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Publication numberUS1509226 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1924
Filing dateApr 27, 1922
Priority dateApr 27, 1922
Publication numberUS 1509226 A, US 1509226A, US-A-1509226, US1509226 A, US1509226A
InventorsBrown Earl D
Original AssigneeBrown Earl D
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Breast pump
US 1509226 A
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Sept. 2924.

E. D. BRQWN BREAST PUMP Filed April 27, L922 mam wd My my flyww a 7 Patented Sept. 23, 1 92 4.

v, EARL n'iszaowrtor rornno, OHEO.

j .BEEAST PUM l"a pncafi nifii aa in 27, 1922. Serial no; 556,836.

To all whom it ma concern.

' Be' it known that I, EARL *1); Bsowea citizen o'f the United States,and a resident of Toledo, in'the county of Lucas and State of Ohio, have ma dei an 'lnvention Appertaining to a Breast Pumptand'l do hereby declare the following to be a full',' clear,* and exact description or. the invention, such as i will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and u'sethe same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the characters of "reference marked thereomwhichfornia part of this specification.

and cylinder connected therewith and operable to createsuction within the breast piece of the instrument.

The object of the invention is th e provision of a simple and eflicientinstrument of the classdescrihedwhichis easily operable with one hand and embodies a novel arrangement and assembly of its parts to facilitate cleaning and substitution of the parts.

The invention is fully described in the following specification, and while, in its broader aspect, it is capable of embodiment in numerous'forms, a preferred embodiment thereof is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which,

Figure 1 is a central longitudinal section of a breast pump embodying the invention with parts in full,and Fig. 2 is a cross-section thereof on the line 22 in Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawings, 1 designates a body member of circular form in cross section and having a passage 2 axiallythercthrough, with one end enlarged to form a valve chamber 3 and its other end provided with an interiorly threaded enlargement 4.

The cylinder ofthe pump is formed by a tubular member 5 threaded at its inner end on the end of the member 1 in which the valve chamber 3 is disposed and having its opposite or outer end closed by a cap 6, which is removably threaded thereon. A piston 7 is mounted in the cylinder 5 for reciprocatory movements therein and has its stem 8 extending toward the cap 6 and provided with an axial socket 9 for receiving a guide stem 10 projecting into the cylinder axially thereof from the closed end of the cap 6. The stem 8 is formed with the crossbar 11, which projects at its ends through This inventiondrelates primarily to a breast pump of lthe type having a plungerlongitudinally extending slots 12 in the cylinder 5 to form finger engaging parts with-' out the cylinder. A coiled expansion spring 13 encircles the stems 8 and 10 between the .cross-bar 11 and cap 6 and normally tends to hold the piston at the limit of its for ward stroke. The pump is easily operated by one hand by placing the thumb against the outer end of the cap 6 and the first and.

secondfingers in straddling relation to the cylinder and in pulling engagementwith the ends of the'crossbar.

A disk valve 14: is mounted in the valve chamber 3, being retained therein for limited movements by'a plug 15 threaded in the outer end of said chamber and apertured Or notched to permit the' passage of air from the valve chamber into the 'cyl inder, the valve being intended to open during an outward or suction stroke of the piston 7 and to close during an inward stroke.

of the piston. The piston is provided there through with a passage 16, which opens communication between the cylinder at the inner and outer sides of the piston and is provided with an enlargement for receiving a disk valve 17, which seats to close the passage under an outward or suction stroke of the piston and opens during an inward stroke of the piston. The valve is retained in the chamber by a plug 18, which is apertured or slotted to permit the passage of air therethrough.

A breast cup 19 of hell form and preferably of glass is secured at its inner end to the outer end of the body member 1 by a screw 20. which extends through a restricted opening in the inner end of the breast cup and threads into the enlargement 4 of the body member. A washer 21 of rubber or other yielding material is disposed between the adjacent ends of the body 1 and breast cup to provide a closejoint therebetween when the screw 20 is tightened. Said screw has a passage longitudinally therethrough to open communication between the interior of the breast cup and the passage 2. The breast cup is provided in the under side thereof with the customary liquid receiving bowl 22.

23 designates a petcock or relief valve which is threaded into the body member 1 in communication with the passage 2 to relieve the vacuum in the breast cup 19 when desired.

It is evident that the breast cup and cy1in-.

der :31j forn1 gtifigid structure" mu zt're'i detach'katbly conned'ed'in a manner to facilitate an easy and quick separation thereof for the purpose of cleaning, sterilizingoor 5 substitution and that the power or suction stroke of the piston is imparted thereto'by a closing action of the hand grasping the instrument, the spring serving to return the piston to the forwardend of its stroke to exhaust the air "from the, cylinder through 'the'v'elvepes'sage 16 and the cylinder'slots 12. I wish it, understood that my invention is ri 'otl limited to eny'specific construction; air- 'ra'ngementfor fort of the partsas it ifscapeble of ,ernbodin'ient in; numerous forms v H ng thu'sfds ib myinvent What elaniij s neXvQ'and desire to secure byILet- 20'ters Petent,"is, t v A l a W 1-. abreast pum a body'h'agving an "finial'pissageiiwithi its innei end .enlztrged to :Ifo'rrn a valvecha'inber; and its outer en dfim jteriorlyjthreztded, a slotted cylinder secured at its 'inner ejnd jtofthe inner end of the body, in etpseo'ured to and closing the outer end of the cy'linder kt reciprocalpiston inthe cylinder having ajstem provided vvith an axial j s ocket, e guide'steni secured to the closed end 80 of the cap? and slidably received in ,theso'cket fofthe piston st'eln, operating mean for the I piston" Cbfihetd to the stem thereof, and

Without departing from the spirit of the ffxtendihgl thfotfgh sgtidfcylifideifslots, a coil springeficirchng the premium guide stems and abutting the closed endof the cap .at b 011.6. end andgthe operating means for the piston at its opposite end, a valve in said valve chamber of the body, a valve controlled passege in the piston, a breast cup, and a 'sc1'"eW'"h'aving""ln axial passage extending through the cl osedend of the breast cup and threaded into'enghgenient tviththe saidinteiiorithreads"at the outer, end foot the body hsvihg" at head higrttged against said closed end of the breast su 12 ea st piifnpjfzt body, at slotted cyl- 'inder i i'gidly' connected iat one to one 'f 'fe the Leav s l fiilsj m 'oiifel" T nd; a obt til fliiii ldl dofificted opposite end bf i the body; a piston in the :body hgtving ztfstem iorrned With fan 'axial :socketfandjdisposed between the 5 cylinder t ining on the stern extend- "ing 'throughthe 'cylizid'er slots, guidestein rigidly afiixed to the closed ,endof thecylinder :tnd"slidtiblyreteived inthe" socket of "thejp'istonj stnig 2i coil 's'pi'ihgencircling the stems Enid "ttbiittingthe closed cylinder end and thee'prhtihgmeansenthe'piston stein, and valve controlled pas' szt'g'esiin the body

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U.S. Classification604/74
International ClassificationA61M1/00, A61M1/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61M2001/0068, A61M1/06
European ClassificationA61M1/06