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Publication numberUS1508082 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1924
Filing dateDec 8, 1923
Priority dateDec 8, 1923
Publication numberUS 1508082 A, US 1508082A, US-A-1508082, US1508082 A, US1508082A
InventorsLouis Boeppler
Original AssigneeParaffine Co Inc
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Game rack
US 1508082 A
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Sept. 9 .1924. n... aol-:PPLER am: mex

Patented Sept. 9, 1924.

UNITED @STATES i l y 1,508,032

Louis ioEPrLnn, oronKnANn, yenr.,1roInvia-Q,, Assrerivon, `To rnnrnnnrrinnlcoiyr; IraivIEs, INC., orsniv rnancrsco, CALIFORNIA, A CORPORATION or DELAWARE,

Ammann inea vDaaraan `s;A '1923. serai Nozf 679,35@

v To all whom t may @macerata i Be it known thatJ I', LOUIS BonrrLnn," a citizen of the 'United States, and a resident of the city ofiOakland', county' of Alameda,

State of California, have invented a newand useful Game Rack, of which the `following Yis a specification.

`My inventionrelates to games andparticularl to a rack for "holding lthetiles used in the hinese game mah jongg. l y

f An object of my invention is to provide a game rack which can be folded into a pocket size package, and at the ltime of play can be folded into stable form.

Another object of my invention is to provide a very cheap rack for use in playing mah jongg. i

. The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth in the following description of the preferred form of my invention which is illustrated in the l drawings accompanying and forming part o-f the specication. Itis to be understood that I do not limit myself to the showing made' by the said drawings and description, as I may adopt variations of the preferred form within the scope of my invent-ion as set forth in the claims.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure l is a perspective view of the unfolded sheet.

y Figure 2 is a perspective View of the rack in folded position.

Figure 3 is a sectional view of the rack taken in a plane perpendicular to its longitudinal axis. A game tile is shown in dotted lines.

Broadly conside-red, my invention comprises a generally rectangular sheet of fibrous material, such as cardboard, scored longitudinally to facilitate folding'into prismatic'form, and scored transversely to permit folding into a pocket size package..

' When folded, one side of the prism extends beyond the adjacent side and forms a ledge on which the game pieces or tiles rest. The extended side is provided with slits thru which pass complementary tabs formed integral with the sheet. These tabs serve as legs to support the rack and also as means for `holding the sheet in folded form during the time of play.

In detail, my invention comprises a generally rectangular sheet of card-board with to collapse.

'a transverse crease in the'vcenterr'of the sheet.y When folded on this line a flat package is formed which canv be carried conveniently in a pocket. There are manytypes of wooden racks on the market but such racks cannot be`v carriedfabouteasily. Itis difficult to play lthe game mah` jongg without a rack.l` The' tiles are easily tipped over,"v' p `which exposes the players hand to'hisop,- ponents, the playing eombinations are'inot so easilyv kepttogether and the tiles bein in vertical position 'are'not soeasily rea The wooden yracks are cumbersome and' heavy and are frequentlyleftbehindjust on account of their inconvenience. My invention provides a rack of regulation size which is light in weight and when folded onthe scoring 3 makes a package which can be carried in a pocket. v l The sheet isprovided with two parallel longitudinal creases 4 and 5, which divide which facilitate the folding ofthe sheet into prismatic form..v The area 8 ,is wider than the other two areas and isA provided' with slits 9 -disposed near vthe outer edge of the sheet and parallel to the fold 4. Disposed on the `outer edge of the area 6 and Vthe `sheet vinto three areas, 6, 7 and 8` and. l


formed integral withthe sheet are tabs 11 complementary tothe slits 9v.

To form the game rack of my invention the sheet is folded.. along the creases 4 and 5, the tabs l1 being passed thru the slits 9. The space between-the slits 9 and the outer edge of the area 8 extend beyond the adja-` cent side of the prism and forms a ledge l2.

After being passed thru the slits the tabs are bent backwardly slightly, as shown in Fligure 3. This keeps them from being disengaged from the slits. by the resiliencyof the folded sheet, andL also prevents the weight of the tiles on theledge l2 from pushing the lower edge of the prism down-` wardly'from the tabs and allowing the rack i The tabs not only serve 'as'k locks to make the rack stable but also pror vide legs. The legs improvethe angleon whichthe tiles lie and'give the better view of his hand.

I claim:

l. A game rack comprising a sheet of fibrous material folded into` prismatic form, and means for holding the sheet vin foldedposition. t 'l j 2. A gamefrack comprising a substantially playera llo recieve-.1er Sheet Ouf ble-.Lis materiel ilfled into .,rlanguljal prism, and me@ S orw'lling the sheet in foldedliiostion.y

3. e gaine reel; @empreinte e substantiel 5 1y ietineiler Sheet "0f '.iou'mteral folded nt`a`prisn'1 Vand provided with "tabs and complementary slits, the tabs when in engagement with the slits, serving to'hold the sheet n folded piestion and te pro,- vide legs for the rack.

e A seme fedi @empresse a shes@ fehle@ www@ 'ferie elle Sie@ @if @fissi #it Side ifi-.ucl ijwfmf seme raak eeeepriiee a eine@ el a1 an l cait'ii(gli-Arial creases @le fr me p1" i? @11.921 e ereneverse G1 es@ i@ perm #die ree-@ien ef e redesteii Pedersef 6.- e reels @Omer-ieee@ ,Sheet sided Wiseman@ @mi one Side @i the, visie en-@lieg pas? 'the @die er-mies .29 lede@ @e Whisk the eme piece@ may es Series of Sli-ts in Said extending Side C01 glen@l @tary tabs on the ad feenifsiude, adaptifhen passed thru the slits to form legs @0 ,Support ,the raek and held the Sheet n fqlded'posiltion. i

7.`I A game rack comprising a substantial ly reetangular sheet of fibrous material havi'ng`pa1'allel longitudinal creases dividing the sheejg ingo {Lhree areas, one of the out,- side areas being Wider than the remaining areas and provided with slits, `Lthe opposite edge die sheer 'being A@iwided with .tabs @simplemente-r te sa-dJslte'said 'Sheet being eden ed l lo g the Said creases it@ fe-rin a 1L g l. withlthe wider area gj beyerid the @diaree-.t the prism to form a ledge an Labs engaged ie slit-.S t@ lees .Q ,S-eport the reels fr .d 11e' locks @Q present iin,-

folding thereQfQ 1.1i testrnely whereof, l; hairehereunto set hand.


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