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Publication numberUS1519736 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1924
Filing dateJun 14, 1924
Priority dateJun 14, 1924
Publication numberUS 1519736 A, US 1519736A, US-A-1519736, US1519736 A, US1519736A
InventorsLewis Charles Wesley
Original AssigneeLewis Charles Wesley
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Compensating grab plate
US 1519736 A
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Dec. 16, 1924. 1,519,736 C. W. LEWIS couPENsATlNG @111113 PLATE Filed' June 14 1924 Patented Dec. i6, i924.


Application filed June 14, 19534.

To all lw/"io'm it may concern.'

Be it lrnown that l, CHARLES lV. linwis7 a citizen of the United States, residing at ldortsmouth, in the county of Rockingham and State of New Hampshire, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Compensating Grab Plates, of which the following` is a specification.

rlhis invention appertains to tie handling machines and is an improvement of my Patent No. 1,488,2i0 issued to me March 2G, iQQ, and the primary object of the invention is to provide means for permitting the tie handling machine to efectively handle and engage ties of different lengths and more effectively preventing tie slipping of the ties during the hoisting` and lowering thereof.

further object of the invention is to provide a novel grab plate carried by i grab arms of the tie-handling machine? plate having` slidably connected therewith spring pressed tie engaging cupsy the cups being slidably associated with the grab plate, whereby a piurality of ties of different lengths can be conveniently handled.

n further object of the invention is the provision of novelly constructed cups for engaging the ties, whereby slipping movement of the ties is eliminated.

A further object of the invention is the provision of novel means for rigidly connecting the grab arms with the grab plates.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a compensating grab plate for tie handling machines which will be durable and efficient in use, one that will be simple and easy to manufacture, and one which can be incorporated with atie handling` machine at a small cost.

`With these and other objects in view7 the invention consists in the novel construction1 arrangement and formation of parts. as will be hereinafter more specifically described7 claimed9 and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which drawings:

Figure l is an end elevation of a tie handling machine showing the improved compensating plates incorporated therewith,

Figure 2 is a section taken on the line 2-2 of TFigure l showing an inner face iiew of one of the compensating grab plates,

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary longitudinal section through one of the Serial No. @6,03%

grab plates taken on the line ffl-3 of `Figure 2, and

Figure el. is an enlarged transverse sectional view throne-h one of the compensating grab plates zaken on the lino wir of Figure 3. i

Referring to the drawings in detaih, wherein similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views, the letter generally indicates a tie handling machine, and B the improved compensating grab plates incorporated therewith.

'lhe tie handling machine si will not be described in detail in vie-w of the fact that the saine is constructed the same as my prior patent herctobefore mentioned, but it can be seen that the machine A includes a plurality of grab arms 5 mounted for movement toward and away from each other. All of the arms on one side of the machine are rigidly connected together by the novel grab plates l which will be hereinafter more fully described. it is to be noted that the outer face of the grab plate is provided with a longitudinally extending rib 6 which is adapted to be received in suitable notches formed in the inner faces of the grab arms The extreme lower ends of the grab arms 5 are also provided with inwardly eX- tending lugs 8 which are fitted within notches 9 formed in the lower end of the grab plate. After the grab plate has been disposed in position on the arms the same is held against displacement by means o1' U-shaped bolts l0. Each grab plate is provided with a plurality of equidistantly spaced opening ll in which are slidably mounted pistons or bolts l2 which are adapted to entend inwardly toward the longitudinal center of the machine. The outer ends of the bolts are provided with stop members 'i3 which in the drawings are in the nature of nuts threaded on the outer ends of the bolts. The inner ends of the bolts or pistons are provided with heads 11i which carry the cancavo-conven shaped tie engaging cups l5. rPhe inner portion of the cups at the periphery thereof are provided with cntting edges i6 for biting into the tie terminals.

Each of the bolts or pistons l2 has coiled around it the same relatively heavy coil springs 'i7 the opposite ends of which engage respectively the inner faces of the grab plates and the inner faces of the cups l5 andv it can be seen that these springs will normally urge the cups toward the longitudinal center of the machine.

In actual use'oii my original tie handlingl this',V invention, but:

In combination a grappling mechanism including a plurality of pairs of grappling arms, movable towardand away from each other, a grab plate connecting the armsof veach pair of arms together, and means carried=-pby thegrab plates 'for con'ipensating for different lengthsnot' ties. 4 l l y 2.` Inl combination, Aa grappling mechanism' including a plurality 4 ot pairsA lot grappling arms movable toward and away fromveachother, a grab plato connecting the armsof each pair of arms together, vand inwardly urged sliding) members carried by each grab plateA orengaging the terminals of thefvvork handleduby the mechanism.

3. A grappling device includinga plurality of grappling arms arranged in pairs, a pair or grab plates lcarried, thegrappling' arms, and spring pressed oonoavoconvex-shaped cups carried by the inner of the plates for engaging the Work being handled.

t. In a grappling mechanism, a plurality of grappling arms arranged in pairs, a grab 1vplate connecting the arms of each pair together-,a plurality of independently mov able bolts carried, eachl grab, plate, means Carried by da@ belts forf engaging-ith@ Werk hamlet. @Htl-emails; ffii i Helf'mallr urging the Work eng,agingv ,tovv'ard' the Work.

Agrappling `mechaiiism inelnding' a plurality grapple warms, afrraiige'dgin pairs, ^a pair of grabplates connectedfyvith the grapple arms, apln lityy of independg ent ,slidingI bolts associatedwith lthe grab plates, concavoI-,conveX-,shaped' Work engaging cups` connectedl the inner endsl of the bolts, and eiripansion springs coiled aboutv the bolts Ahaving their` opposite ends engaging respectivelyjhthe grab plate and the inner facesoftheyc l i In e elaprleez mer/l1,,IiSlyafQOiiaifO convex-shaped vyvorl: engaging cup having its inner tace at the periphery thereof provided with acluttinge/dge. L i l In testimony whereof I my signa# ture in presence ottavo'l Witnesses. e,



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International ClassificationB66C1/42
Cooperative ClassificationY10S294/902, B66C1/422
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