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Publication numberUS1516796 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1924
Filing dateApr 7, 1921
Priority dateApr 7, 1921
Publication numberUS 1516796 A, US 1516796A, US-A-1516796, US1516796 A, US1516796A
InventorsSeilaz Leon A
Original AssigneeSeilaz Leon A
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Hair-dressing cap
US 1516796 A
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Nov 25, 1 4 1,516,796

- L. A. SEILAZ HAIR DRESSING CAP Filed April '7. 1921 Patented Nov. '25, 1924.


nnm-nanssme car.

Application filed -April 7,

r1 1 all whom 22, may concern:

Be it known that I, LoN A. Smmz. a

citizen of the Swiss Confederatiomresiding' at Par-adeplatz No. 2. Zurich, Switzerland, have invented new and useful IIIIIHOVQII'IQDtS in a Hair-Dressing Cap, of which the following is a description.

The present invention relates to a new and improved device for dressing the hair.

It is 'well known that the hair soon loses the position given to it and that it is not easy and often almost impossible to lay the hair of men flat on the head and keep it flat by anyof the known means.

The main object of the invention is to provide a device by means of'which the hair may be held in position and pressed against -the head with equal pressure at each spot.

The hair having been held under pressure for some time retains its assumed position after the pressure has ceased:

I attain the said object by means of a hair dressing cap which is placed on the head after the hair has been dressed. The shape and size| of the cap is such that the hair at each spot may be pressed with equal pressure on to the head and that the cap maybe opened and lifted-off the head without inters fering with the hair. The cap is held on the head by a band which is fastened to the cap and which is tightly drawn around the head passing across the flap of the cap, se-

curing the same in position. The band is fastened to opposite sides of the front portion of the cap and its ends may be provided with a buckle, hooks and eyes, pressbuttons or other fastening means. The band may be of elastic material and the cap may be made of any suitable textile material for instance tulle, netting.

In the drawing one form of construction is shown in a diagrammatical manner.

Fig. l is a side View of the cap.

Fig. 2 shows the cap applied to the head.

The hair dressing cap shown in the drawings comprises a front portion 1 adapted to be placed on the forehead. and a hind portion 2 forming a flap which falls on the neck of the wearer. On opposite sides of the front portion two .bands' 3, 4 are fastened one bem provided with a hook, and the other wit an eye 5 adapted to engage each other. On both sides of the cap and at the front portion triangular pieces are cut-off and the edges are sewn together the seams 7 being on the outside of the cap. The cap 1921, Serial No. 459,458.

is rather shallow but by puttin the front portion on the forehead and by rawing the hind portion tightly over the head and by closing the band 3, 4 the cap is held on the head in such a position that the hair is pressed against the head.

By opening the bands 3, 4 the hind portion 2 is free and the cap may be opened, the edges and all other parts may be lifted straight off the head without slipping on it leaving the hair in good order on the head. Only one band fastenedwith' its middle portion to the front part, may be used, the hook and eye may be replaced by a buckle or pressbuttons, etc. The edge of the cap on the front portion may be strengthened by folds, etc., and the seams may be plaited, etc. The cap may be made of silk tulle or any suitable fabric,-the seams are made in such a manner that they are in some measure elas tie to prevent the tearing of the fabric along the said seams.

The cap may be made to suit ladies hair dress, and provides sufficient pressure to keep the hair in place. The cap may be used as a head wear by those traveling in motor-cars,etc.

As before stated the goods of which the cap is made are resilient and theseams are elastic; This enables me to obtain the following results The wet hair is combed and is pressed tight against the head by means of the cap. The cap is pressed firmly on the head by means of the tie ribbon, so that thecap itself cannot be moved on the head. If it is desired to produce. so-called hair waves in the hair, while it is tightly pressed against the head underneath the cap, it is arranged in waves by means of the forefingers of the right and left hand, by moving the twofingers parallel to each other in opposite directions, whereby they will take along the hair. The hair will form wavesand is held in this position by the cap, which expands during the manipulation and contracts again. The hair is dried while it is underneath the cap and will then retain the wavy shape. It is evident, that this waving of the hair is only possible, when the cap itself is made from resilient material, because only then can the cap follow the short movements of the forefingers and return in its original place.

I wish to point out that various changes in shape and material maybe made.

What I wish to secure by Letters Patent nected and to pass across said flap and hold is: A I the cap tightly on the head, the said front 10 A hair dressing cap of resilient textile portion of the cap being provided with elasfabric comprising a front portion shaped to tic seams which radiate from the angles 5 fit the forehead and a rear portion forming between the front portion and the flap where aflap to cover the back of the head and the latter joins the former. neck, bands fixed to opposite sides of the In Wi ne s WhQ BOf I fiix my Signature. front portion and arranged to be intercon- LEON A. SEILAZ.

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U.S. Classification132/274, 2/207, 2/174
International ClassificationA45D8/00, A45D8/40
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European ClassificationA45D8/40