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Publication numberUS1522499 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1925
Filing dateMar 21, 1923
Priority dateMar 21, 1923
Publication numberUS 1522499 A, US 1522499A, US-A-1522499, US1522499 A, US1522499A
InventorsLouis Corn
Original AssigneeReiffman Corn
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Vest shirt
US 1522499 A
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L. CORN VEST SHIRT Jam 13, 1925.

Filed March 2l, 1923 Patented Jan. 13, 1925.



' j. vEsT SHIRT.

Application led March 21, 19231. Serial No. 626,512. To all whom t 'mo-gj conce/m: able method is to sew the vest portions to Be it known that I, LoUis CORN, a resithe shirt at the time of the manufacture of dent of New York city, New York, and a the latter so that if desired the vest por- 55 citizen of the United States, have invented tions may be attached to the shirt under new and useful Improvements in Vest the ordinary seams on the shirt. 1n this Shirts, of which the following is a specifin way, the garment is completely manufac- Cation tured during the ordinary and usual method This invention relates to vest-shirts, and used in making shirts, whereby a great econ- 6o more particularly to a shirt of simple conomy is accomplished. A vest strap 10 of the 10 struction which gives the appearance of a ordina-ry design may also be attached at the vest being worn, and thus avoids the neces,r same time. The vest portions are provided sity of the wearing of a` vest as a separate with the ordinary buttonsr 11, and button garment holes, 12, and pockets 13 if desired. u., Vest-shirts have been known in the prior Thilo the vest portions and strap have 15 art. But their' construction has always been been shown and described as sewed under a rather complicated process and of a speany of the adjacent seams of the shirt durcial nature so as to involve peculiar mething the manufacture of the same, it is obods of shirt manufacture and therefore invious that they may be sewed above those 70 greased costs. seams or at any other desired places, either One of the objects of this invention is t0 at the time of assembling the shirt or subprovide a vest shirtmade from an ordinary sequently thereto, and even before the shirt shirt without modification of the latter. is manufactured although the last named Other and further objects of this invenmethod would scarcely ever be used. While tion will appear from the more detailed deas set forth, the vest portions are attached '25 scription given below in connection with the to the shirt permanently by stitching, they accompanying drawing wherein is set forth may be otherwise attached, permanently or by way of illustration in detacliably. And while still further changes Figure l, a front view of the vest shirt may be made by those skilled in the art SU as worn. without departing from the spirit or scope l Figure 2, a rear view of the shirt as worn. of my invention, the garment illustrated is Figurek 3, a detail of such a shirt. considered to be the preferred form. It will now be apparent that this inven- 1n use the garment is put on as is an ortion contemplates a simple and inexpensive dinary shirt and the vest portions buttoned Sg, modification of a shirt so as to adapt it to together. The vest strap 10 mayv then be the double purpose of a shirt and of a vest. adjusted to a comfortable position and As illustrated, one mode of carrying out this serves to hold the vest portions in aA better invention comprises taking an ordinary fianposition. Due to the deep cutting away at nel shirt 1, and attaching thereto vest porthe shoulder parts, Suspenders if worn, are 9U tions 2, 3 so as to give the appearance of a given plenty of room for play. It will thus 4.0 vest. In the preferred form, the vest porbe apparent that with my construction, an tions are made of the same material as the ordinary shirt may be used without further shirt, but it is obvious that either the shirt modification than that stated above. or the vest may be of any and the same or Having set forth my invention, I claim: 95 different material. The vest portions are cut 1. A shirt having front and rear sections away, at the arm holes 4, 5, rather deeply as united by shoulder seams, and front vest illustrated. The vest portions are also perportions overlying the front section of the manently stitched to the shirt in the preshirt and united thereto within the said ferred construction, so that a unitary strucshoulder seams. 100 ture is produced. For such purposes, the 2. A shirt having front and rear sections vest portions are attached to the shirt at united by shoulder seams, and front vest the shoulders as shown at 7 and 8, and also portions overlying the front section of the along the sides as shown at 9. The prefershirt and attached to the shirt at the said shoulder seams, the vest portions being out away at a point along the said seams so that Suspenders may pass through the out away portion.

3, A shirt'having front and rearseotions united loyy shoulder sea-ms, and front Vest portions overlying the front section of the shirt and united thereto Within the said shoulder seams, the Vest portions being out away at a point along the said seams so that lo Suspenders may pass through the out away portion LOUIS CORN.

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U.S. Classification2/103, D02/841
International ClassificationA41D1/04, A41D1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/04
European ClassificationA41D1/04