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Publication numberUS1507153 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1924
Filing dateAug 19, 1922
Priority dateAug 19, 1922
Publication numberUS 1507153 A, US 1507153A, US-A-1507153, US1507153 A, US1507153A
InventorsBinns Ralph H
Original AssigneeBinns Ralph H
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Glove closure
US 1507153 A
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pto 2 11924. LSWB R. H. BINNS GLOVE CLOSURE Filed Aug. 19, 1922 I mvewofc RALPH H. BNNS 1,507,153 PATENT oFFicE., I*



Application led August 19, 1.922. Serial No. $822,854.v

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, RALPH H. BINNs, a

citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of New York, in the county yof New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Glove Closures, of which the following is a specification. v

My invention relates to a glove closure, and aims to provide certain new and useful improvements .in connection with a device of" this character.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a closure particularly adapted for use in connection with gloves,'but not necessarily limited to this adaptation, and by means of which the glove or other element with which it is associated may be capable of being quickly closed or opened.

A further ob]ect of my invention is that of providing a device of the nature specified inA which the parts will be closed more completely than has heretofore been possible by means of the ordinary snap fasteners or similar members employed.

Still another object of my present invention is that of providing a closure member which may be in the nature of an attachment to an article to be closed, so that the standard construction of the same will not haveto be altered.

A still further object of my invention is that of providing a closure embodying extremely simple construction, and which may be capable of being placed upon the market at a nominal figure.

With these and further objects in' mind my invention consists essentially of a known form of closure, mounted in such a manner and preferably associated with a love, so that the objects aforementioned wi l 'be-accomplished.

Reference is had to the attached sheet of drawings as illustrating one practical embodiment of this invention, and in these views it will be seen thatv Figure 1 is a face View of a glove with Which a closure is to be associated.

Figure 2 is a face view of the closure and showmg the same in shut position, and detached from the glove, and

Figure 3v is a view similar to Figure 2 but i showing the closure'in partly open position.

The essence of my invention consists in the use of a closure which includes two serles of spaced lnter-engaging arms, to-

. mountin ether with an actuating member for causing an engagement or detachment of these arms one from the other, this closure being arranged upon a mounting which is to be se-` cured on a glove or other article having an opening to be closed. I

, Thus as in `Figure 1, it will be seen that the reference numeral 5 indicates a love of any conventional construction an desired type, which in the usual manner has its rear edge formed with a relatively wide slit, as at 6, to provide an o ening for the insertion and withdrawal o thewearers hand. In Fig-pre 2 I have shown the closure w erably o a material similar to that of which ch embraces a tongue 7, prefthe glove is constructed, and this mounting may be conveniently and detachably associated with the glove by any suitable means such as a snap fastener, the male portions 8 of which are attached to the glove at the upper end and lower ends of the split portion 6, while the female portions 9 of these fasteners, are carried at corresponding points bythe lmountin As in Figure 3 it will be noted that the4 piece of material comprising he mounting is'formed with a slit 10 exten ing from its lower edge to a point short of its upper end, and thus it wil be obvious that upon the mountingbeing attached to the glove that the body of the former will normally close the o ening or split portion 6 of the latter, and t e mounting will in turn present a'slitso that the wearers hand may readil be inserted into or -withdrawn from the g ove.

Arranged adjacent each edge of the slit portions 10 are a plurality of spaced arms l1, and thus two series of arms are provided, the ends of which are capable of inter-engagement for securing the whole immovable, and the engagement or separation of these arms is affected by the use of the actuating member 12`which forms a well-known part of this type of closure.

In use the mounting 7 is attached to the glove body by means of the snap fasteners, or other securing elements utilized, and the glove may be drawn upon the hand by grasping the actuating member 12 and drawing the same rearwardly. In other.

the arms 11, and the lower end of each series to cause an inter-engagement of the same, as in Figure 2, and a corresponding closing on the part of the glove.

Thus 1t will be seen that an extremely convenient form of closure is provided, and that the glove iscapable of readily being opened and closed upon the wearer desiring to ac'- complish these o erations, it bein noted, in

this connection, t at the closing o the glove is more complete than has been'A heretofore practical.

From the foregoing it will.- be., noted that the objects of this invention have been accomplished, and it will be understood that numerous modifications of structure might readily be resorted to without-in the least departing from the scope of y claims;

which arey 1. A closure including in combination an article having an opening therein, a closure -member rovided with an openingto simulate said) article opening, attaching means for removabl mounting the 'closure member article having an opening therein, a closureengageable elements, and meansibperable to effect theinterengagement of said elements.

3. A glove closureincluding in combina-l tion a glove presenting an opening, a mounting member adapted to be ositoned within said opening, means for etachably securing said mounting member to said glove, and closure elements carried by said mounting member.

4. A love closure including in combination a g oveformed with an opening, a closure mounting member adapted to be disposed wit'hin said opening, and a plurality of snap fasteners each com female parts, certain of sais arts being disposed adjacent the upper end and ower ends of the glove openin others of said arts being carried by sai mountin Imemr where y ber to said glove. y

5. A losure including a 'tongue formed witha slit extending from one of its ends 4 to a point short of its op site end and quick rising male and to normally securea' meml detachable closure mem ers secured to said i tpngue adjacent the opposite edges of said s it. e

6. AA closure including a mounting member presenting a substantially straight body,

said body, being formed with a slit extending from one,fof its edges to a point short of its opposite edge, closure elements providedadjacent said slit, and an actuating member for said elements andcarried upon said mountin 4 member.

Signe at New York, in the county of 170 New York and State of New York, this 18th day of Ai'igust, A. D. 1922.


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