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Publication numberUS151142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1874
Publication numberUS 151142 A, US 151142A, US-A-151142, US151142 A, US151142A
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US 151142 A
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Flower-Pot Holders.

N0 l5] |42 Patented Mayl9.874.


EDWIN LYNCH, Ol" Pilll`i.\l)lil`ilflll,\, PENNSYLVANIA.


SnrcElh-aticn tunning` part ot Letters Patent No. 151,11?, dated May 19,1874; application lcd March il, 1574.

To all irl/om it. may concern:

le it` known that l, EDWIN LvNt'H, ot'

Philadelphia, lciulshvlvatnia, have invented a l'\`lo\\'crlot llolder, ot" which the iollowing is a spccilieation:

lhe object` ol.n my invention is a cheap and ornamental holder t'or ilower-pots containingV growing plants which it is desired to keep in doors, the said holderconsistingof a hase, A, a drip-cateher, i3, a sheet` metal frame, Vl), adapted tothe reception and retention otornainentcd sides l, and a top plate, l, having` a eentr.'ll opening', .1', t'or the tlower-pot, and from which the latter is suspended, as shown in the perspective view, Figure 1, and sectional elevation, Fie'. 2, ot' the accompanvingl drawing.

The base A ol' the holder ma)v he ot' wood or metal, and is provided with lect u. which raise it a short distance above the Shelf or windowlclle'e on which the holder is placed, and thus atl'ord sutlicient space for the drip-catcher 1E, which consists ot' a sheet-metal pan open at the top, and rendered detaehallle from the said hase. The body ot' the holder consists ol an open sheet-metal frame, l), similar to that ot' a lantern, and furnished with internal projections I, to which the ornamimted sides ll are attached, the latter consisting in the present instance ot' transparent glass plates fl, hacked by paper pictures c. which are covered at the hack and protected from the etl'eets ot' dampness by tin-toiljl A pleasing' et'ect` can thus he produced at a comparatively small cost; hut the ornamented Sides can he otherwise constructed, it' desired. The top plate F ot' the holder ma)v he secured to or simply rest upon the frame if). it has a` een tral tlanged opening, .1', ot' a` proper size for receiving' the tlowerpot, which is simply lowered through the said opening until it is Suspended from the plate l hy its bead i, as shown in the drawing.

\\'hile the holder, constructed as above described, is cheap and highl)v ornamental, it is as strongY and durable as the more expensive holders ot' the Ordinar)Y construction.

l claim as my invention- A llower-pot holder iu which are combined a base, A, a drip-eatehcr, ll, a sheet-metal trame, l), adapted to the reception and retention oi' ornameutcd sides l), and a top plate, F, having' a central opening, .1', t'or the ilowerpot, and t'roln which the latter is suspended, all as set t'orth.

1n testimony whereot' i have signed 1u)Y name to this specification in the presence ol' two subscribing witnesses.

\Vitnesses: EDWIN LYNCH.


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Cooperative ClassificationA01G9/02, Y10S220/09