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Publication numberUS1518824 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 9, 1924
Filing dateMar 24, 1922
Priority dateMar 24, 1922
Publication numberUS 1518824 A, US 1518824A, US-A-1518824, US1518824 A, US1518824A
InventorsSmith Margaret J
Original AssigneeSmith Margaret J
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Curtain holder and protector
US 1518824 A
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Dec. 1924- 1,518,824 M. J. SMITH 1 CURTAIN HOLDER AND PROTECTOR Filed March 24, 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 -Dec. 9, 1924.

M. J. SMITH CURTAIN HOLDER AND PROTECTOR Filed March 24, 1922 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 i l H MM i N Patented Dec. 9, 1924.



Application filed March 24, 1922. Serial No. 546,240.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MARGARET J. SMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a Curtain Holder and Protector, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a curtain holder and protector and has particular reference to a device which is easily attached to a win dow casing,'and which has for its primary object, the holding of the curtains or draperies away from the window or window screens when the windows are open if screens are in position and preventing the curtains from blowing against or otherwise coming in contact with the window or screens, or from blowing out of the window when the windows are open and no screens are used over the window openings.

,It is well known that curtains or draperies, suspended fromthe upper portion of the window casing and allowed to hang down over the windows, are easily and quickly soiled by coming in contact with the window pane, or when the windows are open, by coming in contact with the screens by being blown against the screens, the curtains or draperies are very easily soiled, and furthermore, are quickly worn by the abrading effect produced by being blown against the window screens, or when the screens are not in place, by being blown out 'of the window against the window casing or the walls of the building, as the case may be, and being also subjected to the wind and the weather elements. The result is that the curtains or draperies become easily soiled, and, therefore, must be laundered more frequently than if some means were provided to hold them in proper position before the windows to admit the proper amount of light and air and at the same time, hold the curtains or draperies out of contact with the windows and screens, thereby protecting them against wear.

These disadvantages are overcome by the use of my improved invention and in addition to this, it-has for its further object, the provision of a curtain holder which can be easily'placed in position and adjusted to hold the curtain in any desired position to admit the desired amount oflight and air so that the usual pinning, folding, or means otherwise used to hold the curtains is dispensed with, and also the constant handling: of the curtains is done away W1th as is common with curtains used in bed rooms, or the device can be easily put into inoperative position and out of the way so that the curtains are allowed to hang in front of the windows in the usual manner and the curtain holder dispensed with, if desired.

Another and further object of my invention is the provision of a curtain holder which is removably secured to the side of a window casing for use when the windows are being Washed and which holds the cur tains or draperies out of the way while the windows are being washed, and prevents the soiling of the curtains, and in this way protects the curtains while the windows are being washed.

Another and further object of my: invention is the provision of the device of the character described which is reversible, so that it can be placed on either the rightor left side of the window frame with the cur tain retaining rod positioned properly to hold the curtains out of contact with the window or back beyond the edge of the window frame as may be desired.

These and further objects of my invention will be more fully and better understood by reference to the accompanying sheets of drawings wherein- Figure 1 is a horizontal sectional View through one side of the window casing having my improved invention secured thereto;

Figure 2 is a front elevational View of the bracket shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a view partially in elevation and partially in section showing the curtain rod and bracket;

Figure 4 is a sectional view of a modified or adjustable type of bracket;

Figure 5 is a View in elevation of a window and casing showing the method of applying the bracket to the windom casing;

Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view on lines 66 of Figure l;

Figure 7 is a front elevational View of the holder shown in Figure 4.

Referring now specifically to the drawings, the wall of a building 10 is shown having a window frame 11 secured thereto with a casing member 12 secured to the frame with the usual window sash 13, held in position by means of sash strips 14 and 15 respectively A bracket 16 is provided having a base p0r tion 17 with holes 18, 18 therein, through which; screws 19 pass into the member 12,

so that the bracket 16 is securely held in position against the side of the window casing. The bracket 16 has a horizontally extending portion 20, having a plurality of recesses 21, 21 in the upper side thereof, and radiating outward like the spokes of a wheel from a vertical opening 22 in said body portion 20, through which a curtain rod 23 extends; The curtain rod 23 has its forward end 24 bent upwardly in the form of an incomplete circle so that a curtain retaining loop23 is formed thereon adapted to securely held a curtain without crushing or soiling it unduly and with its rear end 25 bent so as'to form a complete circle with the end 26- resting against the rod 23. The ho1 e'22 is flared outwardly at its bottom portion so that an annular shoulder 27'is formed against which the rear end 25 of the rod rests when it is in extended position, the rod being ful'crumed against the annular shoulder 27 on the bottom of the bracket and resting in one of the recesses 21 on the top of the bracket, depending upon in what position-it is desired to hold the curtain. The length of the rod 23 may be varied to suit diiferent conditions and also different widths of the windows, as may be desired. The rod '23, it will be noted, is held in position by gravity when in extended position and resting in one of the recesses 21 when holding the, curtain. When desired, the forward end 24 of the rod may be elevated and the rod allowed to slide through the hole 22 until the forwardend of the rod 23 hangs in a Vertical position from the bracket 16 along thefrajme 12 and out of the way, while the curtains or draperies are allowed to assume their usual positions in front of the window. W hefiitLis' desired to hold the curtains back from the window, the rod is pulled upward untilthe rear end 25 engages against the shoulder 27, and is then pulled over until the rod 23 rests in one of the recesses 21 in the" portion 20 of the bracket 16. The rod 23 may be placed in any one of the recesses 21 so that the curtain is held in different adjusted positions with respect to the window.

Referring now to Figures 4, 5, 6. and 7, wherein is shown amodified form of my invention, a bracket 28 is shown, having a horizontal portion 29 extending from the central body part 30, a second horizontal part 31, theend 32 of the portion 29 being turned at right angles thereto and adapted to engage th'side of the member 12 with a piece of bber. 61*; felt 33 interposed between the 60 ein ea 32 and the casing 12 to prevent or seraitc'hing the casing. The portioii =31'h'as its end 34 turned outward with a-screw 35 extending therethrough with a 'lfeldhgifi" on'lth end of the screw 50 that the Bracket 28- bec-lamped' into position upon the side of the window casing at any posit-ion desired and easily removed therefrom, this form being particularly adapted for use in washing windows and the like, where it is' desired to'remove the bracket and carry it from place to place so that it can be attached to the window frame and the draperies held out of contact with the windows as may be desired. The bracket 23 has verticallyextending portions 37 and 38 adapted to re'st against the window casing 12 so the bracket 28 is prevented from turning. The central portion 30 has a plurality of recesses 39 in its upper face with a plurality of oppositely disposed recesses 40 in its lower face witha rod 41 having a curved forward end 42 and a. curved rear end 43 extending through a hole 44 in the central portion 38 of the bracket in the same manner as heretofore described. The bracket 28 is therefore reversible and can be applied to either the right or the left side of the window casing with the rod 41 positioned in the recesses 39 or the bracket may be put upon the windowcasing in an up-side-down position from that shown in Figure 7 in which case the'rod 41 is removed from the bracket and threaded through the hole 44 in the opposite direction, and the rod 41 will then be positioned in the recesses 40, 40.

In the operation of the device, the bracket 17 is permanently secured to; the window casing 12 and the rod 23 threaded through the opening 22 in the bracket 20 and extends outward therefrom so the end 25 of the curtain retaining rod rests against the annula shoulder 27 and the curtain retaining rod rests in either of the recesses desired to properly hold the curtains ordrap'eries' which are placed behind the rod and are held in any adjustedposition desired, the. forward circular end 23 of the rod preventing the curta'ins from sliding over the end of the rod,

and also allowing the rod to hang from the bracket alongside the window casing and out of the way. In the modified form the device is adapted to be adjustably securedto a window casing with the rod 41 capable of being adjusted to any desired position in the same manner as with the permanently secured bracket described above.

While I have described more or less precisely the details! of construction, I do not wish to be understood as limiting myself thereto, as I contemplate changes inform and the proportion of parts and the substitution of equivalents as circumstances may suggest or render expedient without departing from the spirit or scope of invention. I claim: 1. A. curtain holdingdevice comprisi-iigi-n combination a bracket having an enlarged central portion with a hole extending therethrough, means for securing the bracket to a window casing, a curtain retaining rod mounted in said bracket and extending through the said hole, the said rod having an enlargement at its rear end adapted to engage with the under-side of said bracket when in a horizontal position and an en largement at its forward end adapted to retain a curtain when in a horizontal position and to retain said rod in a vertical position when the rod is in an inoperative position.

2. A curtain holding device comprising in combination a bracket having an enlarged central portion with a hole extending therethrough, means for securing the bracket to a window casing, a curtain retaining rod mounted in said bracket and extending the other loop forming curtain retaining 2 means when said rod is in a horizontal position, and retaining means for said rod in a vertical poslition when the said rod is held in inoperative position.

Signed at Chicago, Illinois, this 21st day 25 of March, 1922.


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