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Publication numberUS1522246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1925
Filing dateNov 8, 1922
Priority dateNov 8, 1922
Publication numberUS 1522246 A, US 1522246A, US-A-1522246, US1522246 A, US1522246A
InventorsJefferson William T
Original AssigneeJefferson William T
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US 1522246 A
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Jan. 6. 1925. -1",522,246

w. T. JEFFERSON PACKAGE File d Nov. 8. 1922 @W ZW I vented certain new and useful Improvements" Patented Jane 6, 1925,




Application filed November 8, 1922. Serial No. 599,626.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM T. JEFFER-.

soN, a' citizen of the United States, and a resident of Pasadena, in, the countyof Los Angeles and State of California, have inpound tube of the character described,

adapted to hold two preparations; it-is another object of the invention to provide a' simple and efiicient'means whereby the tube may be suspended on a hook or nail in a sanitary manner. J

In the drawings which represent an illustrative embodiment of the invention, Fig. 1- is an elevationof a tube constructed in accordance with my invention; Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional View thereof on the line 2-2 v of Fig. 1.

I providean elongated collapsible tube, upon which at the center is tightly clamped a flattened band 1 of suitable metal, which is additionally twisted as indicated at 2, to secure its grip upon-the tube, and to provide the ring 3 by whichthe tube may be suspended.

The band 1 subdivides the elongated collapsible tube, into two collapsibletubes 4 and 5 which are joined together at their bases, and each of which is provided with a cover 6 and cap 7 in the ordinary way.

In the illustrated embodiment of the invention, the tube 4 contains dentifrice to be used in the morning, and for that reason is covered with light enamel and marked with the word Morning, The tube 5 contains dentifrice to .be used at night and for that reason is covered with a dark or black enamel and marked with the word Night. Thus, in a simple, eflioient, convenient package is provided a morning dentifrice and a night dentifrice together with the means for clearly distinguishing the two and indicating which is to be used'at each time.

The band 1 and ring 3,-in addition to.

forming an efficient means for subdividing the long tube into two tubes, provides a convenient and sanitary suspending means for the combined tubes. Y

I claim: I V

1. A container for dentifrice or the like comprising a length of collapsible tube hav mg a flattened and closed median portion and capped at both its ends, whereby two connected tubes are provided.

2. A container for dentifrice and the lik comprising a collapsible tube, a band clampedand flattened upon the tube intermediate its ends and dividing the same into two oppositely extending sections, closures and caps' at. the outer ends of said tube.

3. A container for dentifrice and the like comprising a collapsible tube, a band clamped and flattened upon the tube inter mediate its ends and dividing the same into two oppositely extended sections, closures and caps at the outer ends of said tube, and

a suspension ring formed in the band.

In witness whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 30th .day of October, A. 1). 1922.


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U.S. Classification222/94
International ClassificationB65D35/22, B65D35/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D35/22
European ClassificationB65D35/22