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Publication numberUS1511217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1924
Filing dateNov 26, 1920
Priority dateNov 26, 1920
Publication numberUS 1511217 A, US 1511217A, US-A-1511217, US1511217 A, US1511217A
InventorsFloercky Herbert E
Original AssigneeFloercky Herbert E
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Ash receptacle and match-safe holder
US 1511217 A
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Oct; 14 1924.

H. E. FLOERCKY ASH RECEPTACLE AND MATCH SAFE HOLDER Filea Nov. 26 1920 Patented Get. 14, 1924.

' urrso STATES I 1,511,217 PATENT OFFICE.



Application filed November 26, 1920. Serial Ho. 426,353.

To' all whom it may concern:

Belt'known that I, HERBERT E. FLonRoKY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the State of Illinois, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Ash Receptacles and Match-Safe Holders, of which the following is a full, clear, concise, and exact description, reference being had to the accompan ing drawing, forming a part of this specifihation.

This invention relates to supports, and more particularly to an improved type of match safe and ash receptacle combined.

The primary aim of this invention is to provide a device of this character which is neat and compact and which may be readily and conveniently moved from place to vplace, and firmly retained in the position for use.

My invention as described hereinafter is particularly ada ted for use either on an automobile or to e attached to an article of furniture in the home or oifice. A detachable ash receptacle is associated with the device and the device itself is formed to support a box of matches with the ash receptacle.

In the preferred embodiment of the invention, the same consists of a single blank of sheet metal shaped to form a gripping jaw to hold a matchbox of. the ordinary type containing safety matches or others.-

The blank of metal is bent to form a supporting jaw which is adapted to engage over the arm of a chair, the end rail of a piano, or the side of a motor car as will be pointed out hereinafter. The ripping jaw for holding the match box 1s provided with a pair of friction grip members for engaging a suitable ash receptacle. This jaw 1s also provided with means for gripping and.

olding a cigarette or cigar.

Other objects and features of my invention will appear from the following detailed description and the claims, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure'l is a perspective view of the device of my invention, showing one use of the same;

Figure 2 is a plan of the blank from which the device is constructed, and

Figure 3 is a bottom plan.

Referring specifically to the drawing,

I wherein similar characters of reference designate similar arts throughout the various views, 10 esignates the support, such The ash receptacle may as the arm of a chair, or the door of an automobile, the device of my invention being sup orted thereon.

T e invention consists of a blank of metal 11 substantially rectangular in form and cut from 'its side edges inwardly intermediate its ends as indicated at 12 and 13. The blank is also provided adjacent one end with a pair of slots 14 and 15, one of the slots in this case, 15, being larger than the other for a purpose which will appear presently.

Referring to Figures 1 and 2, the jaw 16 which engages over the support 10 is formed by bendin the blank along the dotted lines 17 an 18 in Figure 2-. The gripping jaw 19 for receiving the match box 20 is formed by bendin the blank 11 along the lines 21 and 22. The box 20 is inserted so that the tray 20' thereof opens away from the support 10, and is. slidable endwise. This also presents one striking surface 21 of the box for use. Prior to the bending of the blank, the lugs 23 and 24 are struc from the blank along the diagonal lines 25 and 26, respectively, the free ends of the lugs 23 and 24 being bent toward each other to form lips 27 and 28, respectively, for

frictionally receiving and holding a conical cup 29, the cup 29 being provided with a flan e 30 for th s purpose.

This blank is finally bent along the lines 31 and the portion 32 of said blank beyond said line and in which the slots 14 and 15 are punched is bent upon itself as at 33 n Fi re 1. Bending the portion 32 in this fas ion forms jaws 34 and 35. out of the slots 14 and 15, res ectively. The jaws 34.- and 35 are provide for the purpose of receiving a cigarette or ci cigarette being supports above the ash tray, so that any ashes which ma drop ofi the same while burning will fal directly into the ash receptacle.

It will be obvious that the device of my invention is readily adapted for application in various positions an to various articles. be provided only when the device is in use in a closed automobile or in the home. I desire to lay particular stress upon the sim licity of the demos and its moderate cost 0 manufacture. I do not limit myself to the details shown other than by the scope of the appended claims.


1. An articleof manufacture compmsmg ar, the cigar or tacle on the last mentioned a blank of metal bent to form oppositely disposed contiguous jaws, one of said jaws adapted to engage a support and the other to receive a match safe and having a cigar holder and means for supporting a recepjaw beneath the cigar holder. 1

2. A match safe and ash rece tacle holder, comprising oppositely dispose contiguous jaws, one of said jaws to engage a support and the other jaw to receive a match box, the second jaw having a cigar holder thereon and means on said second jaw for detachably supporting an ash receptacle.

3. A' match safe and ash receptacle holder comprising oppositely disposed contiguous jaws, one of said jaws to engage a supportand the other jaw to receive a match box,

the second jaw having a recess therein to In witness whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this 4th day of November 1920.


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