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Publication numberUS1512145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 21, 1924
Filing dateSep 5, 1923
Priority dateSep 5, 1923
Publication numberUS 1512145 A, US 1512145A, US-A-1512145, US1512145 A, US1512145A
InventorsWilhelm Starck August
Original AssigneeWilhelm Starck August
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Stretching device for saddles for cycles and the like
US 1512145 A
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Oct. 21 1924. 1,512,145

A. W. STARCK STRETCHING DEVICE FOR SADDLES FOR CYCLES AND THE LIKE Filed Sept. 5. 1923 12 Z" w my I I jl lll l l I I i j k/BM, 'h MW Patented Get. 21, 1924.



Application filed September T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1. AUGUST NILHELM STARGK. subject of the King of Sweden, residing at Skovde. Sweden. have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Stretching Devices for Saddles for Cycles and the like; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full. clear, and exact description of the invention. such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

The present invention refers to stretching devices for saddles for bicycles. motorcycles and the like. in which the tension in the leather seat itself is obtained by means of screws which are combined with the nose piece and the back plate of the saddle and which parts carry the front part and the rear part of the leather seat, in such a way that the distance between the nose piece and the back plate can be adjusted by means of said screws and thus the leather seat become stretched. The invention has for its object the provision of a device of this type which is simple to produce and easy to adjust and also prevents the back plate from being out of its normal position through the influence of the weight of thecyclist.

For the illustration of the invention the accompanying drawing shows by way of example one embodiment thereof.

Fig. 1 shows a saddle for a bi-ycle provided with a stretching device according to the present invention and seen from below.

Fig. 2 is a vertical. longitudinal section of the saddle along the line 1-1 in. Fig. 1.

1 indicates the seat leather and 2 the nose piece, which latter carries and serves as a stretcher of the front part of the seat leather, which can be constructed in any known way. 3 indicates the back plate which serves as support and stretching device for the rear part of the leather seat and, as shown in the drawing, has the same form as the rear part of the seat and therefore extends at both sides. In order to attain the proper stretching of the leather seat and adjustment of the tension a longitudinal bar 4 is arranged according to the shown embodiment, between the nose piece 2 and the back plate 3, said bar being in its front end formed with a projection 5 entering a corresponding recess in the nose piece and its opposite end having the form of a threaded 5, 1923. Serial NG. 660,997.

part 6 which passes through a corresponding hole in a stretching beam 7, the end parts of which are fastened to the back plate 3 by means of screw bolts 8 or the like. The threaded part of the bar 4; is provided with a nut 9 bearing against the anterior part of the beam 7. In order to attain an increased rigidity of the back plate and prevent its displacement out of normal position through the weight of the cyclist the stretch ing beam 7 is formed with a U-shaped cross section when the bar 4 passes through it, as shown in Fig. 2, so that two spaced ears 7 and 7 are formed, each provided with a hole for receiving the end of the bar 4, while the end parts or shanks of the beam 7 can be of a flat form. By turning the nut 9 it is easily understood that a stretching of the seat can be obtained as the nut is thereby pressed against the beam 7, and the shoulder 10 formed at the projection 5 of the front part of the bar 4: is pressed against the nose piece 2. By combining the stretching beam 7 with the back plate and providing same with the two cars 7 and 7 through which the bar 4 passes, the important advantage is gained, as stated above, that the back plate which during the ride is exposed to great twisting stresses is prevented from being displaced out of normal position whereby the saddle or leather seat is kept in its proper place. If some little twisting or yielding of the back plate nevertheless takes place. this will be limited by the bearing down of the edges 12 of the back plate against the shanks of the stretching beam. It will also be easily understood that by turning the nut 9 in one direction or the other an adjustment of the tension can easily be obtained. In making the middle part of the stretching beam 7 of a U-shaped section and allowing the bar 4: to pass through both the shanks or side parts of said U-shaped part the saddle by the tension is prevented from being deformed in the longitudinal direction, because the stretching device thereby obtains more rigidity. Through this stretching device the saddle will always keep its form which is not possible with stretching devices before known and the advantage of stretching devices according to my invention over those before known is of greatest importance.

As seen from the drawing the front part of the bar 4 is offset so that the projection is introduced in the nose piece as near the leather as possible." By this offset Will be gained the advantage that the pressure acts as near the leather as possible, and that the stress on the nose piece is reduced to'a minimum.

The details of the embodiment herein de scribed may be varied Without departing from the spirit of the invention.

. Havin thus described my invention I declare tiat What I claim is:

. 1. In a stretching device for saddles for bicycles,motorcycles, and the like, a fiexible seat member, a nose piece secured thereto to support the front end thereof, a back plate rigidly secured to the seat member for supporting the back thereof, a longitudinal bar extending rearward from said nose piece, a member on said back plate coacting With the longitudinal bar at spacedpoints near the rear end thereof so as to prevent the twisting of the back plate about a transverse axis, and, means on said bar for spreading said nose piece and back plate to stretch the seat member.

2. In a stretching device forsa'ddles for bicycles, motorcycles, and, the like, a flexible seat member, a nose piece secured thereto'toI supportthe front thereof, a back plate rigidly secured to the seat member for supporting the back thereof and having a member rigidly attached thereto' Which is pro vided With spaced ears, a longitudinal bar coacting With said nose piece and passing through said spaced ea'r'sso as to prevent the twisting of the back plate about a transverse aizis under the Weightof the rider, and means on said ba for spreading said nose piece and back plate'to stretch the seat.

3. In a stretching device for saddles for bicycles, motorcycles, and the like, a flexible seat member, a nose piece secured thereto to support the front thereof, a back platerigid- 1y secured to the seat member for supporting the back thereof and having a member rigidly attached thereto which is provided with spaced ears, a longitudinal bar having a pro ect1ng lug entering an opening m the nose plece, and provided at 1ts rear end with a threaded portion, said threaded portion" passing through openings in' said spaced ears, and a nut on said threaded'po'rtion cooperating with one of said ears to force apart the nose piece and-back plate so as to stretch the flexible seat member. s In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.



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