provide a power operated apparatus which can easily be manipulated. With this object in view my invention consists in providing an implement of the type referred to which consists of a traine adapted to be held by the hand of the operator and carrying the beating membersand a motor such as an electromotor for operating the beating members. f

For the purpose of explaining the invention an example embodying the same has been shown in the accompanying drawing in which the same reference characters have been used in all the views to indicate corresponding parts. In said drawing,

Fig. 1, is an elevation of the beater with the wall of the frame partly broken away, and

Fig. 2, is an elevation of the beater looking from the left in Fig. 1.

In the example shown in the figures the beater' consists of a U-shaped frame 12 having a plate19 secured thereto, said parts 40 providing a casing enclosing the operative parts of the beater. To the web portion of the frame 12 a handle 11 is secured. In the lower flange portion of the frame two sleeves 5 and 6 are rotatably mounted, and

to the said sleeves rods 1 and 2 are secured by means of screws 7 and 8, which rods are made integralwith rings 3 and 4 providing the beating members. To the upper -end of the sleeve 5 a spindle 9 is secured which is rotatably mounted in the upper Serial No. A614,310.

shaft 9 carries a gear wheel 16 which is in `mesh with a pinion 18 secured to the shaft of an electromotorlf' mounted within the said frame and on the lower flange thereof.

Electric energy is supplied to the motor by means'of a cable 20 connected with terminals 21 and passed through a bore of the handle 11.` On the handle there is la handI operated switch 22.

The operation of the beater will be readily understood. The cable is'connected to a source of electric energy, and the operator holds the beater by the handle: When depressing the switch 22 current is supplied to the electromotor 17, which transmits rotary movement to the beating members 3 and 4 through the intermediary ot the gear wheels 18, 16 and 14, 15. By unscrewing the screws 7 and 8 the beating members can be readily removed for cleaning the same or putting in beating members suitable for a different kind of work.

While in describing the invention reference has been made to a particular example embodying the same I wish it to be understood that my invention is not limited to the construction shown in the drawing, and that various changes may be made in the general arrangement of the apparatus 'and the construction of its parts without departing from the inventionf I claim:`

1; In apparatus of the class described in combination, a. frame, a pair of parallel shafts rotatably mount-ed therein, means on each shaft for removably attaching and wholly supporting a beater element, a driving connection between the shafts, an electric motor in the iframe, a driving connection between the motor and one of the shafts, a handle secured to the trame, andv a single housing enclosing the motor an(1 drive mechanism.

2. In a power driven egg beater, a U- shaped frame, e pe-.ii of parallel shafts journaled in the arms of sei U, a, motor supported by the bese of seiel U and having a. shaft parallel to said; pair of shafts, a, driving connection between the motor ami said shafts so that they efe driven in opposite directions at the seme speed, endl a single unita-ry housing inentting with sai fname to enclose the motor and drive mechamsm..

In 'testimony whereof I hereunto ax my signature in the presence of two Witnesses.


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U.S. Classification416/122, 310/50, 366/129
International ClassificationA47J43/04, A47J43/044
Cooperative ClassificationA47J2043/04427, A47J43/044
European ClassificationA47J43/044