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Publication numberUS1513017 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1924
Filing dateMar 7, 1923
Priority dateMar 7, 1923
Publication numberUS 1513017 A, US 1513017A, US-A-1513017, US1513017 A, US1513017A
InventorsDonald W Thornburgh
Original AssigneeDonald W Thornburgh
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US 1513017 A
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Get. 28, I924. 1,513,017

D. W. THORNBURGH SIGNAL Filed March '7. 1923 mv NTOR %%MW/ ATTORNEY I Patented Get. 28, 1924.

lh lg.



Application filed March 7, 1923. Serial No, 223,342."

To ([1 15 whomit may] concern Be it known that I, DONALD W. THORN- BURGH, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of Huntington, in the county of Huntington and State of Indiana, have invented certain new and use ful Improvements in Signals, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements in signals especially of that class used as an indication to deliverymen of merchandise, as to the character and quantity of goods required, and for similar purposes. The object of the improvement is to provide a device of its class that may be mounted out of doors, exposed to the wind in such a manner as not to be disturbed thereby when either in or out of signaling position. Another object is to provide a group of plates that may be secured together and brought selectively and held into position for display.

These objects accomplished by the construction illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a construction embodying the invention positioned for use, a portion thereof being broken away; and

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same.

The characters appearing in the description refer to parts shown in the drawings and designated thereon by corresponding characters.

The invention comprises a series of signal placards 1, 2, 3 and 4E and a cover 5 grouped flatwise together. The placards are held pivotally at their upper ends upon an eyelet 6 that extends therethrough and which also secures the entire group of placards in a supporting member consisting of a pair of plates 7 and 8 respectively, the placards and cover being held on the eyelet between the plates. The upper ends of the plates are attached together by means of an eyelet 9 which holds said plates in close contact with each other. One of the plates 8 is composed of spring metal and when secured in 1 position by the eyelets, tends to bear against the other plate 7 in the upper portion of the member.

The several placards are of different colors and have displayed thereon legends 10-11 of varying significance. F or instance, upon the placard 2 may appear the legend lbs. Ice and may be suitably colored, and upon the placard 4: may be displayed a legend showing the numerator 25 and differently colored, etc. The cover 5 and the plate 8 may, if desired, be treated so as to present the same color effect of that part of the building upon which it is mounted so that its presence will be incon spicuous. In the drawing the device is shown secured upon a post 12 by means of two nails 13 and 14 that are driven through the corresponding eyelets 9 and 6 into the post. By coloring the cover and the sup porting member to match the color or" the post the presence of the device would not be discernable at a considerable distance. Or, the device may be mounted upon the back of the post, and thus be concealed from view.

In utilizing the device the placards are selectively turned upon the supporting eyelet and moved into horizontal position, one of the upper corners of the placard accord ingly being moved forcibly in between the plates 7 and 8 where it is frictionally held and thus sustaining the placard in position for display. By positioning the device close to the edge of the post the placards thus displayed may be viewed from either the front or the back of the post. l/Vhen not displayed the placards are concealed completely by the cover.

What I claim is 1. In a signal device of the class described, a supporting means comprising two plates one of which is flexible; a group of placards arranged in successive order one upon the other, and being positioned between said plates; an eyelet extending through the plates and placards upon which the placards are pivotally movable; and a second eyelet securing said plates together at a point spaced apart from the other eyelet so that said placards may be severally turned to horizontal position and sustained in said position by frictional engagement between said plates apart from the other placards.

2. In a device of the class described, a group of placards and a supporting means pivotally connected with the placards, said supporting means consisting of two plates having close contact with each other at their upper ends and between which the placards are secured at the lower ends of said plates, said plates being adapted to en gage and frictionally hold the placards when moved into position for display.

3, In a device of the class described, a

supporting means comprising two plates; between said plates when moved into posian eyelet connecting said plates together at tion for display. 7 1 their upper ends; a group of placards posi- In testimony whereof I afiix my signature tioned between said plates at the lower ends in presence of two witnesses.

thereof; and an eyelet extending through DONALD W. THORNBURGH.

said plates and placards affording pivotal Witnesses: support for the latter, said placards being MATILDA METTLER, adapted to be frictionally engaged and held l/VALTER G. BURNS.

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U.S. Classification40/492, 40/5
International ClassificationG09F7/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/00
European ClassificationG09F7/00