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Publication numberUS1522652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1925
Filing dateJun 12, 1923
Priority dateJun 12, 1923
Publication numberUS 1522652 A, US 1522652A, US-A-1522652, US1522652 A, US1522652A
InventorsSetrakian Levon S
Original AssigneeSetrakian Levon S
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Wrist support for penmen
US 1522652 A
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Filed June l2, 1923 2 Sheets-Sheet l Mm, ttozueq 3 .L. S. SETRAKIAN wRlsT SUPPORT FOR PENMEN Filed June 12 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 n M im .w L

w. m m a Patented Jan. 1.3, 1.925.


XlR-IS'ILi SUPPORT FR'f PENMENJ Application inea June 12, 1923.c serial. noaeiresa To' all,- wlwm t may" concern.;

Be 1t known that I, LEvoN S. SETRAKIAN, a citizen of;L they. Umted States, residing at Fresno-, in. the. county, ofFresno. and Statev 5 of.V California, haveinvented certain newr and.. useful Improvements in Wrist. Supports for:A Ieninen,y of' Which the following. isal.


The objectl ozfrthis invention is to providey a simple'v and inexpensive: deviceWhereby the Wrist of. a `penman"y Will .4 be supported; insuch i position that. the freearmmovement Willi be Yfacilitated and fatigue WillA be over- Thej invention.: seeks to. prov-idel f adevice which may be readily applied tothew Wrist-y ofitheuser and iiirmly securedwithout causing any discomfortorfinconvenience:ands which' W1llpermit freef use.I of" the lingers While supporting the Wrist'A out of contact With the desk@ or-'table but;insuchlmannerz that iti may. move =.freely as the Writing'.y pro-A ceeds.. The:V invention', 1s.- illustrated; in. the.;

accompanying drawings; and will I, be. hereinafter fully set' forth.`

the drawings.;z

Figure l is'afperspective View showing :the

application of. `my.l device;

Fig. ,2 is a'bottoniplan fvieW vo\,t'#`tlie .device removed and in a. flat condition;

Fig. 3 is a top plan vieW of the same;

Fig. 4 is a longitudinal section on the line @L -4 of Fig. 2, and

Fig. 5 is a detail section through the movable rest.

In carrying *out my invention, I employ a band consisting of aply of leather 1 and a lining 2 of some soft exible material. The band is of such dimensions as to completely encircle the Wrist of the user When applied and upon the outer side of the band adjacent one end thereof I secure a. buckle 3 Which may be engaged by a strap et secured to the opposite end of the band whereby the band may be securely fastened about the Wrist. In order that the band may conform to the Wrist, I form incisions in the leather ply and then bevel the opposed faces of the incisions, as indicated at 5, so that the said faces may be overlapped, as shown at 6, the overlapped portions being permanently united by lines of stitching, indicated at 7. In the drawings, I have shown three lines of stitching, one line eX- tending along the edge of each overlapped portion and one line extending along the center:l ofI saidportions.` from the edge of the hand tothe point Where the edges of the ove-riappedV portions mee-t,4 butuitwvill be understood, .of-course, thatthe. central line of-l stitchingimayl beA omitted. A. line of stitching,,indicatediat 8,: may be runaround the entire marginal. portion of they band so as; tosy impart-'ay neat: ornamental appe ance thereto, but,l in order. to avoid wrinkles,-

or.' vlooseeportions, in xtheslining, it;` is desirable to .affix the'fliningfto the outer.; leather ply by.aanf adhesive, Willabe readily under stood.. Adjacent theiforward edge of 'the band and nearfzthe-/center thereof openings are formed., through the plies, and in` the said ,openings` `Insecure azbase plate Shaving.;acentral annular bossflO, formed. thereon, theinajon portion of the. base plate lying Within.theilinmggpl,While the'. boss extends.lthrougln and' .terminates flush With therouter surface -ofathe `outer ply', as shown mostf'clearlyin Fig.A 5. The boss andthe bodyl off: thef pla-.tez 9 ,1a-re' hollowed` out centrally to.I provide.J ai chamber@ 11 having a grooved annular Wall 12..forming aracervayfor small ai'iti-frictiloniballs 13, as-Will be readily understood. Fitted against-the outer side vof the; outer ply 1. is af cupfplate 14 having a central opening 15 therethrough, the Wall of which preferably converges out Wardly. A large ball or rolling support 16 is engaged in the central chamber 'of the boss 10` and extends through the opening 15 of the cup plate, the diameter of the said ball being less than the inner diameter of the said opening 15 and greater than the outer diameter thereof so that, When the device is applied to the Wrist, the ball may project through the cup plate but Will be prevented from dropping therefrom so that.l While a freely moving support is in contact with the table or desk, the cup plate Will be held out of contact therewith and frictional resistance to the free movement of the Wrist and the hand of the Writer Will be minimized. The cup plate is held in po sition by screws 17 inserted through the plate 9 and the ply 1 of the band into the cup plate, as shown and as will be readily understood.

In use, the band is secured around the Wrist so that the movable support 16 Will be disposed at the under side of the Wrist and immediately at the base of the hand, as indicated in Fig. 1, the Wrist being thus supported out of contact With the desk or table and the hand supported comfortably in a natural position so that it Will not exertpressure upon the table, desk or other fixed support, the fingers being left free to grasp the pen or pencil or otherscribing` implement. By the use of my device, booklreepers and lother persons engaged in occupations which necessitate constant or substantially constant Writing vvill be enabled to Write uninterruptedly for considerable periods of time Without feeling fatigue in the Wrist or in the muscles of the hand and fingers. Moreover, the device serves as a brace for Weak wrists so that they are strengthened, and supports the Wrist and hand so that the free-arm movement Which is essential to fine penmanship Will be facilitated. The device could be very advantageously employed also for teaching children and indifferent penmen to Write or to improve their handwriting. The device is vobviously simple and may be produced at a very low cost, and the strap and buckle employed for securing the band in position adapts a single band for use upon vvrists of a variety of sizes. "While I have specifically mentioned leather as the material for the outer ply of the band, it Will be understood that any durable flexible and Wear-resisting material may be employed and the lining may be omitted, although I prefer to employ the same inasmuch as it provides a soft surface for contact with the skin and thereby avoids irritation of tender flesh.

The overlapped construction indicated at G causes the band to conform to the Wrist and hand and tends to prevent the stiff tiring Wrist movement which causes illegibility in the Writing.

Having thus described the invention, What is claimed as nevv is:

l. A device for the purpose set forth comprising a flexible band to be secured about the Wrist of the user, a racevvay secured in the band, a freely movable support engaged in said raceway, and a cup plate secured upon the outer side of the band and retaining said support in engagement With the raceway.

2. A device for the purpose set forth consisting of a fiexible band to encircle the wrist of the user, means for securing the band in position, a plate secured to the inner side of the band and having a boss projecting therethrough, anti-friction devices Within said boss, a. cup plate secured upon the outer side of the band over the said boss and having an outwardly tapered opening therethrough, and a freely rotatable support held by and extending through said cup plate and engaging the anti-friction devices fitted in the boss.

3. A device for the purpose set forth coniprising a band consisting of anl outer ply of flexible shape-retaining materiall and an inner ply of cushioning material, the outer ply having incisions formed therein at one edge and having the opposed faces of the incisions oppositely beveled, the said opposed faces being overlapped and permanently secured together, and a freely movable rest fitted in and carried by the said plies and projecting from the outer ply.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.

LEvoN s. sETRAxiAN. [1.. a]

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U.S. Classification248/118.5
International ClassificationB43L15/00
Cooperative ClassificationB43L15/00
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