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Publication numberUS1517718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1924
Filing dateJan 9, 1924
Priority dateJan 9, 1924
Publication numberUS 1517718 A, US 1517718A, US-A-1517718, US1517718 A, US1517718A
InventorsHoward M Feldner
Original AssigneeHoward M Feldner
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Numbering system
US 1517718 A
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Dec. 1924- 1,517,718


- fi/on am/ M E/a mfl ATT RNEY.



Application filed January To all whom it may con-061m:

Be it known that l. HOWARD M. FELDNER, a citizen of the United States, and residing at Detroit. county of TVa-yne, and State of Michigan, have invented a new and Improved Numlfiering System, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to numbering systems for consecutively numbering cast products and has for its principal object to provide an inscription that cannot readily be altered so that cast products inscribed by this system may be identified by such inscription with assurance that the inscription is unchanged.

Another object of the invention is to provide an inscription that cannot be altered without such tampering being clearly evident.

A further object of this invention is to provide an. inscription that cannot be altered without irrep'arably damaging the casting tampered with.

Another object of the feature above described is to inscribe the casting at its source in such manner that the inscription cannot be inadvertently damaged.

A further object of the above feature is to provide an inscription that can be incorporated in the casting.

These and other objects will be apparent from the following description wherein reference is made to the :n'companying drawings illustrating a preferred embodiment of my invention.

In the drawings? Fig. 1 illustrates the application of this invention to the cylinder block of an engine. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the inscription.

3 is a section of the casting taken on a line thru the inscription.

Fig. 4 is a section similar to Fig. 3 but embodying an obverse and reverse inscription.

Fig. 5 illustrates a modification in which the inscription is formed on a plate which is retained in the casting.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

As shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 the casting 1 is formed with a boss, or raised portion 2 on the opposite side from the inscription 3, and a pocket or sunken portion 4 on.

Serial No. 685,122.

the inscription side. The pocket 4: may be milled in the casting but is preferably formed in the mould when the casting is made.

The legend 3 may be stamped or otherwise inscribed in the bottom of the pocket 4. and may be formed in the mould by attaching arcmovable plate to the pattern by which the mould is formed.

In Fig. 4 the legend 5 is inscribed in reverse on the opposite side of the casting, and is preferably formed with sunken nun'ierals on the reverse side and raised nrunerals on the obverse side. both inscriptions being formed in the mould as above described.

The modification illustrated in Fig. 5 incorporates the legend 3 on a plate (3 retained in the casting l by inserting the plate 6 in the mould before the casting is poured.

From the foregoing it becomes evident that the device is very simple and etlicient, cannot be tampered with and accomplishes the objects described.

While it will be apparent that the illustrated embodiment of my invention herein disclosed is well. calculated to adequately fulfill the objects and advantages primarily stated, it is to be understood that the invention is susceptible to variation, modification and change within the spirit and scope of the subjoined claims.

Having thus described my invention, I claim l. A numbering system comprising a depression below the face of a casting, a boss opposite said dc nession an inscription in obverse on the surface of the depression and in reverse on the surface of the boss.

2. A numbering: system comprising a depression below the face of a casting a boss opposite said depression, and an inscription on the surface of the depression.

3. A numbering system comprising a de pression below the face of a casting, an in scription in obverse on the surface of the depression and in reverse on the opposite surface of the casting.

In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand.


Witnesses MARGARET E. l fiUELLER,

W. L. Coon.

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U.S. Classification40/629, 40/912
International ClassificationG09F3/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S40/912, G09F3/00
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