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Publication numberUS1508456 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 16, 1924
Filing dateJan 4, 1924
Priority dateJan 4, 1924
Publication numberUS 1508456 A, US 1508456A, US-A-1508456, US1508456 A, US1508456A
InventorsLenz William G
Original AssigneePerfection Mfg Co
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Ground clamp
US 1508456 A
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Sept. 16 mm.

W. G. LENZ GROUND CLAMP Filed Jan. 4, 1924 Patented Sept; l6, l d. I E99 l d V m G. LMZ, F BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, ASSIGNOR TO PERFECTION MFG. 00.,



Application filed January a, 19%. Serial No. 684,835.

To all whom it'may concern: posite ends formed with eyelets 7 one. of Be it known that 1, WILLIAM G. Lnuz, a which is permanently secured to a clip 8 by citizen of the United States, and a resident means of a tongue 9 struck from the same,

of the borough of Brooklyn, city of New whereas the other eyelet is adapted to be York, county of Queens, and State of New det-achably connected to the clip 8 by means 60 York, have invented certain new and useful of a similar tongue 10. The clip 8 is preflmprovements in Ground Clamps, of which erably constructed from brass having more the following is a specification. or less resilienc and is provided, at one This invention relates to ground clamps end thereof, wi a spring arm- 11 which is such as are particularly adapted to be used cut away as shown most clearly in Figure as as a means for grounding radio receiving 2 to provide an opening 12 into which is instruments although not restricted to this adapted to project a ii-shaped .finger 13 particular adaptation. struck from the bod of the clip 8. The

An important object of my invention is spring arm 11 and nger 13 cooperate as 15 to provide a device of the character menwill be readily appreciated as a means for 70 tioned which may be readily attached to retaining an electric conductor 14: confined a grounded element such as a water-pipe or therebetween, which conductor is adapted the like and is so constructed as to conform to be connected'to the ground terminal of a to any irregularities of the grounded eleradio receiving or other electrical instrument and so ield upon expansion and con- 'ment not shown. In attaching the device 75 traction of e same as to enable the de-. embodying my invention to the grounded vice to function efliciently under all conelement such as a water-pipe, the spring 7 ditions. is stretched more or less and placed under A ther object of the invention is to tension whereupon the detachable eyelet 7 provide a device of the character mentioned is hooked over, the finger 10. By reason of 80 which may be maintained in intimate enthe fac that h pring 7 is n ine gagement with the grounded element at a under tension when the eyelet 7' is connectmu tiplicity of points whereby an efiective e to the finger, 10, the device as a whole electrical connection is insured throughout is firmly clamped in osition upon the relatively large contact areas between the grounded element and t e several contact grounded element and grounding device points 15 of the spring 7 are urged into and under all conditions. held in intimate engagment with the Further objects and coin advantages ounded element 5 thus insuring an efoi the invention will become apparent from cient electrical connection between the the following description when taken in groamded element and the device. This no connection with the accompanying drawintimate contact between the spring 7 and ings in whichgrounded element 5 is maintained under all Figure 1 is a transverse sectional view conditions incident to expansion and conof a grounded element such as a watertraction of the grounded element 5 due to pipe to which the device embodying my inthe fact that the spring 7 when attached on vention is shown. as attached. is adapted to correspondingly yield upon Figure 2 is a fra entary view in elevaexpansion of the grounded element or pipe tion of a ground element to which the 5 whereas on the other hand if the pipe condevice embodying my invention is shown "tracts the spring 7 due to its being under in elevation as attached thereto. tension likewise contracts thus maintaining ice in the drawings wherein for the purpose an eficicnt electrical connection. Furtherof illustration is shown what I at present more, by reason of the fact that the spring consider the preferred form of my inven- 7 is more or less flexible device embodytion the numeral 5 indiwtes a water-pi e in my invention may be ap lied with equalv or other electrical conductor adapted to he e eetiveness to grounded e ements having 105 electrically connected with the earth and to cross sectional shapes other than that of the which is adapted to he applied the device pipe 5 disclosed herein for the reason that embodyin my invention and indicated as the sgring 7 will readily lend itself or shape a whole y the neral 6. This device itsel tooontorm to the shape of the groundcomprises a spring 7 its oped element. The surface of the grounded are element in addition to being of an irregular Shaw may be pitted'or otherwise defaced without detracting from the eficiency of the elements the spring 7 instead of being at-' tached at its end to the finger 10 may be hooked over this finger at one of the contact points 15 in which case the eflective length of the spring 7 may be changed without altering or modifying the device in order to effect application of the same to a suitable grounded element having arelatively short diameter or small cross sectional area.

While it have shown and described what l at present consider the preferred form of my invention it is to be understood thatvarious changes in the size, shape and pro-portion of elements may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the subjoined claims.

I claim:

1. A ground clamp adapted to be attached to a grounded element comprising a spring adapted to encircle and contact with said grounded element, and a conductor clip adapted to be attached to opposite ends of said spring and held in engagement with neonate said grounded element under the influence of said sprin 2. A groun clamp adapted to be attached to a grounded element comprisi a spring taching a conductor thereto,

.3. A ground clamp adapted to be attached to a grounded element comprising a spiral sprlng adapted to encircle said grounded element and contact therewith, a'conductor clip, means at one end of said spring for permanently attaching said clip to said spring, and means at the opposite end of said spring for detachably clip to said spring.

i. A ground clamp adapted to be attached to a grounded element comprising a spiral spring adapted to encircle said'grounded element and contact therewith a conductor clip, means at one end of said spring for pern'ianently attaching said cli to said spring, means at the opposite end 0 said spring tor detachably connecting said clip tn said spring, and means for connecting a conductor to said clip.

In testimony whereof, l have aifixed my signature to this specification.


connecting said adapted to encircle and contact with said 7 tit)

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