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Publication numberUS152046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1874
Filing dateDec 17, 1873
Publication numberUS 152046 A, US 152046A, US-A-152046, US152046 A, US152046A
InventorsMbeeitt F. Potteb
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Improvement in combined syringes, shower-baths, and disinfecting apparatus
US 152046 A
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- ZShee ts Shee H. M. F. POTTER. Combinad Syringe-s, Shower-Baths, and Disinfecting Apparatus.

N0.l52,046. Patentedlunel6,1874.

#6016556; 622. //!@W/ fifi/mm 2Sheets--Sheet2. M. F. POTTER.

Combined Syringes, Shower-Baths, and Disinfeo'ting Apparatus. No.I5 2,046. Patentedllxnel6,l874.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 152,046, dated une 16, 1874 application filed December 17, 1873.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MERRITT F. POTTER, of Kaneville, in the county of Kane and State of Illinois, have invented a Syringe Uombined with a Shower-Bath and Disinfecting Apparatus, of which the following is a specification:

The subject of my invention is, first, a device by which I form an exhausted air-chamber in a syringe-bag, consisting of a closed and collapsin g membranous reservoir. Another part of my invention consists of a device by which I close and open the combined inlet and outlet tube of my syringe. Another part of my invention consists in my method of holding the tube in contact with the vessel containing the liquid. Another part of my invention consists of a device for irrigating the body. Another part of my invention consists of a device for suspending my syringe-bag without requiring a nail. Another part of my invention consists in a portable hydraulic disinfecting apparatus.

Figure l of the drawings shows the apparatus arranged to disinfect a room. Fig. 2 shows the stop-ring. Fig. 3 is the hook by which the bag is suspended. Fig. 4 is the curved tube used for irrigation; and Fig. 5 shows the bag being filled through the tube, which serves as a siphon.

In Plate I, A represents a closed-reservoir syringe-bag lying upon its side. 0 is a siphoninlet tube. 1) is a vessel of liquid standing on a platform above the bag. E is a small ring on the tube G, which is movable. B B are two handles or thumb-pieces attached to the opposite sides ofthe bag. The bag A is naturally collapsed, with no power to fill itself. To fill it, a current of liquid must be started from the vessel 1) through the siphon-inlet tube 0. This is done as follows: I take hold tube, I double it upon itself, and slide the ring upon the bent part, as seen in Fig. 2 Plate I. To open the tube, I have only to put it upon the stretch. The ring slips 01f, and hangs connected to the tube by the tape G. During the process of filling the tube 0 is kept from slipping oli' from the edge of the'vessel D by the small movable ring E, which can be so adjusted on the tube to vessels of different sizes as to be placed just inside the edge of the vessels, as seen in the figure.

I also combine a shower-bath with my invention, as follows: Having filled the bag and suspended it at a proper altitude, I insert in the end of the rubber tube the curved tube K,having a small orifice at its point. L is a flexible hook attached to the curved glass tube. When the tube 0 is hanging vertically, and is extended its whole length, I insert the sharppointed tack-nail into the wall or window-casing, about two inches below the end of the hook L. Taking hold of the rubber tube 0, I stretch it so as to hook the wire L over the tack where it enters the wood. Theoutlet of the tube K may then be opened, and the liquid will spirt obliquely upward in a divergent jet, and, when it turns downward, will fall in a copious shower, as if propelled from a rose with many jets.

It is frequently desirable to suspend my instrument in a room where a nail or hook would not be allowed. I have thereforeconstructed the grapple-hook M, and noosed over it the loop N of the bag. a sharp vertical point when in position, and can be hooked to the edge of a shelf or top of a window-casing,-on which the bag hangs, as if on a pivot, with no dangerof losing its hold. 0 is an eyelet at the lower part of the hook, into which I can insert the sharpened point of a stick threeor four feet long, and hang it to the top of a window-casing twelve or fourteen feet above me while standing on the floor.

The last part of my invention is an apparatus for dift'usin g disinfeeti n g liquids th roughout apartments, and over the persons of those who are liable to carry contagious diseases in their clothing. P is a rose with many minute foramina, so drilled that the liquid escaping through them will pass in many fine divergent jets. If I now take the bag filled with the disinfecting solution in the right hand and clo- This hook terminates in rate it, and take the rose in my left and depress it. holding the perforated part upward, and compress the bag in the right hand, the liquid will be forcibly ejected in all directions, and the largest room can be entirely covered in a few seconds with the expenditure of a very small amount of liquid.

I claim- .1. 1n combination with. the elastic self-collapsible bag A and elastic tube 0, the two handles 13 B forming a part of the same for separating the sides of the bag, to produce a partial Vacuum, and allow the tube E to act as a siphon and till the same, all arranged as set forth;

2. The combination of the stop-ring F with the automatic collapsing bag A and elastic tube 0, all as and for the purposes set forth.

3. The adjustable ring E, con'ibined with the bag A and tube for retaining the latter on the edge of a vessel while serving as a siphon for filling the bag, all as and for the purposes set forth.

4. The attaching-hook M, when of the form shown, and composed of a single wire, in combination with the bag A and tube 0 for attaching the bag by means of a pointed rod to any projection in the room, so that the apparatus may serve as an irrigator, all as and for the purposes shown.

5. In combination with the self-collapsing bag A and elastic tube 0, the rose I, arranged to be forced within the end of the tube, forming a disinfecting apparatus, as and for the purpose set forth.



M. GARDNER, New. \Y. Donn.

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