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Publication numberUS1515382 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1924
Filing dateJun 18, 1923
Priority dateJun 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1515382 A, US 1515382A, US-A-1515382, US1515382 A, US1515382A
InventorsJames D Cheesman
Original AssigneeJames D Cheesman
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Roll-paper holder
US 1515382 A
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Nov. l l,l 1924.

www. J H m m j Eye/11W; v ema/zz,

Patented Nov. 11, 1924. I




Application ledJune 18, 1923.

a citizen .ofthe United States, residing at Kansas City, in the .county of Jackson and State of Missouri, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Roll-Paper Holders, of which the following is .a specification.

My invention relates to .improvements in roll paper holders.

It is particularly well .adapted for use in connection with'papler rolls, each having an axial hole adapted Lto receive in its ends conical supporting blocks carried on a supporting shaft, vsuch as rolls of waxed paper used VVfor wrapping bread.

`One of the objects of ,my invention is to provide a `holder lof the kind described which is simple, cheap to make, durable, not liable tosget `ou'tlof order., which can be easily and quickly .adjusted ,to 'fit paper rolls of different wi'dthsland with whic `the paper roll can be quickly bodily adj-usted endwise and read ily mounted in 1or removed from the place where it is to be used.

The novel features of my invention are hereinafter fully described and claimed.

In the ,accompanying drawing, which illustrates the preferred embodiment of my invention,

Fig. 1 is 4an .elevation of my improved roll paper holder land a paper roll mounted thereon and kshown in longitudinal section.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of what is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view o-n the line SW3 of Fig. 2.

Eig. 4 isasectional view on :the line 4-4 of Fig. 1.

.5 y,is an ,enlarged sectional view on the linef .of Fig. 2.

Similar reference characters designate similar ,parts in the Idifferent views.

1 designates the twoside members of the traitee .of a bread, W" aprire' .mattine t0 which 'are respectively v 1secure-d ,two Vrearwardly extending bearing Aplates 2, each of which provided in its upper edge with a U-shapednotch 3, Figs. 2 and 3. 4 designates a transverse rotary shaft, which has longitudinally adjustable thereon a member, preferably a sleeve 5, which at its outer end is provided with an annular peripheral groove, 6 Figs. 3 and 4. The adjacent end of the shaft 4 is threaded and has fitted thereon a nut 7 adapted to bear against the adjacent va threaded hole in vla-id?- .SQttsd se.

Serial No. 645,965.

end of the sleeve 5 for forcing the latter inwardly on the shaft 4. The shaft 4 and sleeve 5 are respectively rotatably ,mounted and longitudinally slidable in the notches of the plates 2, which provide supporting means for the shaft and sleeve which can be readily placed in or ylifted out off the notches.

Two roll supportinp` devices, preferably two conical blocks 8 are respectively lungitudinally adjustable on `the shaft "4 and sleeve 5 to which they may be rigidly secured by set screws 9, andthe innertapering surfaces of which are adapted to be respectively fitted in opposite ends of a paper roll 10 through which the shaft 4 extends.

Approximate adjustment of the ,blocks 8 may be had by moving them endw'ise on the shaft 4 and sleeve following which, .they may be tightened against the Ipaper roll by adjusting the nut 7. For `bodily ymoving the shaft 4 and sleeve 5 endwise to adjust the paper roll 10 endwise, suitable means provided comprising preferably an upright lever 11, the lower end portion of which is pivotedby a pin 12, disposed horizontally at right angles to the shaft 4 and mounted in a bracket 13, which issecured to the outer side of the adjacent frame member 1.

The upper end of the lever 11 is bifurcated, the arms thereof having .respectively fitted in ,them two screws 14, the inner ends of which are disposed in thegroove 6 of the sleeve 5 at diametrically opposite vsides of the sleeve.

For ,oscillating the glever 11, to vmove ythe shaft 4 and sleeve 5 longitudinally in .opposite directions, to obtain a required adjustment of the paper'roll 10, the lever 1;1 has provided in it a hole 15, in which is mounted a block 16, Figs. 4 and which at its ends is pivotally supported on two screws A17, mounted in the lever L1, at apposite ends of the hole 15.. g

vflhe block 16 has .esteadestthreush it 18 ,having at its inner ,end a kredu'ced `ded portion which .extends .thrush @11d is rotatable in an arm 19 which et'ends upwardly from the bracket 13. The inner end of the screw 18 has fitted on it a nut 20, adapted to bear against the inner side of the arm 19.

By turning' the screw 18 alternately in opposite directions, the lever 11 may be oscillated to shift the sleeve 5, shaft 4 and paper roll l0 endwise in opposite directions, for properly positioningthe paper roll.

ln the operation of the invention, the nut 7 and sleeve 5 are removed from the shaft fl- The paper roll l0 is then slipped onto the shaft, after Which the sleeve 5 is slipped onto the shaft With the blocks 8 moimted in the ends of the paper roll and held tightly therein by screiif'ing` the nut tight ly against the sleeve .T rl"he latter and the shaft 4 are then mounted in the notches 3 of the plates 2, ivith the screws l/#ldisposed in the annular groove 6. The sai-rev@y 18 is then turned so as to swing the lever ll in' a manner such that the paper roll l0 Will be adjusted to its proper operative position.

lVhen the paper roll has been all un- Wound from the bloclrs 8, the sleeve and shaft 4I may be lifted out of their bearings and a. new roll mounted in the place of the one that has been used in the manner already described.

l do not limit my invention to the strut ture shovvn and describednl as many modifications, Within the scope of the appended claims, may be made Without departing from the spirit of my invention.

What l claim is:-

l. In a roll paper holder, a rotaryY shaft. supporting means therefor, a member longitudinally adjustable on the shaft, two devices respectively secured to and rotatable With said shaft and said member and adapted to respectively engage and support the ends of a paper roll, means for adjusting one of said members toward and from each other, and means for simultaneously adjust` ing said member and said shaft longitudinally, substantially as set forth.

2. ln a roll paper holder, a rotary shaft, supporting` means therefor, a sleeve longitudinally adjustable on said shaft, tivo devices secured respectively to and rotatable ivith said shaft and sleeve, means for adjusting the sleeve longitudinally, and means for simultaneously moving the sleeve and shaft longitudinally in either direction, substantially as set forth.

ln a roll paper holder, a rotaryY shaft, supporting means therefor, a` ber longi tudinally adjustable on said. de vices respectively secured to and rotatable with said member and said shaft adapted to respectively engage and support opposite ends of a paper roll, means for adjusting said member longitudinally on said shaft,

a lever engaging said member, and arranged when oscillated to move said member longitudinally in opposite directions, and means by which said lever may be oscillated, substantially as set forth.

et. ln a roll paper holder, a rotary sha ft having` threaded portion, a nut fitted ou said threaded portion, a sleeve longitudinally movable on said shaftv andl engragine` and dapted to be moved in one direction by said nut, two devices respectively secured to and rotatable with said shaft and said sleeve and adapted to respectively engage and support opposite ends means rer adjusting said sleeve longitudin nally in opposite directions, and supporting n'ieans on which said shaft and sleeve are ro 4tatable and longitudinally slidable, substannallv movable on said shaft and bearing' against sai-d nut and provided with pe-A ripheral groove, tivo devices respectivelyv cured to and rotatable with said shaft and sleeve and adapted to respectively engage and support opposite ends of a paper roll^ supporting means on which said shaft and sleeve are rotatable and longitudinally slidable, a lever engaging said sleeve in said groove aW d arranged When oscillated to more the latter longitudinally in opposite dii-er tions.. and means includingl a screw for osi-:ile loting said lever, substantially as set forth.

lu roll paper holder, a rotary shall. havingA a threaded portion, a nut or said threaded j iortion, a sleeve longitiidinalljy adj ustable on said shaft and havingan nular peripheral groove, tivo devices resi tively secured to and rotatable with said shaft and sleeve, supporting means on which said shaft and sleeve are rotatable and loi tudinally slidable, :i lever pivoted tosain supporting means anl engaging said sleeve in aid groove and arranged When oscillated to move said sleeve endivise in opposite direc tions, a block pivoted to said lever and hav ing a threaded hole at right angles to the axis of said leve and a screv.Y litted in said hole and rotatable in and helr` from eudivso movement by said supporting means. @ulistantially as set forth. i'

ln testimony vliereof l naine to this specification.


ha v e signed o of a paper roll,l

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