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Publication numberUS1515443 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1924
Filing dateFeb 1, 1924
Priority dateFeb 1, 1924
Publication numberUS 1515443 A, US 1515443A, US-A-1515443, US1515443 A, US1515443A
InventorsJoseph M Redinger
Original AssigneeJoseph M Redinger
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Intermittently-revolving display stand
US 1515443 A
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Nw. M, 1924. 1,515,443

J. M. REDINGER `INTERMITTENTLY REVOLVING DISPLAY STAND Filed Feb. 1 1924 2 sheets-sneu 1 Nov. u i924 Y 1,515,443

J. M. REDlNGr-:R l

RMITTENTLY REVOLVING DISPLAY STAND INTE 2 Sheets-Shea'- 2 Filed Feb. 1 1924 attenua opening or window 4 in a Josera M. REDINGER,

PATENT ortica..



' Application led February l, 1924. Serial Nb. 690,045.

To all whom. t may concern.

Be it known that I, JOSEPH M. REDINGER, a citizen of the United States, residing at vro'viden'ce, in the county of Providence and State of Rhode Island, have invented new and useful Improvements in Intermittently- Revolving Display Stands, of which the following is a specication.

his invention` relates to certain new and useful improvements in intermittently revolving display stands, and the primary ob# ject of the invention is to provide novel means for effecting intermittent rotation of a drum which carries advertising matter.

A further object of the invention, is to provide a devicev of this type wherein the drum, which carries the advertising matter exposes the latter through a, window or sight opening, and also carries and displays the article to which th A still further object of the invention is to provide simple and positively operating means for effecting intermittent rotation ot the drum.

rlheV invention has still further and other objects which will be later set forth and of themselves manifested in the course of the following description.

lin the drawings:

Figure 1 is a central view of the invention;

Figure 2 is an enlarged detail view of the intermittent driving means; and

' a front elevation.

Figure V3 is` In proceeding in \accordance with the longitudinal sectional lpresent invention, a base 1 is employed upon which is secured a stationary drum or casing 2. The casing ma be of circular, oblong or other desired fydrm and preferably lhas moulding 3 at its top, and a sightside thereof.

e base 1, is provided with a boss or collar 5 in which is received the lowerend of a vertical metal sleeve 6, the latter being rigidly secured to the collar 5 by a set screw worm wheel 8 is rotatably mounted on the "sleeve 6 and seats upon the collary 5 and a worm 9 mounted on a shaft 10, thelatter journaled in a bracket 11 secured to the base 1. The shaft 10 has a worm wheel 11 fixed thereon, the latter being meshed with a worm l2 on an extension 13 of the motor spindle 14. The spindle 13 is journaled at its outer end in a bracket 15 secured to the base 1. A pawl releasing cam 16 is rigidly at'xed e advertisement relates.

to the sleever6 and as shown in Figure 2 of the drawings is formed with a highv cam face 17 and a low cam face 17a. A preferably fiber thrust washer 18 seats von the cam 16 and encircles the sleeve 6. A hub y19 is r0- bly mounted on or over the sleeve 6 and as a flanged head 20 and a cutout 21 in its lower end in which latter a ratchet wheel 22 is rigidly aixed. As shown in Figure 2 of the drawings the ratchet wheel 22 has four teeth 23, engaged by a pawl 24 the latter being secured by a studr25 to the worm wheel 8 and is tensioned by a coil spring 30. A sleeve 26 is connected to the head 20 of the hub 19 and upon which a top 27 is alixed and supported by a series of braces 28.1 A drum 29 is secured to the braces and has the advertising matter-aflixed to its periphery.

In operation, the motor M drives the worm wheel 8 and since the latter carries the pawl 24, the latter will engage the ratchet teeth 23 of the ratchet wheel 22 and rotate the latter and thereby the drum 29 until the high cam face 17 is encountered, the latter moving the efective end of the pawl out of engagement with the teeth 23 and maintaining same free of out the time the pawl face. of th a support upon which the articlesbeing advertised may be placed. en the pawl registers with the low cam face 17a, the same will be permitted to engage the ratchet teeth 23, so as to further rotate wheel 8.

Obviously, the drum, as well as the casing, mfg be of oblong, square or other shape.'

aving thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters VPatent is 1. In a rotary display stand, a base, a casing on the base having a window, a sleeve rigidly secured to the base, a worm wheel rotatable on the sleeve, means to actuate the worm wheel, a cam having a. high and a low side rigidly secured to the sleeve, a. hub rotatable on the sleeve, a ratchet wheel rigidly secured to the hub, a pawl carried by the worm wheel and en ageable with the teethto the ratchet whee w en in re 'ster with the low side of moved by the high side of of engagement with the ratchet headl on the hub,

the cam out teeth, a ian a sleeve secured to the top and to the` 111)/ ged p/ on the sleeve, a drum in the means to connect the drum to the' hub so as to rotate with the latter.

2. In a rotary display stand, a base, a cas'm on the base having a window, a rotatab e drum in the casing, a Worm wheel means to rotate the wheel, a pawl carried by the Wheel, a ratchet wheel fixed to the drum and engageable with the pawl, and a fixed cam having faces engageable with the aWl to control the engagement thereof., with the ratchet teeth so as to effect intermittent rotation of the ratchet Wheel and thereby corresponding rotation of the drum.

3. In a rotary display stand, a casing havg a window, a drum rotatable in the casing and vformed to receive advertising matter so as to expose same through the window and having a top to receive articles thereon so as to expose the latter above the top of the casingq and means to effect intermittent rotation of the drum.

4. In a rotary-display device,'a casing having a window, arotatable advertising carryhead, a top casing, and

.having a window,

mamie ing member in the casing having a top t0 receive and expose articles above the casing top and means to rotate the member. i

5. In a rotary display device, a casing having a Window, a rotatable advertising carrying member in the casing having a top to receive and expose articles above the casing top, means to rotate the member, and means to intermittently render the rotating means inoperative.

6. In a rotary display device, a casing a rotatable advertising carrying member in the casing having a top to receive and expose articles above the casing top, means to rotate the member, and cam means to render the rotating means inoperative at predetermined intervals.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribirgrwitnesses.


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