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Publication numberUS1508020 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1924
Filing dateJul 6, 1923
Priority dateJul 6, 1923
Publication numberUS 1508020 A, US 1508020A, US-A-1508020, US1508020 A, US1508020A
InventorsHorwitt Paul H
Original AssigneeIndependent Paper Mills Inc
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Holder for stacks of sheets
US 1508020 A
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sept. 9', 1924. 1,508,020

P. H. HoRwrr'r 'Homann Fon sucks oF SHEETS rum .my e, i923 wwwa/WW. t By mon/vm Patented Sept. `9, 1924.

UNITED STATES 1,500,020 Param orifice'.



Application' filed July 6,

To all 'whom it may concern:

Be it known that LPAUL H. HORWITT, a citizen of the United States, and resident of the borough of Brooklyn, county of Kings, city and State of New York, have invented certain newA and useful Improvements 1n Holders for Stacks of Sheets, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to holders for stacks of sheets and more particularly to holders for paper napkins, paper towels, toilet paper and the like and has for its object to provide a novel arrangement whereby a supply of such napkins, towels, toilet paper or the like stacked in a'novel manner is supported in such a way as to facilitate the removal of the terminal napkin or the like when desired, without requiring any special care to be exercised to avoid the unintentional removal of more than one napkin or the like. Other more specific objects .will appear from the description hereinafter.

Reference is to' be had to the accompanying drawings which illustrate an example of the invention without defining its llmits and in which Fig. l is a plan view of a holder; Fig. 2 is a sectional view thereof on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1; Fig.3 is a diagrammatic sectional view on an enlarged` scale illus-- trating the novel arrangement of the napkins or the like in the stack and Fig. 4 is a plan view of the novel stack. The invention comprises essentially a v holder which carries a supply o' napkins or their equivalent stacked in a.. novel manner,

said stack consisting of napkins which alternately project beyond each other in opposite directions at opposite edges and some means whereby a pressure is exerted upon the pro- 0 jecti'ng `portions of the stack 1n such a manner as to separate an edge of the terminal .napkin from the next succeeding napkin in. the stack. In other words, the stack of napkins or the like at its opposite ledges is of lesser -density than the intermediate portion thereof so that as pressure is exerted upon this area of lesser density the same will be depressed and thereby cause the terminal napkin 'to'be rendered independently accessible at its one ed portion with respect to the next succee in napkin. In its illustrated example the ho der is shown in the form of a stand comprising a base 5 from which a standard or pedestal 6 projects upwardly and carries at its upper end 1923. serial No. 640,891.

a support 7. The latter carries the novel stack of napkins or the like in the manner indicated in Fig. 2; as illustrated in the drawing the napkins a of the stack project beyond the napkins b toward the right vin Figs. 2 and 3 while the napkins b similarly project beyond the napkins a. toward the left in Figs. 2 and 3. With this arrangement the projecting portions of the napkins comprise an area of lesser density than that of those portions of the napkins which overlap each other as is clearly shown in Fig. 3. The device comprises further a pressure.- exerting means or member which, in the illustrated example, is shown in the form of a floating rectangular 'frame the side members 8 of which are connected by means of end members 9; the side members 8, which may be said to constitute flanges, are of such dimensions as to -correspond approximately l with the dimensions of the projecting portions of the napkins a, b, it being understood that the end members 9 do not rest upon any part of the stack of napkins. With this arrangement the frame or rather the side members 8 and end'members 9 thereof, define an open space 10 corresponding approximately in dimensions to the dimensions of the overlapping portions of the napkins a, b. To maintain the pressure-exerting member in proper relation to the stackany suitable guiding means may be provided; in the lil'- lustrated arrangement this guidin means comprises flanges ll which depend :rom the side members 8 and in some cases also from j 90 the end members 9 and serve to enclose the stack of napkins or the like and thereby maintain the pressure-exertin member in its operative position and at t esame time prevent the removal of individual napkins or the like from said stack in any but the'. intended manner.

In practice the floating member or frame rests upon the stack of napkins or the like and through the medium of its side members 8 exerts aY pressure upon the projecting portions of the napkins and b or, in other Words, upon the areas of lesser density of said stack and thus causes the adjacent ed e of the terminal or uppermost napkin or t e like to be separated from the next succeedv ing napkin in the stack as illustrated in Fig.

l. In this manner the one edge of said terminal napkin is rendered independently accessible with respect to the next succeeding napkin and is thus capable of being easily fingered and grasped Without special eilort or care when it is desired to remove a nap'- kin. Because of this tact it is a simple matter to remove individual napkins by Withdrawing the same from the stack throu h the space 1.0, it being understood that e napkins a and b are alternately rendered independently accessible in the manner described as they alternately become the terminal napkins of the stack. The invention eliminates Waste and at the same time makes it easy 'te procure as many napkins or other sheets asmay be desired; in additionindiscrimate handling, for instance, of napkins, towels and the like is done away With so that the latter are protected against contamination and are maintained in a sanitary wholesome condition.

It will be understood that the illustrated arrangement may be varied as long as it includes a stack of napkins arranged in the manner described in combination with a means for exerting a pressure upon the projecting portions of the stack and a means or support Jfor resisting said pressure in a manner to permit the terminal napkin to be tilted in the described Way.

naoaeao Various changes in the specific form shown and described may be made Within the scope of the claimswithout departing from the spirit of my invention.

l claim:

l. rllhe combination of a support, a stack of sheets carried thereby, alternate sheets in said stack being o'set and projecting beyond each other in opposite directions, and an apertured pressure exerting member resting upon the projecting portions ot' said stack and thereby tilting the terminal sheet to project its free edge through said aperture and thereby facilitate the removal ot said terminal sheet from said stack.

2. The combination of a stand, a stack of napkins carried thereby, alternate napkins being ofiset and projecting beyond each other in opposite directions, and an apertured, rectangular frame having side niembers resting upon the projecting portions of said napkins and thereby tilting the terminal napkin to project its free edge through said aperture'and thereby facilitate the removal of said terminal napkin from the stack.

in testimony whereof l have hereunto set PAUL H. HURVVl'lT.

my handn

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