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Publication numberUS1510742 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1924
Filing dateJul 14, 1922
Priority dateJul 14, 1922
Publication numberUS 1510742 A, US 1510742A, US-A-1510742, US1510742 A, US1510742A
InventorsGutleben Christian T
Original AssigneeGutleben Brothers
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Sand and gravel screen
US 1510742 A
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c. Ar.- GUTLBEN SAND AND G11-AVBL scREEN oct( 7.

Filed July v 14 1922 '2 sheets-sheer 2 Patented Det. 7, 1924.

UNITED asienta Nr ortica.



i Application filed July 14.-, 1922. Serial No. 574,903.

To all whom t may concern.'

Be it known that I. CHRISTIAN T.` GUTLE- BEN. a citizen of the United States, residing at Oakland, in the county of Alameda and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements 'in Sand and Gravel Screens, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to screening apparatus and particularly to sand, gravel and cobble screens.

It is an object lof the present invention to provide a simple, practicable., substantial apparatus of large capacity and comparatively small dimensions for efficiently concurrently separating material into three separate classes. It is specially an object of the invention to provide a screen for the effective separation of river bottom material containing sand. gravel and cobble stone. Another object is to provide an apparatus including a movable carriage adapted to be readily shifted along a pathway so as to form ranges of the screened material` each being entirely separate from the other so as to facilitate the collection and transfer of the material of each pile into convenient vehicles.

Other obiects and advantages of the invention will be rendered manifest in the specification of an embodiment of the invention illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a plan view of the apparatus.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation with certain parts being in section.

Fig. 3 is a perspective. y

The invention consists of a substantial frame preferably erected in the form of a carriage having parallel side bars 2 and front and rear pairs of supporting legs 3 and 4. The carriage is preferably arranged upon substantial guideways or tracks 5 along which it may be shifted from step to step as accumulations or piles of the material being screened are accumulated to a suitable quantitv or volume. In Fig. 2 the carriage is shown as being provided with wheels 6 running upon the tracks 5. while in Fig. 3 the wheels are eliminated and the carriage is provided with longi tudinal shoes or runners 7 bearing on the tracks 5. These tracks preferably are in the form' of upright planks of substantial dimensions, and these, therefore, form in the apparatus perpendicular partitions or di-A f a lower ner screen 12; itr being understood that the mesh of the screen Vmay be readily determined according to the'size' of product being segregated. The upper and-lower `screen frames are hingedly fastened by yside blocks 13 and 14:, and to the upper" blocks, of which there is one at each side of the upper portion of the frame, there is secured, pivotally, a pair of prop links or braces 15. The upper and lower ends of these braces are perforated at 16 to receive pivot fastenings 17. The lower pivot fastenings pass through the rear overhanging ends of the side bars of the carriage. This provides for the ready angular adjustment of the screens.

The apparatus is erected for use, asv for instance upon a gravel bank or river bottom1 and the material to be screened is thrown as froml the shovel up upon the Lipper screen 11. The oversize vmaterial rolls down from the upper screen onto an apron 18 from which the cobbles will collect in piles C which are spaced alongthe tracksaccordingto the degree of advance of the screens step by step. The material passing through the' upper screen 11 engages the lower screen 12, and the eject from this rolls down and falls from the lower end thereof onto achute 19 discharging in piles of gravel G between the tracks 5. The undersize material passing through the screen 12 falls onto a longer discharge chute 2O which is adjust-ably connected by links 21 to the bottom screen and the lower end of which is supported as upon a transverse strip 22 on the rear end of the carriage. The chute 20, therefore, discharges the undersize in piles consisting of sands `and fine particles S.

It will be seen from the above that the machine is of extreme simplicity and will serve to produce three segregate products, each being arranged in piles to be conveniently removed and which, if desired, may be approximately measured according to the steps at which the carriage may be successively moved along the rails.

Further embodiments, modifications andv changes may be resorted to within the spirit of the invention as here claimed.

`What is claimed is:

l. A screening apparatus comprising a set 'of substantially vertically arranged planks 'forming tracks and also Vtorniing partitions for rows of segregates along the tracks, and a frame mounted upon and adjustable along the tracks and carrying a plurality of superimposed, vertically spaced screens which are arranged substantially vertically above the trackway formed by the planksy one of the screens operating to reject the oversize and discharge it beyond one of the track planks, and a lower screen having a. discharge end for discharging` material into the space between the track planks, and a discharge means extending inwardly and upwardly to receive the material passing through the lower screen and Vtor discharging it beyond the other side of the trackway.

2. A screening apparatus comprising a carriage 'frame having parallel side bars and front and rear pairs oi vertical legs, elongated upright planks forming tracks along which the legs are slidable to shift the apparatus, a lower inclined screen 'frame pivoted at its lower end upon the 'front ends oli' the side bars, side blocks along the lower frame, an upper screen attached to the blocks, and links adjustably attachable to certain of the blocks and adjustably attachable to the rear ends of the sidel bars.

3. A screening apparatus comprising a carriage and a track therefor consisting of upright planks forming a bin, and means including a plurality7 ci screens arranged on the carriage tor dividing the material being treated into a, plurality ot segregates` the screens being arranged in superposed inclined position and each having a discharge device for deiiecting the material rejected thereon and passing therethrough into separate Zones, one on each side of and one between the tracks.

ln testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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