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Publication numberUS1509137 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1924
Filing dateMar 26, 1923
Priority dateMar 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1509137 A, US 1509137A, US-A-1509137, US1509137 A, US1509137A
InventorsGottlieb Benjamin
Original AssigneeGottlieb Benjamin
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Waterproof container
US 1509137 A
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Filed March 26. 1923 anni" A A A IN VEN TOR A TTORNE Y Patented Sept. 23, 1924..

.I iTED STATES retain rica.,A



Application led March 26, 1923. Serial No. 627,594.

signed to be maintained perfectly water andn moisture tight and yet having means of accessto the interior thereof at any time with facility.

Among the objects of the invention is to provide a container' in the nature of a bag or the like, the body of which is preferably flexible, and having a detachable closure or cover which may be removed easily at any time for giving access to the interior of the bag. While the device is designed especially for the use of bathers for carrying intothe surf personal commodities such as powder puffs, matches, smokers appliances or other analogous commodities that are supposed to be kept in a perfectly dry as well as easily accessible condition, wish it to be understood that the invention is susceptible of a wider use than as just indicated.

A further object of the invention is to provide a container made preferably of a flexible material such as rubber, the same having a closure means of metal or other relatively stiff' hard material attachable to or detachable from the bag without the use of cement or other means of a permanent nature. By reason of the peculiar construction of the device set forth herein it is practical therefore for the closure mechanism to be used re peatedly or successively on any number of flexible containers or bags as they may become worn or deteriorated.

l/Vith the foregoing and other objects in View the invention consists in the arrangement and combination of parts hereinafter described and claimed, and while the invenf tion is. not restricted to the exact details of construction disclosed or suggested herein, still for the purpose of illustrating a practical embodiment thereof reference is had to the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters designate the same parts in the several views, and in which- Figure 1 is a side elevation of a suggested embodiment of the invention applied to a flexible bag designed especially for use by a lady bather.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged central section through the closure mechanism.

Referring now more specifically to the drawingsV the body of'the container is a iiexible `bag 1,0 preferably of rubber, the same having at its ends or yedges any suitable attachment means such as rings 11 and clips 12 so that the container may be attached to ones wrist or ankle bymeans of a strap or band, not shown, or 1t may be sewed or stitched or otherwise secured to or within any portion of the wearers clothing and either exposed or hidden from view.

In one fiat side ofthe container is formed during the manufacture of the container a large circular opening having a finished bead 13 constituting the edge thereof.

The closure mechanism comprises `three principal parts, a neck member 14, a binder 15, and a cap 16, all detachably related to one another and to the side of the bag or 4container 10.

The neck member 14 comprises an annular fiange 17 and a threaded neck 18 arranged at right angles thereto. The neck has external threadsY the flange 17, the bead 13 above referred to being adapted to lie normally within the space between the flange and said threads on the 'outside of the flange. The structure of the body being flexible, the flange 17 may be insertedeasily inward through the hole in the side to occupy the position shown.

The binder member 15 is` in the nature of a cylindrical ring having threads both inside and outside, the inner thread having close or tight co-operation with the neck thread aforesaid. When the binder member is screwed tightly upon the neck the inner or lower edge of the binder is caused to grip tightly against or around the bead 13, making a water tight joint between the neck member and the binder. When the binder is thus screwed tightly into place as described it will not become loose inadvertent-ly nor during the operation of thefcap, but it may be removed by applying unusual Yforce thereto when it is desired to remove the closure means from the container.

- The cap 16 comprises a top 19 preferably of convex form and a flange 20 aving an internal thread cooperating with the eX- ternal thread of the binder and having the edge of the ange at 21 adapted to grip of the container so asv spaced outward from against or into the resilient structure of the body or container 10 toward the flange 17. Thus when the cap is screwed tightly upon the binder and with its edge 21 against the body 10 a perfectly watertight joint is formed at said edge 21. Thus the structure of the body at and adjacent to the bead 13 may b`e regarded as a gasket, making two independent watertight joints with two independently removable members 15 and 20. W'ithin the convex top of the cap is located a mirror 21 for convenient use by simply removing the cap from the receptacle. This mirror may be held in place by a spring ring 22 or anyother suitable mechanism.

As a suggestion of desirable and convenient meanslto be carried within the container I show a box 23 having at one side a` flange 24 co-operating with the outer edge of the neck 18, whereby the box is carried just Within the neck member. The

- box has a lid 25 movably connected thereto either by means of a hinge 26 or otherwise.l and having opposite the hinge a snap catch 27.' When the cap 16 is removed from the container the box 23 may be dropped out,

and when its lid is opened access to the interior thereof is had directly for .use of powder puff 28 in connection with a mass of compact powder 29 or any other desired commodity.

Obviously the details of construction may be varied to a considerable extent as to relative sizes, proportions, materials, or

shapes without departing essentially from the spirit of the invention.

I claim:

1. A container of the character set forth comprising a body having an opening bounded by flexible resilient material and closure means for said opening, said closure means including a neck member having aan internal flange lying against said flexible resilient material, binder means on the outside of the material coacting with the flange for locking the neck member in place, and a cap removably fitted upon said binder means, both the binder means and the cap making independent watertight joints with the flexible material first mentioned.

2. In a waterproof container, the combination with a flexible rubber bag having an opening in one side bounded by a bead. of closure means for the bag comprising a neck member having a flange projected through said opening and lying against the inner side of said bead and having an externally threaded neck extending outward through said opening, a binder ring screwed upon the neck and against said bead, and a cap screwed in turn upon the outside of lsaid binder ring, both the binder ring and the cap making watertight joints around the bead and opposed to said flange.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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