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Publication numberUS1511594 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1924
Filing dateJun 12, 1922
Priority dateJun 12, 1922
Publication numberUS 1511594 A, US 1511594A, US-A-1511594, US1511594 A, US1511594A
InventorsLamar Rudolph E De
Original AssigneeAlbert Fries
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Lighting fixture and outlet receptacle
US 1511594 A
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R. E. DE LAMAR LIGHTING FIXTURE AND OUTLET RECEP'IACLE Filed June l2 I922 3 Sheets-Sheet l 1! 11v VENTOR l I M A TORNEY R. E. DE LAMAR LIGHTING FIXTURE AND OUTLET RECEPTACLE Filed June 12, [922 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 ...!l a A Y IN V EN TOR K fleL amar ATTORNEY Oct. 14 1924.

R. E.. DE LAMAR LIGHTING FIXTURE AND OUTLET RECEPTACLE Filed June 12 I922 3 Sheets-Sheet 3 Rudolph E. j i zfimr- ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 14, 1924.




Application filed June 12, 1922. Serial No. 567,602.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, RUDOLPH E. DE LA- MAR, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have. invented certain new and useful Improvements in Lighting Fixtures and Outlet Receptacles, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to lighting fixtures and especially to electric lighting wall fixtur'es. ;More particularly the invention relates to lighting fixtures having an imp'rdved outlet receptacle for supplying current to'lighting fixtures or electrical appliances and for holding the fixture in detachable position on a wall.

( Primarily the object of my invention is to produce combined improvements in electric light fixtures and wall plug receptacles or walloutlets to theend that the said current supply,outlet"may be utilized either for the purpose of supplying current to lighting fixtures or'to electric appliances such as sad irons, "vacuum cleaners, or other appliances of like nature and use.

Furthermore, it is an object of this invention to produce improved electric lighting fixtures having facilities for adapting the said current supply outlet to support and hold electric'light fixtures of various types, and especially to removably support lighting fixtures of present-day use, in order that the 'said fixture may be removed from the 'wall for the purpose of making available a current supply so that the plug and wiring connection of electrical appliances may be plugged in to supply current to said appliances during the'time the illuminating fixture is not in use.

An additional object of the invention is to produce an improved removable mounting device or hanger, thereby rendering the said fixture easily removable from the wall and the current supply outlet; and in addition thereto it is an object to produce a novel adaptor which is utilized for the purpose of enlarging the range in use of this invention, whereby old, lighting fixtures are readily made to demountably connect with the current supply outlet forming a part of my invention.

The accompanying drawings illustrate an embodiment of my invention, and though there is shown a preferred form of construction, I claim the right to all changes obviously coming within the scope of this invention.

Figure 1 illustrates a side elevation of the improved lighting fixture, in combination with the wall outlet box; and Figure 2 is a similar view thereof except that the said lighting fixture is shown removed from the outlet box and having its electrical connection similarly removed rendering available the said outlet or receptacle for plug and wiring connection with other electrical appliances. I i

Figure 3 illustrates a partial sectional view of the outlet box and plug receptacle shown in Figure 2; and Figure 4 illustrates a fragmentary view of the lighting fixture shown in Figure 2, the said fixture having its ornamental canopy shown in section and being spaced from Figure 3, illustrative of, the manner in which said lighting fixture. is made ready for both mechanical and electri cal connection with the wall outlet and current supply receptacle. .H j Figure 5 illustrates a rear perspective fragmentary view of the improved lighting fixture forming a part of this invention and particularly illustrates an improved, bridge mounting device whereby the said lighting fixture is detachably held on to the wall outlet box, and this view is further explained as having been developed on the line 5-5 of Figure 4. v

Figures 6, 7 and 8 illustrate acluster view of parts shown in perspective comprising important features of my invention, the first view illustrating the improved cover plate adapted to be fitted over the wall outlet box and showing an extruded collar or reinforcement ring utilized as means for establishing mechanical connection with the wall fixture. The next view, Figure 7, shows an-adaptor which engages the collar or ring on the cover plate and is provided with means to engage or hold either the improved lighting fixture shown as a part of my invention or old type lighting fixture now in use; and the last figure of this series illustrates a front fragmentary view of an old wall lighting fixture which, by the use of the aforesaid adaptor, is converted to use in connection with the improved wall outlet current supply device.

Figure 9 illustrates a side view with parts in section of an old style lighting fixture supported on the improved current supply outlet box by the use of the adaptor; and this view illustrates the parts shown in Figures 6, and 8 as being brought together in assembled relation.

Figure 10 illustrates a front view of my improved'plug receptacle mounted in an ordinary outlet box within the wall of a standing structure and the cover plate is partly broken away.

Figure 11 is a view similar to Figure 10 except that it is shown as taken on the line 1.1-11 of Figure 3 to illustrate the internal construction of the reinforcement collar or extruded ring of the cover plate in combination with; the improved structure of the plug receptacle. 7

Wall lighting fixtures and improved current supply outlets constructed in accordmice with the plans of my invention make use of'outlet boxes of standard construction.

An improved form of plug receptacle is mounted in the outlet box and a cover plate encloses the receptacle,.thereby covering the box andproviding a neat wall finish, leavin'gexposed however, the said receptacle for establishing push plug electrical connection either lighting fixtures or domestic electrical appliances. -An improved lighting fixture is constructed foruse in connection with this wall outlet; but where it is desired to utilize the old lighting fixture now in use, I provide an adaptor which converts the old lighting fixture to be used inconnection with j'impr'oved' wall outlet current supply phig' rceptacle' w Othei novelpointsof construction and use will be observed in the following description, and though some parts hereof are old in the art, a description and illustration of the same is necessary for thepurpose of clearly illustrating the novel features of my invention.

Referring now more particularly to the drawingsfo'r 'a further description of the invention there is shown an outlet box 15 of 'brdinary standardconstruction and my improved push plug receptacle 16 is secured 'in"th is-outlet box by any approved means,

such by s'(";reyv1 fastening the ears 17 on to the box ends 18 whereby the'plug recep- 'tacle 16is securely anchored in the outlet box, which box in turn is fastened in the wall of the l'imildin'g. Conduits lead in the current supply main 19 and the outlet receptacle 16. is"included in series with said circuit wire 19 by attaching-the said wire to the screws 20. The push plug receptacle 16 is "provided with a boss 21 projecting from the outlet box 15 and slotted openings or receptacles 22 are formed'in the boss extending back into the receptacle 16 for the purpose of receiving the contact blades of various types of push plug caps now on the market. This boss 21 is formed integral with the body of the receptacle16 and the said boss is provided with oppositely disposed side slotsor grooves 12 and a top slot or groove 13. It will be observed that the design and shape of the slotted openings 22 are such that the parallel blades or the tandem blades of a push plug cap may be received into the said receptacle 16 whereby this receptacle is made universal in use for the reception of the standard types of push plug and wiring attachments. It will be understood, however, that the plug receptacle 16 may be manufactured with any suitably shaped and designed slot receptacles 22. but for the purpose of this illustration the said receptacle slots 22 are preferably shown in the form of an obtuse angle which makes for simplicity and economy in manufacturing the device.

A cover plate 25 is p-r tra-l opening bounded by a ring'26 assumingthe form of a collar: or reinforcement ring which is extruded or pressed out from ovide-d with a cellthe surface of the plate 25 during a manufacturing or punching process at the time the said plate "25 is formed. This. reinforcement collar or ring 26 is provided with oppositely disposed slotted openings 27am; an

upper slot 28: The-said slots 27- a'relconn'ected through the cylindrical Wall of the ring 26 thus forming openings throughv the wall surface of the ring toward the large central opening in the. plate 25v and the front face of the said plate 25 forms the inner Wall: of the said slotted openings 27 and- 28. jAs later observed, these slotted openings and collar afford means for holding a lighting fixture in removable position, and the large central opening within the ring a-fi'ords means for rendering available a plugin electrical connection established. between the current supply outlet receptacle and the said lighting fixture or electricalappliance. -T=his cover plate. 25 is awembled. with the plug receptacle boss 21 confined .inthe ring collar 26, and the said plate is screw -fastened to the outlet box or plug receptacle 16 in any approved manner, as b screws ordinarily used and as illustrated. The slotted openings 27 and 28 formed in the reinforcement ring collar 26 register .or match up with the grooves'12 and. 13 moldedand provided-in. the boss 21 of the receptacle; and

in'the manufacture of the said plug recep tacle 16 it is desirable to form the said grooves-'12 substantially widerthan the dimension of the openings 27 and 28 in the ring in order-that the light fixture and the adaptor bridge as later describedrmay properly engage and fit the said collar 26 without contact with and imposing weigh-t'upon said molded insulating material of the plug receptacle 16-21.

A description will now be given of an improved lighting fixture comprising a part of my invention and the same is illustrated in Figures 2, 4 and 5 which show a fixture comprising an ornamental bulb supporting arm 31 having any suitable type of switch, such as a pull chain 32. The said fixture is further provided with? an ornamental cover canopy 33, which is common to wall fixtures now on the market. Furthermore, a wiring attachment comprising a push plug 34 with flexible wire connection 35 is carried by the lighting fixture and contained within the cover canopy The wire 35 transmits current from the push plug 34 to the light bulb and is of suflicient length and flexibility as to render convenient a plug-in or push connection with the wall receptacle whil the lighting fixture is held sufiiciently far from the, wall as to permit the said plug 34 to into the plug receptacle 16-21 and, immediately thereafter said lighting fixture is quickly attached to the base plate or cover plate 25.

In order to carry out the foregoing purpose there is provided an improved bridge or adaptor consisting of a bar 38 having its ends aimhored to the periphery of the canopy 33. Thesaid bar 38 is made in the form ofa yoke or is bifurcated with parallel legs-or projections 39 made integral with the bar. The upper portion, of the bifurcated bar or, yoke 39 is formed on an arc substantially equal t0 the outer circumference of the ring26 on the'oover plate. A lug or boss 40 projects from the center of the yoke and is of such appropriate size as to closely fit into theopening 28 in the collar 26. The bridge or bar 38 is-made with a. hook or upstanding member 41 slightly offset from the plane of said, bar 38 and this 'part 41 is adapted to receive and securely hold a lighting fixture as later described. The construction of the yoke 39 with the central lug 40 is' such that the said bridge closely fits and engages the collar 26 with the yoke or leg parts 39 resting within the slotted openings 28 and with the lug 4O resting in the opening 28 to center the fixture in proper position establishing a securely removable mechanical connection between the wall outlet receptacle 16 and the lighting fixture. Figure 1 shows in dotted lines the bridge 38 as engaging the ring 26 and in Figures 3 and 4 the same structure is shown except the said bridg with its fixture has been removed from the outlet box and plug receptacle.

In building construction and electrical installation it often occurs that an old light.-

ing fixture may necessarily have to be used in connection with my improved current outlet supply device, and to this end I provide the loose or free adaptor shown in Figure 7 for the purpose of converting the old style lamp fixture shown in Figure 8 to removable use with the improved current outlet wall device, This adaptor bridge is identical in structure with the said yoke bridge 3839 shown in Figure 5, except that its bar 38 has been broken off or shortened on the ends to relieve the adaptor of superfluous stock. One type of lighting fixture largely in use is madeas shown in Figure 8 having a canopy 45 with an anchor bar or bridge 46 disposed across'the canopy opening and said bar is shown madewi'th'a pressed-in offset centering portion 47, and where it is desirable to use the old fixture upon the improved current supply outlet device, the adaptor bridge is thrust into position upon the collar 26 with the yoke'39 engaging the slotted collar, thereby forming a substantially mechanical connection-between the plate 25' and theadaptorbridge38'. The old style lighting fixture 45 is; next thrust into position with the hook 4t oithe adaptor engaging the pressed-in centering portion 47 of the bar 46, wherebyisecure mechanical connection is established between the old style fixture 4-5 an'd the cover plate25.

It is to be appreciated that many o'ldtypes of wall lighting fixtures now in use may readily be converted to use withthis'improved wall receptacle "by securing either type of bridge 38 or 46 to the"back' inner face of the canopy, thereby making the old style lighting-fixture removable froin the wall, rendering available 'thecurrent outlet supply devicefor use in conneotion-with '10 clcct-rica-l appliances.

By employing this improved current supply outletdevice in building construction and electrical installation work itis possible to decrease the number of wall outlets used in building construction becauseheretofiore a sufficient number of outlets were -'I18(59S- sarily installed to supply lighting fixtures and to supply current to electrical: appliances. It is possible in the use of my: improvements to remove the said lighting fixture 31 when not in use and establish a plug-in connection, as shown in Figure 2, for electrical appliances, and in this figure there is shown a push plug wiring attachment comprising a flexible wire cord 49 and push plug cap 50 which supplies current to such electrical appliances as vacuum cleaners, toasters or other household electrical appliances.

My invention comprises the several improvements in detail design and construction and particularly the bridge embodiment shown in Figure 7. Another feature of this invention resides in the separate mechanical and electrical connection, for it is observed that the wiring push plug attachment 3435 establishes positive electrical connection between the current supply device and lighting fixture, after which the bridge 38 is not, have the groove structure l2 and ,therefore'it would avail imitators little inthe way of constructing my improvedcover plate 25 foruse in connectionwithpther old style pushtplug receptacles. ,What I-,clai1njis:.,@ i

-. i1;- Improvements in lighting. fixtures and appliance connections comprising, an outlet box [plug receptacle to receive push plug and wiring connections forelectrical appliances, a,lighting fixture supported upon the outlet and adapted to be removed when the aforesaid appliance wire connection :is in use, a-collar with a slot formed around the receptacle, a bridge yoke fixedto the lighting fixtureto engage the collar, and a centering lugi-made in ,the yoke to engage. the collar.. V v w'i2filmpro've-ments in lighting fixtures and current supply outlet apparatus comprising in combination, a plug .-receptacle, a boss on the receptacle and said boss having slotsya cover plate having an extruded'collar providing an opening for the reception of the boss of the receptacle, said collar having 'slots which register with the slots of the boss, a lighting fixture, a bar made'on the lighting fixture, a, free bridge yoke to engage the slotted boss and collar, a hook on the bridge to support the fixture, and a push plug wiring. attachment to establish elec- -colla.r formed on the cover plate a I .overthe boss, a lighting fixture, a ba carried trical connection between the receptacle and lighting fixture. i

v 3. Improvements in lighting fixtures and push plug wir'ing iattachment carried'by the fixture to establishi electrical connection between the receptacle'and fixture.' I

4.;Improvements in lighting fixtures and current" supply s outlet devices comprising in mb natiqn; "a P ug ec p acl 8 Plate with anopeining by which the receptacle is coveredlover'. and left accessible, ajslotted collarflmaide' a the, late, an; itda-ptdr to en; gage he o leif; bLkkotfi wa 'ap d a t re d n edt e et we 9? the gaypup h plug; ii in lt'ttas n j establish electrical" connection between the rece tacle and fixture, andacen tering'lug on the yoke, and saidl collarprovitled with Op n n wifip re he z ent fi gfl l 5. Improvements in'c' urrent js i lpply outlet ,(levices laiid lighting compris'ing in combination, a,' plug receptacle, a boss made. on the plug reoeptacle, a coverplatehaving a op h qu hJ hio1J t has bf t receptacle vis rendered accessible, slotted "d ifitt ed y efi wre i 1k d d pto 'aified by the bar removably-e'ngagingthe slotted collar, and a, push plug wiring attachment, to establish electrical connection between, the receptacle and lighting fixture.

In testimony whereof I afiix' my signature this 7th day of June, 1922, in the city, county and State of New York.


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