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Publication numberUS1522270 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1925
Filing dateMar 9, 1922
Priority dateMar 9, 1922
Publication numberUS 1522270 A, US 1522270A, US-A-1522270, US1522270 A, US1522270A
InventorsRingler William A
Original AssigneeIda Lois Ringler
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Thrift system
US 1522270 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 6. 1925. 1,522,270

' w. A RINGLER THRIFT SYSTEM Filed March 9, 1922 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 MILES MLE 54 M|LE5 55 MILES |VENTOR:

y 1 I pl laug v.1 v I ATTORNEYS.

Jan 6, 1925.

' 1,522,270 W. A. RINGLER THRIFT SYSTEM Filed March 9, 1922 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 f .9 g4 3 I I [I III I@ -ZII In I I. I 2 E I I f II I '2 I I2 III 22 n I I; l H'WI m I 1 o I III: 1 I f a; A A u 5 d: d i 5 I\ v a 2% II I w k- I E ll- 4 g a y E i E 2 E 7 2 %INTERE$T IO" INTEREST IOINTEIiEST IO INTEREST IO INTERESTIO Eta. 6. J6 9 INTEREST 247 INTEREST INTEREST 35 m I15 5m] @5 REMARKS INV ENTOR:


W. A. RINGLER THRIFT SYSTEM Filed March 9, 1922 ,4 Sheeis-Sheet 4 50.2 DEPOSITS WITHDRAWALS 'r PA (BVHIHH 0a oflAHam RECE IVED DATE l9 oLLA s.


Patented Jan. 6, 1925.



A.pp1ication.fi1ed March 9,1922. se'ria'ijno. 542,511.

To aZlwho'ntit-may'concern: y Be it known that I, WILLIAM A. RiNGLE'R,

a. citizen of the United 'State's,.residing at V of the banks record card.

Philadelphia, county of' Philadelphia, "State 5 ofPennsylvania,. have invented a 118W and seful? Thrift System, of which the rene ingis a specification.

My present invention comprehends a novel? thrift system and savings. which although notlimitedto such use is especiallydesigned to be employed by bankers and their depositors in order that. an accurate reco'rdmay be kept by thebank. and also by the depositorl' of the amountv paid'in and thereby eliminate .-a complicated system of records which it has. heretoforebeeir deemed necessary to employ.

My invention also comprehend-s the novel' instrumentalities employed such as a depositors book of novel construction and a novel card for recording deposits which co-oper-" ates with=the depositorsbook in such a man her that the receipt offa depositYcan be" simultaneously indicated both on the de f'positors book and on therecordicardh v It further comprehends a. novel recapitulation sheet showing the daily summary of i all of the deposits.

7 tion, I have shown in the accompanying drawings a typical embodiment thereof which is at present preferred by me, since Other novel features .of construction. and

advantage will hereinafter. more fully appear in the detailed description. For the purpose of illustrating my 1nven:-

this embodiment will be foundin practice to givesatisfactory andreliable results.v It is, however, to be understoodtha-t the various instrumentalities "of. which myfinven .tionl consists cana be variously. arranged and organized and that. my invention is. notf limited tothe precise arrangement and organization-of these instrumentalities as here 111' shown and de scr-ibedl tiona 1 Figure 2 representsa rear perspective of'.

Figure 1' represents; 1n perspective a de positor3s receiptbook, embodying myinveng & I

week ats :which time l'Oc interest. will. be

the depositorsreceipt; I l

beencredlte'd with interest of$li0O. There represents a depositorls hook in.

of. the pages I p I I v I ye r from, he: .d e:.0f;,t11e first. de-

"Figureo represents atop plan view of the record card. f

Figure 6 represents; a bottom plan view Figure representsa top plan View showmg? more part cularly the" manner in" which the pages ofthe depositorsreceipt book and the b ankrecor'd'card co-operate to receive the receipt stamp.

Figure "8 represents another view of the partssee'n mFigure V I I -F1guref9 represents a form of receipt which is onithe lastp'ageo fithe, depositors recei tbook;

Figure 10 represents a' plant view' of the stamp. used ,to simultaneously receipt: the payment received on bothfjthe depositors bookand'the bankrecordcardi I v igure" .11 represents a plan view ofa 'recapitulatio'n sheet.

' Similar" numerals e f-reference indicate corresponding parts. 1

'Refe'rringto-the drawings,

'1' designates a de'positors receipt book embodying] my invention which has indicated on the front pagethe number of the book as at 2,v a representation of a milestone, as at 3; and on said? mile stone'is indicatedthepercentageof interest to which the depositor. is entitled and also the amountwhichfor purpose. of illustration is. illustrated as fifty dollars. This front'pa'ge also has indicated thereon the namea'nd address of. the

- P i 1,, the name and address. of the banker who issues the book and any other desired advertising matter. .The front page or cover has connected toit a rear page4,see Figure 2, on which. is indicated therules and regulations under which the deposits are to be made,.tliese rules. andiregulations may be as follows.:.--

' $1.00 deposicmustibe made eachweelrbut more 'than$1 ".00'}may be deposited and more than one thrift. mileage account may be o-penedibyfo-nedepositor; i t

A, deposit-10f 90 is required eachjfift-h creditedlwto you. I

After the fiftiethmile you. will have deposited i'nfcash: $49.00 and you willl have.

is thus on deposit to your-credit 3550100..

This amount will be paidito; you on demand in. caslrafter the.,expiration"fof one interest 10.

posit against surrender of this thrift mileage book.

Money deposited. may be withdrawn before thrift mileage is paid up. in full or before numbered 1 to and additional coupons 7 are provided for the last coupon page which have indicated thereon the interest to which the depositor is entitled in case the account is left with the bank from year to year.

Every fifth coupon, as indicated at 8, see Figures-3 and 4, instead of having the dollar deposit indicated has thereon the printed matter deposit 90 interest credit 10.

9 designates the banks receipt slip or record card, see Figures 5 and 6, the front face of said card having indicated thereon the number, as at 10, the amount, as at 11, the name and address, as at 12, the signature of theapplicant, as at 13, and also the statement I hereby agree to rules and regulations of thrift mileage.

The front face of the banks record card i9is divided into a number of squares 14.-

each of which is numbered and each slip at the bottom, as at 15, has also indicated thereon interest 10. The back of the banks record card 9, see Figure 6, is also divided up into aseries of ruled squares 16 each of which is numbered and the squares 17 at the bottom of the card have indicated thereon The squares at the right hand side of the card on its back are numbered 51 to corresponding to the coupons 7 and have indicated thereon the word interest. The

back of the last coupon slip forms a receipt slip to be signed by the depositor when the account is closed by the bank, see Figure 9. 18' designates the receipt stamp, "a bottom plan view of which is shown in Figure 10,

the depositor.

in on his account, the banker or receiving teller places the banks record card 9 beneath the first page of the coupon book, as indicated in Figure 7 so that the coupons 1 to 5 .will register with but he at the side of the spaces 1 to 5 on the record card 9. The banker then takes the stamp 18 which has been adjusted to the date on which the deposit was made and then stamps the receipt in one operation on the first coupon of the depositors receipt book and at the same time also on the first space of the banks record card 9, so that on the coupon slip of the depositors receipt book will appear the name of the banker, the word received and the day, month and year of the payment and on the banks record card 9 will appear the day, month and year on which the deposit is made and also the word received and the ruled lines 20 will extend across both coupons.

The banker or the receiving teller then writeshis name across both the coupon and the corresponding space of the card over the lines 20, as indicated at 23, a portion of the signature appearing on the coupon and a portion on the corresponding space attached. The depositors receipt book is returned to him, the bankers record card 9 is retained by the banker and is indicative of the amounts which have been paid by the depositor. In a similar manner the receipts are made each time a payment is made by 24 designates a recapltulation or daily record sheet, see Figure 11, which is ruled to provide spaces for the deposits 25 and the withdrawals 26 and is provided with a daily summary 27. The deposit portion is provided with the number of columns to receive the numbers of the deposit books on which payments have been made and also with columns to receive the numbers of the deposit books on which 90 has been paid and which are entitled to interest of ten cents and also a columnto receive the number of the deposit books on which a semiannual interest isto be given.

The withdrawal side of the daily record has a series of numbered columns which receive the account number, the interest forfeited and the amount paid out andalso a daily summary of all of the accounts-handled under this systemshowing the balance forwarded, the daily deposits, the interest credits, the withdrawal, the closing balance,

and the date on which they are paid, so that the bookkeeping which is ordinarily necessary in keeping accounts of this character is entirely eliminated.

It will be apparent from the foregoing that I have invented a novel thrift system which embodies the features of advantage enumerated in the statement of the invention and in the foregoing description and while I have, in the present instance, illustrated and described a preferred embodiment of it, it will be apparent that it is susceptible of modification in various particulars without departing from the spirit or scope of the invention or sacrificing any of its advantages.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Let ters Patent, is:

1. A thrift or saving system, comprising in combination a deposit book having numbered coupons each of which is provided with a delineated space representing a milestone, the milestones being consecutively numbered and a record card having numbered spaces to register with corresponding numbered coupons of the deposit book, whereby a coupon and its corresponding numbered record card space can be simultaneously receipted.

2. A thrift or saving system, comprising in combination a deposit book having pages in the form of numbered coupons each of which is provided with a delineated space representing a milestone, the milestones being consecutively numbered and having a cover with a number thereon indicative of the owner of the deposit book, and a record card having thereon a number which is the duplicate of the number on the deposit book and having numbered spaces arranged to register with correspondingly numbered coupons.

3. A deposit book for thrift systems, comprising a cover and pages therein in the form of consecutively numbered coupons, each coupon having indicated thereon the amount bered deposit book having a place for the name and address of the depositor and having its pages in the form of consecutively numbered coupons, each coupon having indicated thereon the amount to be deposited and certain of said coupons having indicated thereon the interest to be credited to the depositor, in combination with a correspondingly numbered record card having a place for the name and address of the depositor and consecutively numbered spaces adapted to register with correspondingly numbered coupons of the deposit book when the record card is inserted into the deposit book, whereby the name of the receiving clerk can be written partly on a coupon and partly on a corresponding numbered record card space.

6. A thrift system, comprising a deposit book having pages in the form of consecutively numbered coupons forming an integral part of said pages and a permanent book record, in combination with a bank record card having a'series of columns of consecutively numbered spaces to enable a numbered space on the card to be brought into registry with the coupon of the deposit book which has the same number.




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