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Publication numberUS1510915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1924
Filing dateSep 28, 1922
Priority dateSep 28, 1922
Publication numberUS 1510915 A, US 1510915A, US-A-1510915, US1510915 A, US1510915A
InventorsAmlo Bartholdi
Original AssigneeAmlo Bartholdi
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Garment hanger
US 1510915 A
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UCL 7 1924. LSI'QQ'IB A. BARTHOLDI GARMENT HANGER Filed Sent. 28, 1922 lu/Wenko@ Patented @et 7, i924. i y i i .AMLO BABTHOLDI, F JERSEY ITY, ANEIN JERSEY.


Application med september 2s, 1922. serial No. 591,021.

To all whom t 'may comem.' from right tov left as indicated at 7 so that Be it known that I, AMLo BARTHOLDI, a when theslits are engaged, the holes 9, 10 subject of King of Ital residing at Jersey come into alignment. In both forms of City, in the county of udson and State of hanger shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the sides 5 New Jersey, have invented certain new and are cut away as indicated at 12 to provide 45 useful Improvements in Garment Hangers, clearance for the passage -of the trouser of which the following is a specification, legs andserve as a trouser support, but in reference being had therein to the accomthe modification'A shown in Fig. 2, the cut panying drawin l away portions such as 13, 14, instead of y invention relates to improvements in being completely cut away, are only cut clothes hangers, which may be constructed at the three sides allowing the flaps 13, 14- from one piece of cardboard, and one of to remain as a reinforcement or strengththe objects of my invention is to provide a ener, and these if desired may be glued fast practical clothes hanger' which can be conto the sides 5, 6. structed cheaply and quickly. Of course it will be understood that vari- I attain these objects by a device such as ous modifications may be made in the conis illustrated in the accompanying drawstruction and arrangement -of parts withings, in which Fig. 1 is a perspective View, out departing from the spirit of the invenand Fig. 2 is a similar view of a modii- .tion as claimed. cation thereof. I claim: 6 The card is bent at the center forming 1.. A clothes hanger formed from an inthe channel 3, and continues upward formtegral sheet of material folded back upon ing shoulders 5 and 6, and a neck portion itself, thereby pro-viding'a neck portion and 7, 8, in which holes 9 and 10 are provided supporting means forming a double thickfor hanging. Y ness of material, one of which passes The neck portion of the device shown in through the other, thereby providing an i11- Flg. 1 is provided in one side with a slit terlock. i 1l and the other side is provided with a 2. A clothes hanger formed from an intongue 7 adapted to pass through the slit as tegral sheet of material foldedback upon shown, both of the neck portions having the itself, thereby providing a neck portion and holes 9 and 10 so arranged as toI be in alignsupporting means forming a double thickment when the .neck portions are interness of material, one Aof which passes locked, thus serving as a convenient means through Athe other, thereby providing an infor suspending the hanger. In the modifiterlock, and in combination therewith a are slit half way transversely in opposite viding a trouser hanger. directions, that is to say, the neck 8 ofthe. In testimony whereof I hereunto aflix my shoulder portion 5 is slit from left to ri ht` signature. half way as indicated at 8', and the nec 7q l of the shoulder portion 6 .is slitl halfway AMLO BARTHQLDI,

cation shownvin Fig. V2, the neck portions transverse slot through said portions p1'o4275`

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U.S. Classification223/87, 223/88, D06/328
International ClassificationA47G25/00, A47G25/36
Cooperative ClassificationA47G25/36
European ClassificationA47G25/36