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Publication numberUS1516169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1924
Publication numberUS 1516169 A, US 1516169A, US-A-1516169, US1516169 A, US1516169A
InventorsAnd Augustus F. Harter
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US 1516169 A
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Nov. isfl924. t www@ G. D, WILKINSON ETAL vman@ CONNECTION I File@ June 12, 1924 sheets-sheet 1 Nomals, 1924.v 1,516,169 G. D. WILKINSON ET AL FLUE CONNECTION Filed June l2 1924' Y am, .IWW Inl..

lll!! Il 4 Patented Nov. 18, 1924.


Application filed .Tune 12, 1924.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, GEORGE D. VILKrNsoN and Aseos-'rcs F. l-IARTER, citizens of the United States, residing at Oak Park, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Flue Connections, of which the following` is a specification.

This invention relates particularly to a flue-device for use in connection with ranges or stoves. The in'iproved device is particularly useful in connection with gas-ranges, or combination gas-ranges and stoves.

The primary object of the invention is to provide a flue connection which will enable the outlet tlue of a stove or range to be connected with a wall-flue, regardless of whether the Hue outlet otl the stove or range registers with the wall-tlue after the stove has been set in the desired position.

The invention is illustrated in its preferred embodiment in thc accou'ipanying drawing, in which- Figure l represents a rear perspective view of the improved Hue connection, embodying the invention; Fig. 2 represents a broken vertical sectional view showing the improved device torming a connection between the outlet liuc of a gas1'ange and a wall-flue, the section being taken as indicated at line Q-Z ot Fig. 1; Fig. I5, a

horizontal sectional view taken as indicated at line 3 3 oit Fig. 1 Fig. et,

a front perspective view of the flue-connection; and Fig. 5 a perspective view of one ot the shiftable plates employed.

In the construction illustrated, A represents a gas-range; B, a wall provided with a flue, or chimney-passage, B; and C, the improved flue-connection.

The. device C preferably comprises a flat rectangular' hollow body 1 whose frontwall 2 is provided with an opening, or passage 2, and whose rear wall 3 is provided with a rectangular opening- 3a; a vertically adjustable plate t disposed bac-k of the wall 3 and provided with a rectangular passage vhla; and a horizontally movable plate or slide disposed back of the plate 4 and equipped with a central perforation 5a at the margin of which is a collar 5".

The hollow body l is in the form of a dat shallow box which is disposed in a vertical plane. This box comprises a flanged front ection 2"; and a FLUE CONNECTION.

Serial No. 719,535,

flanged rear section 3" whose bottoni affords the wall 3. The lianges of the sections are telescopically related, and the sections may be secured together in any suitable manner. The rear section 3" is provided at its lateral corners with guide flanges 6 which form, with the wall 3, guides tor the lateral edges ot the vertically adjustable plate 1.

The plate 4 is provided with horizontal flanges 4:" which form guides for the plate The plate 5 is considerably longer than the box 1, and is'provided at its ends with flanges 5.

From the description given, it will be understood that the plate 4 may be adjusted vertically, and that the plate 5 may be adjusted horizontally, to bring the collar, or pipe-connection, 5" to any desired point, for example, into registration with a pipe T extending into an opening 8 of the flue B.

As shown in Fig. l, the front wall 2 of the box 1 may be provided with perforations 9 for enabling the device to be fastened to the rear wall of a stove or range, as by means ot' stove bolts 9a. In this position, the passage 2 registers with an outlet passage, or flue, 10 ot' the stove or range. Thus, it will be seen that the smoke or vapors may pass from the oven, or other' sour-ce, and may enter the interior of the boX 1, and may pass trom the box 1 through the outlet passage to t-he wall-flue B.

From the description given, it will be understood that the outlet flue of the gasrange, or stove, may be readily connected with the wall-flue, even .though said ilues are not in registry. Ordinarily, the gasrange is placed only a few inches from the wall; and the improved device provides a ready means of connection between the flue o' the range and the wall-flue, allowing a considerable amount of latitude in locating the range in the kitchen. It will be noted that/"the desired result is obtained by the possibility of shitting the collar 5", which connects with one of the lues, in two directions, thus enabling the collar 5" to be brought into registration with such flue, while the interior space 11 of the device is in communication through the passage 2 with the other (stove) Hue. It' desired, the flue connection may be reversed, i. e. either side may be towards the stove.

The tore-going detailed description has been given for clearness of understanding only` and no unnecessary limitations should be understood therefrom, but the appended claims should be construed as broadly as permissible, in view of the prior art.

That We regard as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A device of the character set forth comprising a hollow body provided at one side with a flue passage communicating with the interior of said body, a slide movably mounted on the other side of said body and provided Wit-h a passage, and a slide movably mounted on said first-named slide and provided with a passage.

2. A device of the character set forth comprising a box-form hollow body having its sides pro ided with passages and having one of its sides equipped with vertical guides, a plate movable in said guides and having a passage therethrough, said plate being equipped with horizontal guides, and a second plate movable in said horizontal guides and provided with a flue-connection.

3. A device of the character set forth comprising a rectangular box-form member having one side-Wall provided With a passage and equipped With means for attachment to avsall and havin g its opposite Wall provided with a passage, and a pipe-connection mounted on said last-named wall, said pipe connection being adjustable both vertically and laterally.

si. A flue device comprising a rectangular box-form member having its opposite sides provided with passages, vertical guides at one ot the sides of said member, a slide mounted in said guides and provided With. an elongated horizontally disposed passage, and provided also with horizontal guides, and an elongated horizontal slide mounted in said last-named guides and equipped with a pipe connection adapted to register with said last-named passage in various positions of said slides.


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