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Publication numberUS1513860 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1924
Filing dateDec 26, 1922
Priority dateDec 26, 1922
Publication numberUS 1513860 A, US 1513860A, US-A-1513860, US1513860 A, US1513860A
InventorsReutter Frederick
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Hinge structure
US 1513860 A
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Nov. 4, 1924. 1313,86()

F. REUTTER HINGE STRUCTURE Filed Dec. 26. 1922 ilminllluunmlml lllllllllllllllllllll ,llllullllllllllllm Patented Nov. 4, 1924,


WATERBHRY', CONNECTIGUT, ASSIGNOR TO SCOVLL MANU- racfrunrne cor/instinctif@ Wnrnnnnv, comisario-ann conroaarron or con-- NECE'CUT.

reinen. STRUCTURE.

Application filed December 26, 1922. Serial No. 609,147.

To nl f whom. it may concern Be it known that I, FREDERICK .REUT'rEn, a citizen of the United States, residing at Vaterbury, county of New Haven, `and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements vin Hinge Structures, fully described and represented :in the following specication and the accompanying drawings,` forming a part of the saine,A i'

This invention 'relates to. certain improvements in small boxes of that class corrnnQnly known .as vanity boxes or cases, and the` invention particularly relates to an improved hinge structure for. such boites. y

These vanity boxes or cases are llargely used for carrying ronge, powder and like toilet accessories, and are usually carried in a handbag, pocketbook or the like, or in 0 a pocket of some'part of the users wearing apparel.

In certaintypes of these boxes the lbox is made with a cover, .a bottom, andzan intervening partition member, thesefpar-ts being pivotally associated by ahir Ye str-uce ture. It 1s desirable in this classl bok that the hinge be formediso that 1t will be inconspicuous and will not catch on articles carried in a handbag, pocketbook, or in the pocket of the user, while at the same time being strong enough to hold the parts together and produce a firm, rigid struct-ure, not liable to injury from ordinary use.

It is the especial object of the present invention to provide an improved hinge structure in which the three parts of a three-part box may be pivotally associated on the same hinge, so as to make a simple and economical structure, and in which the hinge and its association with the parts it unites are so constructed as to be inconspicuous and not lia-ble to catch on other articles with which the box may be associated while being carried about.

With these and other objects not speciiically referred to, the invention consists in certain novel parts, arrangements and combinations, which will be described in connection with the accompanying` drawings, and the novel features thereof pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.

In these drawings- Figure 1 is a side View of a three-part box, the members of which are pivotally associated by the improved hinge, the box being shown closed.

Figure 2` isa sectional view taken on line 2 2 of Fig. l, the boxv beine'` shown open.

Figure 3 is a detail sectional view on an enlarged scale of the hinge structure, the parts being shown in closed position.

Figui-e 4t is a similar View. the section being taken on line lf-a of Fig. 1.

Figure `5 is an enlarged sectional plan view of the structureJ shown in Fig. 4, the section being taken on line 5-.5 thereof.

Figure 6 is a sectional view on yan enlarged scale the view being taken on line 6 6 of Fig. 3.

Referring .now to, these drawings; the improved box includes a cover l and a bottom 2, the cover rand bottom being provided with peripheral flanges 3, 4:. intermediate the bottom and the cover is a Vpartition member, this partition member'having a vperipheral flange 6 inset at the topy and bottoni to form a rib 7 against which the flan-ges and 4T of the cover and the bottoni abut when the box is closed.

'These parts are pivotally associated so that the bottom and cover may be swung independently of the partition member 5, or the latter may be swung either with or independently of either the cover or the bottom members, and the present invention contemplates an improved hinge construction whereby this may be effected.

While the specific character of this hinge may be somewhat varied, in constructions embodying the invention in its best form, the hinge will be of such` character that but a single pin is required to connect the parts, the three members swinging on this hinge. As illustrated, there are provided a pair of straps 8, 9. These straps have their edges slit and turned into form the knuckle loops, the strap 8 having the knuckle loops l0 and the strap 9 the knuckle loops l1, these loops interengaging and being pivotally7 associa-ted by a pin 12 driven through the loops. The center partition member 5 is pivotally associated with the top and bottom members, and in the best constructions the partition member carries a connection which rocks' on the pin between the knuckle loops before referred to.


In the particular construction illustrated, the flange 6, at the back of the box, is slit, as indicated at 14 in Figs. 5 and V6, and through this slit is passed the loop end of a loop member 15. The two ends 16, 17 of the loop member are oppositely bent and after the loop member has been positioned with the loop extending through the slit, the bent ends engage against the wall of the flange 6 on each side of the slit, as clearly shown in Fig. 6. To provide space for the pin the inside of the flange 6 is formed with inset portions 18, one of these being provided on each side of the slit and permitting the pin to pass through the loop, thereby providing a pivotal connection for the three parts on the same hinge, a neat and attractive box of simple and economical construction being provided by the improved structure.

While the invention has been shown and described in what is believed to be its best form, it will be understood that various changes and variations; may bemade in the particular structurel disclosed without departing from the invention as delined in the claims appended hereto.

What I claim is:

1. A box for toilet accessories and the like, a bottom member, a cover, and an intermediate partition, and a hinge pivotally associating these members, said hinge including a pair of straps secured respectively to the cover and the bottom, the edges of the straps being turned to form interengaging knuckle loops, a pin passing through these loops, and a loopmember carried on the partition member but independent thereof and having a loop end projecting through the partition and in line with the knuckle loops through which the pin also passes.

2. A box for toilet accessories and the like, a bottom member, a cover, and an intermediate partition having a flange, and a hinge -for pivotally associating these members,

said hinge including a pair of straps se cured respectively to the cover andthe bot-k diate partition having a flange, a hinge connecting the cover and bottom including plates formed with loops through Awhich a pin passes, a loop member connected to the llange but independent thereof and having a loop end extending beyond the flange through which the pin passes, and inset portions on the flange on each side of the loop member to permit the passage of the pin therethrough. l 4. A box for toilet accessories and the like, a bottom member, a cover, and an intermediate partition having` a flange, a hinge connecting the cover and bottom including plates having loops, a slit in the flange, a loo thrldugh the slit and oppositely turned `inner ends engaging the wall of' the flange above and below the slit, and a pin passing through the loops. Y

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set' my hand.

member having a loop and extending FREDERICK REUTTEB.

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European ClassificationA45C13/00H