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Publication numberUS1510145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1924
Filing dateFeb 24, 1922
Priority dateFeb 24, 1922
Publication numberUS 1510145 A, US 1510145A, US-A-1510145, US1510145 A, US1510145A
InventorsAlexander Huson
Original AssigneeAlexander Huson
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Head-protecting attachment for raincoats
US 1510145 A
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Sept. 3o', 1924. 1,510,145

v 5 A. HUSION l l HEAD, 4f 'ROV'.I'EGTING' ATTACHMENT FOR RAINCOATS Filed Feb. 24 1922 2 Shania-Shut 1 wwwa@ @HvA/wg Sept. 30. 1924. 1,510,145


Application filed February 24, 1922. Serial No. 535;.905.

To al] flo/icm' 'it lmay concern:

Be it lrnown that l, ALEXANDER Hnsom .a citizen of the United StatesJ residing at Perth ..niboy in the county of lliddlese: and State of New Jersey, have invented new and useful Improvements in Headdrotecting attachments for Raincoats7 of which the following" is a speciiication.

l@ne object of my present invention is the provision of a. simple and eiiicient, detachably connected head protector for use on ra'incoats.

Another object. is the provision in the raincoat of a. pocket in which the headprotecting attachment can be carried when not in use.

To the attainment of th-e foregoing, the invention consists in the improvement as hereinafter described and definitely claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specilication:w

Figure 1 is a front elevation showing my novel attachment in use on a raincoat.

Figure 2 is a view showing the attachment in vertical section.

Figures 3 and l are enlarged detail vertical sections showing portions of the attachment, hereinafter explicitly referred to.

Figure 5 is a detail broken elevation showing the pocket at the inner side of the back of the coat for carrying the head protecting attachment when the latter is not in use.

Similar numerals of reference designate,V

corresponding parts in all of the views of the drawings.

The raincoat `l is generally of the ordinary well-known construction, but in accordance with my invention it is provided about its neck portion 1 with a circular series of spaced snap-fastener members 2, Figure 2, and is equipped at the inner side of its back 3 with a pocket 4, normally closed by a detachably fastened Hap 5.

My novel head-protecting attachment 6 is preferably, though not necessarily, formed of the same materialv as the coat 1, and when not in use the said attachment is compactly folded and carried in the pocket e. For the detachable connection of the attachment to the coat 1, the attachment is provided with snap fastener members '7 comple mentary to the fasteners 2.V In the preferred embodiment illustrated, the fastener members 2 are of the male type, and the 'fastener members 7 are of the female type.

The attachment 6 is preferably shaped as shown so as to entirely enclose the head vand noch. and .it is equipped with a mouth open ing ffl, see dotted lines in Figure l., and full lines in Figure e, framed transparent lenses 9., and a foraminous disk 10 of appropriate materiah the said disk 10 being` arranged between the opening 8 and the lenses 9 for the supply of air to the nostrils of the wearer. As shown in Figure ithe disk 10 is trained as designated by 11, and its foraminations 12 are inclined as shown so as to lessen the liability of water entering the attachment. At its opposite sides the attachment 6 is provided with framed foraminous disks 13, one of which is shown in Figure 3. These disks 13 are designed to enable sounds to reach` the ears of the wearer; and its foraminations 141- are inclined as shown to prevent water getting into the attachment.

In the present and preferred embodiment of the invention, a flap 1o is employed in conjunction with the mouth opening` 87 tbe said tiap being connected at 16 to theattach ment 67 and being adapted to be secured in closed and open positions by snap fasteners 17 and 18.1, respectively.

It will be apparent Vfrom the foregoing that my novel attachment 6 is adapted to be quickly and easily placed over the head and connected to the coat L, and when so placed and fastened the attachment is adapted to effectively protect the head and neck of the wearer. lt will also be appreciated that. the attachment is susceptible of being rea di.- ily disconnected from the coat and as readily folded and placed in the pocket 4t.

l have entered into a detailed description of the construction and relative arrangement of the parts embraced in the present and preferred embodiment of my invention in order to impart a full, clear and exa ct understanding of the said embodiment. l. do not desire,.however, to be understood as confining: myself to the said specific construction and relative arrangement of parts inasmuch as in the future practice of the invention various changes and modifications may he made such as fall within the scope of my invention as defined in my appended claim.

Having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters-Patentq is:`

A head protector adapted to be applied to y and nose openings, the axes of' the openings in the said. disk beine disposed at nente angles to the frames of the disk, and :i fin p of flexible materiel secured to the head por tion above the Inoiith opening, and means vfor relezisably securing said flap in :in open position with relation to the month opening` and means for securing said Hap in :i closed position over the mouth opening.

In testimony whereof', I aiiiix my signuture.


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U.S. Classification2/202
International ClassificationA42B1/04
Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/046
European ClassificationA42B1/04D