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Publication numberUS1513521 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1924
Filing dateJan 20, 1923
Priority dateJan 20, 1923
Publication numberUS 1513521 A, US 1513521A, US-A-1513521, US1513521 A, US1513521A
InventorsGregor Robertson
Original AssigneeGregor Robertson
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Revolving illuminated pillar for advertising purposes
US 1513521 A
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1/1 l/EN TOR ai in Gama/z ROBERT-901V Get. 28 1924.


.II II! 1119 /N VEN TOR GREG OR ROBERT-I N lyl G 0 (ll Patented Oct. 28, 1924.


Application filed January 20, 1923.

lar which may be either revolving or sta- 'tionary, an outer revolving pillar, a revolving cover, and in some. cases acentral stationary pipe secured to and rising from the base.

In order that my invention may be more clearly understood I will describe the same with reference to the accompanying drawings in which Fig. 1 is an outside view of a pillar coni- 3 plete.

Fig. 2 is av central vertical section of same on line CD of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section on line AB of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a horizontal section on line EF of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is a central vertical section upon an enlarged scale of the lower part of a pillar.

Fig. 6 is a. horizontal sectional view showing parts of the lower portion of a pillar.

And Fig. 7 is a detail view showing portion of two of the panels disconnected.

I will first describe the base. This may be of any suitable material but preferably of iron or steel and of round, octagonal or other shape, and preferably it will be made hollow as shown. It is preferably a casting 10 as shown but may be built up of a. covering of light material such as sheet metal upon aframework of steel or iron stays or ribs of strength to .carry the weight of the inner and outer pillars.

When the base is made hollow to hold a motor 11 or other means to revolve the outer or the outer and inner pillars a section 10 of the base as indicated in Fig. 1 will be removable to open and allow of the adjustment of the motor and gearing. A look will be provided for such section.

Underground pipes can be passed through Serial No. 613,97

or under the base to allow of the introduc justable grips 13 which will engage a flange around the bottom of the outer pillar and will prevent the outer pillar being lifted or pushed off the base. The base will also have an inner circular channel 1 -1 or rail to take ball bearings or wheels to carry the inner pillar when thatalso revolves.

Holes 15 are formed in the base adjacent to the outer circular rail or channel to receive a drop bolt 37 (Fig. 1) or bolts to prevent, when required, the outer pillar from revolving. Cally for an inch or so then curve outwards through the base in order to prevent them being filled up with dust and dirt. 1

One or more friction plates may be laid on the base to connectwith friction plates on the bottom of the inner and outer pillars to convey current for electric light or wiring and lamps, and a switch to turn off or on such light may be installed in the base. Referring now to the inner pillar.v

This can be made stationary or to .re

volve upon the base 10. In the drawings I have shown it adapted to revolve.

It may be made of steel or other metal, glass either ordinary plate or unbreakable, netting, perforated or other material or a combination of two or more of these mate rials. It is preferably cylindrical, and may be made to display advertisements.

When made to revolve it will have a framework composed of av horizontal circular ring 17 at the bottom and a horizontal circular ring 18 at the top connected to gether by four vertical bars 19 the ends of These holes 15 go down vertiwhich are bent inwardly and securely fastened to the rings 17 and-18.

The bottomring 17 will have a'channel or rail on its underside .to rest on ball bear: ings or wheels laid in or on the channel orv rail 14: on the base as before described. The top ring 18 has an upturned flange 20 encircling the central pipe to hold it securely in place when revolving.

sections of material 21 preferably curved so The advertisements are displayed upon.

that together they form a circle such sections being removably attached by means of bolts to the framework. above described. The sections 21 will in this manner be removable for alteration and replacement by others. The aforesaid drops bolts 87 are provided on the outer pillar to be inserted into holes 15 in the base to prevent the pillar moving while the sections of the inner pillar are opened for adjustment of lamps or advertisementsor while other work is being done and to prevent accidents.

The inner pillar is caused to revolve by friction drive from the motor 11, the drive being-applied 'to'a sloping flange 22 securely attached tothe framework of the pillar.

The inner pillar may display advertise ments painted or printed on transparent materials, or the advertisements may be displayed by means of perforated material. The advantage of glass or other transparent material is that an electric or other light can be installed inside of it, which will illuminate the advertisements both of the inner and of the'outer pillars.

It is to-be understood from the foregoing that-both pillars carry advertising panels;

The problem of making both sets of advertisements readable is met in this way 'When' the outer pillar advertisements are painted or printed on transparent material suiiiciently large and suitably positioned clear spaces will be left between such outer advertis'em'ents to permit the advertisements upon the inner pillar to be easily read.

Referring now to the centre pipes.

Nhen the inner pillar is hollow as shown in thedrawings ll provide a centre pipe or pipes, inner 25 and outer 26, centrally within the inner pillar and secured to and rising from thebase 10.

This outer pipe 26 can be riveted, bolted or screwed to the top of the base 10, such pipe having upper and lower flanges 27 and 28 whereby its bottom is attached to the base aiidits top assists to support the inner andouter pillars.

lVhen"electriccurrent for motor power and ligh-tingis required the inner pipe 25 will carry the supply wires and preferably will be insulated from the outer pipe byan india-rubber or other'insulation.

F or illumination of the advertisements l nrefer electric light tubes 29 to the usual lamps, such tubes being attached to the pipe 26 as shown or to the inner pillar. These tubes or lamps may be of one color as show ing' a white light or there may be separate tubes or lamps showing separate colors of red,blue, green or other colors, or one tube may show several colors.

leferring now to the outer pillar.

This can be made of similar materials to the inner pillar and of any desired shape as described for the inner pillar but it must be able to rotate around the inner pillar. It has a circular bottom ring 31 at the bottom supported on the base by means of the ball hearings or wheels on the outer circular channel or rail.

It can be built in the one piece to be lifted up and be placed around the inner pillar or it may be built as shown of panels 39 hinged together vertically to surround the inner pillar and adapted to be opened out or closed in as desired. This is done by having eyes it on each panel through which an interlocking rod ll will be inserted to join and hinge them together.

Taking an octagonal outer pillar as illustrated in the drawings. There are eight vertical frames or panels of channel iron or other material, the channel facing inward, to take removable frames which hold the glass or other transparent matter 42 upon which the advertisements are displayed. Upon the outside or back of the vertical channel iron bars of each outer frame or panel are formed two or more vertical eyes lt: spaced alternately so that the eyes of the one pan-l fit between the eyes of the next panel so that when vertical rods 41 are inserted through the eyes and through the bottom ring 31. and top ring 32 the panels are all securely locked together. A single one or several removable frames may be titted into each of the main panels. Or the or other transparent material bearing the advertisements may be titted directly into the channels of the panels. The advertisements may be on glass, perforated metal sheets, netting or other transparent matter.

lnstead of being of octagonal shape the pillar may be of circular shape to take up less space on a footpath or elsewhere.

To maintain the outer pillar upright it is titted at the top with several arms attached to the top ring 32 projecting horizontally and inwardly and each having a wheel 3a to travel horizontally on a circular rail formed by the outer edge of the top ring of the inner pillar. These arms will be telescopic or removable and adjustable to allot." of tightening up to fit to the ring of the inner pillar. Further by suitably adjusting the ar ns and tightening the wheels they may be tde to lock the outer pillar to the inner pillar so that the inner pillarwill revolve in conjunctionwith the outer pillar. The outer pillar as well as the inner pillar is adapted to be operated by frictiondrive from the motor 11 situated within the base 10, the drive being through annular flanges or plates 35 and 22 respectively.

lf the motor is driven by electric currentmcans may be provided to' switch on and oft such current by the insertion of a key through a role in the pillar.

Uutside of the panels 39 andadjacent to rising from the base.

their hinge connections are placed pipes 36 secured in the top ring 32 and bottom ring 31. These outer pipes 36 are for several purposes; as a guard to protect the glass to some extent, to be used as a hand grip to turn the outer pillar around by hand to limit the movement of the panels when opening out of the frame, and to hold up the cover or lid of the whole framework. These pipes 36 will be removable to allow of repairs after accident and replacement by other tubes or pipes.

When lamps or tubes containing electric current are attached to the inner pillar or to the inside of the outer pillar friction plates will be arranged to convey the current thereto.

The cover 44 is fixed on the top plate of the outer pillar and one or more of the pipes 36 is used as a. down pipe to carry off the rain water collected in the gutter 45 of the cover.

The cover resembles an inverted basin with a. hole in the centre through which passes the central tube or tubes 25 and 26 In the centre of the cover is a ball bearing support 46 whereby the cover together with the outer pillar is supported from the. central tube as shown in Fig. 2. i To the top of the tube passing from the base through the cover is attached a large lamp 4? or several lamps of one or more colors and ha ing a special number to denote the number of each pillar for identification purposes in describing by telephone or other means, breakages, theft, fire or other accidents to a particular pillar.

Double switches may be provided so that vhen the lighting of the advertisement pillar ceases say at midnight the said lamp or lamps on top outside the pillar will continue alight till daylight-acting as an ordinary street lamp.

Transparent spaces will be provided in the outer pillar panels through which the advertisements on the inner pillar can be seen.

To make the removable advertising ma.- terial, whether of glass or other matter, waterproof each. section is bevelled horizontally to overlap the underneath section and prevent dust and rain from entering the framework. When perforated material is used, waterproof transparent and flexible material such as glazed cloth is used behind the rigid perforated material.

What I claim is- 1. A pillar for advertising purposes comprising a stationary base and a static-nary central pipe secured thereto and rising therefrom, an inner pillar supported by means of ball bearings or wheels upon the said base and guided at the top by said central pipe, and an outer pillar supported by means of ball bearings or wheels upon the said base and guided at the top by wheels engaging a. horizontal ring around the top of the inner pillar, and a cap or cover secured to the-outer pillar and supported from the central pipe by means of a. ball bearing at its centre,

to display advertisements, the bottom ring being supported upon the base of the pillar by a ball bearing or by wheels, in combination with means for rotating such outer pillar, substantially as described.

In an advertising pillar of the type described an outer pillarcomprising a circular bottom ring, a top ring, a, series of rods which connect the bottom ring and the top ring and by means of which the advertise ment panels are held in place, in combination with a cover and a series of vertical pipes external to the panels which connect the top ring and cover to the bottom ring, substantially as described. I

4. In an advertising pillar of the type described an inner pillar comprising a bottom ring and a top ring and a. number of vertical bars together forminga framework, and a number of sections removably attached to said framework and upon which advertisements may be displayed the bottom ring being supported upon ball bearings or wheels upon a stationary base and the top ring having a. central flangero-tatable about a central fixed tube, substantially as de scribed. A

5. In an advertising pillar'of the type described the combination with a stationary base of two centrally positioned stationary pipes the outer one of which is secured to the base and assist to hold upright the outer and inner revolving pillars and the inner one of which is insulated from the. outer one and serves as a conduit for Wires con veying electric current for ope-rating and lighting the pillars, substantially as de scribed.

6. An advertising device comprising a base, an outer pillar,'an inner pillar, means by which the pillars are journaled on the base independently of each other, a revoluble member mounted on the base, and means carried by each pillar engageable by said member for revolving the pillars, simultaneously, the outer and inner pillars having panels transparentin part and displaying advertisements.

'7. An advertising device comprising a base, an outer pillar, an inner pillar, means furnishing bearing supports for the pillars on the base independently of each other, means carried by the outer and inner pillars, respectively, extending toward each other, a motor, and a driving element actuated by said motor, having bearing support on the base and engaging said projecting means to revolve the pillars simultaneously but in opposite directions, the outer and inner pillars havin panels transparent in part and displaying advertisements.

8. An advertising device comprising a base, an outer pillar including a bottom ring, an inner pillar including a bottom ring, bearings in engagement with the respective bottom rings and the base by which said pillars are journaled independently, means carried by both bottom rings projecting toward each other, means car ried by the base engageable with the projecting means of the outer bottom ring to hold the outer pillar down on the base, a motor supported by the base, and an element carried by the base arranged to be driven by the motor and having engagement with both projecting means to revolve the pillars simultaneously and in opposite directions, the outer and inner pillars havingpanels transparent in part and displaying advertisements.

9. An advertising device comprising a base, an outer pillar including a bottom ring, an inner pillar including a bottom ring, bearings between the respective bottour rings and the base upon which said pillars are journaled independently, retaining means carried by the base, a flange carried by the outer ring engageable by the retaining means to hold the outer pillar down on the base, a flange carried by the inner ring, said flanges opposing each other, a motor carried by the base, and a driving element driven by the motor having engagement with said flanges to revolve both pillars simultaneously, the outer and inner pillars having panels transparent in part and displaying advertisements.

10. An advertising device comprising a hollow base, a motor housed by said base, a door through which access to the motor is had, driving means carried by the base including an element to be driven by the motor and a revoluble element situated above the base, and a pillar journaled on the base, means. including an annular flange carried by the pillar with which said revoluble element has contact to thereby turn the pillar upon operation of the motor, and advertising panels carried by said pillars.

11. An advertising device comprising a pillar having top and bottom plates, a series of pipes extendingbetween said rings adapted to support panels which displav advertisements, a base upon which said pillar is revoluble, a series of rods between said rings in radial positions withrespect to said pipes, said rods being yieldable as hand grips to turn the pillar around by hand, and a drop bolt carried by the pillar adapted to engage suitable openings in the base to hold the pillar at certain desired positions.

12. An advertising device including; a revoluble pillar carrying panels displaying advertisen'ients, a drop bolt carried thereby and adapted to be let down, and a base upon which said pillar is revoluble having holes comprising straight portions adapted to be engaged by said drop bolt and curved portions extending out through the base to prevent them being filled with foreign matter.

an advertising device comprising a stationary base, a pillar comprising-top and bottom rings, panels displaying advertisements carried by the pillars, means by which the bottom ring is journaled on thebase,

central means with which an upturned flange of the top ring has engagement to stabilize the pillar during revolution on the base, a plurality of bars connecting the top and bottom rings, sections of adver tising material applied to said bars, and means by which said sections are secured to the bars.

A. An advertising device comprising a base, an outer pillar, an inner pillar, means 1 by which said pillars are revolubly mounted on the base, said pillars carrying panels displaying advertisements and being transparent in parts, means by, which said pillars are revolved on the base, a cover carried by the outer pillar and having a central ball bearing support, a central tube, a flange by which said tube is attached to the base, and a flange at thetopofjthe tube coacting with said bearing support toassist in stabilizing the outer pillar, and means carried by the inner pillar coacting with said central tube to assist in stabilizing said inner pillar. v I p In testimony that I claimthe foregoing as my invention I have signed my name in the presence of two subscribingwitnesses this 22nd day of November 1922.


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