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Publication numberUS1510818 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1924
Filing dateMay 19, 1923
Priority dateMay 19, 1923
Publication numberUS 1510818 A, US 1510818A, US-A-1510818, US1510818 A, US1510818A
InventorsBarron Herbert E
Original AssigneeBarron Herbert E
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Paste-tube collapser
US 1510818 A
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' X H. E. BARRON PASTE TUBE COLLAPS ER Filed May 19. 1923 v 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 WITNESSES INVENTOR..

Get. 7 1924.


Filed May 19. 1923 INVENTOR.


Patented 01:1. 7 1924. g


PA ENT ornc'a.

nnnnnar EL. BARRON, on pure, minors.

rns'rn runn connnrsm Application filed May 19, 192s.- semi No. amass.)

To all whomit may concern Be it known that I, HERBERT E. BARRON, a citiz'enof the United Statearesidin at 'Dupo, in the county of St. Clairand tate of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Paste-Tube Collapsers, of which the following is a specification.

In carrying out the-present invention, it

is my purpose to provide, a device that is adapted for the reception of a tube of paste,- and that is provided with means for collapsing. the tube, whereby the material is fully and expeditiously ejected therefrom.

A primary object of the invention resides in the provision of such a device that is comparatively simple of construction, and

one that may be easily operated, the device comprising relatively few parts correlated in such a manner as :to reduce the possib1l1t of dlsarrangement to a minlmum.

T e nature and advantages of the invention will be better understood when the, following detailed description is read in connection with the accompanying drawings, the invention residing in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts as claimed. 1

plication, like numerals of reference in cate similar parts in the several views,- and wherein Figures 1 and 2 are elevations of opposite My novel tube 'collapser com rises a rela tively elongated container 5 ,0 suitable dimensionsthat is equipped with a hinged -1id6, that is adaptedto be maintained in a locked position, through the medium. of

swinging hooks 7, that are pivoted to the container and ada ted for engagement over pins 8 upon said id'6. The front end of Slidable upon In the drawings form g Parlt of this 3?" with the teeth 16 {of the bars 15.

' the container '5 is formed with a verticalslot 9., the upper end of which terminates at the upper edge of said end wall, one. side. 'Wall of said container being formed with a longitudinally extending slot 10, that is preferably adjacent the upper edge .of this side Wall, as more'clearly shown in Figures- 1 and 5.

Within the container 5 is a carriage designated generally 11, the same comprising end plates 12 and 13 that-preferably have close contact with the end walls ,of said container, and are maintained in operated positions by bars 14 at-opposite sides of the plate and adjacent the lower edge thereof. Immediatelyv above the bars 14 are other bars 15, the top sides .of which are formed with rack teeth 16 for purposes hereinafter described.

plate 17, the opposite ends of which are formed with longitudinal bars for receiving the pair of bars 14 between the end plates 12 and 13 comprised in the carriage 11 'Ihisplate 17 -is provided adjacent its opposite ends with ;vertically directed legs 18,

each of which is formed with a vertical slot 19. Freely vertically movable within the slots 19-19 of the legs 1818 are the oppositeends of an upper and lower shaft 20 and 21, each of which carries between the legIsha roller 20 and 21 res ectively;

e opposite ends of the sha t 20 are provided with spur gears 22 that are inmes'h These. gears' 22 are relatively wide, and mesh vwith narrower gears 23, upon the opposite ends of the lowermost roller shaft 21. The

roller 21' is normally maintained in close the carriage 11 is a cross engagement with the roller 20', through the medium ,ofa curved spring 24, that has contact at its central. "portion with the before mentioned plate'1'7, and is bent upwardly at, its opposite ends to provide fin gers 25 that are-notched for-engagement I with the opposite ends of-the roller shaft 21.

One end of the top roller shaft 20 is formed with a s uared extension 26, that projectsthrough t e said slot 10 in the sidewall of the container 5, which carries a key 26.. The front late 13 of said carriage 11 is provided wit a slot 13' that registers with the opening 9 in the'front wall of the container for permitting of the usual screw threaded neck of a collapsible .paste tube to project therethrough, when the same is positioned within the container as per Figure 4.

This end ofthe: container is equipped with a pivot latch plate 27 that is adapted to be swung over the said screw threaded neck of thepaste tube for maintaining the same iniproper position.

In ,viewjof the above descriptiomit will at once be apparent that when a paste, tube A is positioned within the container as shown in Figure 4, the tube may be collapsed for consequently discharging the paste vtherefrom by imparting. a turning move ment to the key 26, which will consequently cause a rotation of the rollers and 21' in opposite directions, the movement of these rollers forwardly in the direction of the ar rowof the figure will cause a collapsing of the tube, it being of courseunderstood that in this connection, the end of the tube must be inserted between said rollers.

. Numerous advantages of a deviceof this character will be readily appreciated. by those skilled in the art, and even though l have herein set forth the most practical embodiment of the invention with which, I am now r familiar, it is nevertheless to be understood that minor'changes may be made in the invention without departing from the spirit and scope ofthe appended claims.

Having. thus described my invention, what I claim 'as new, and desire to secureby Let ters-Patent; is:

ing, a frame removably mounted in said casing havin end plates connected at the side portion 0 said casing by guide bars and rack bars, a tube collapsing member slidably mounted on said guide bars having slotted uprights extending therefrom, a pair of rollers mounted in said slotted uprights having intermeshing gears at the opposite ends thereof, the gears of one roller meshing with the racks carried by said frame, and means carried by the tube collapsing 'memberfor normally holding said rollers in movably mounted in said casing having end plates connected by guide bars and rack bars, a paste tube collapsing member slid ably mounted on said guide bars having means carried thereby for engaging the rack bars forsliding said member'on said guide bars adapted to engage and collapse a paste tube in the movement thereof.

In testimony whereof l atlix my signature.


1. A paste tube collapser including a cas- I

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U.S. Classification222/102
International ClassificationB65D35/28, B65D35/24
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