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Publication numberUS1522830 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 13, 1925
Filing dateOct 30, 1923
Priority dateOct 30, 1923
Publication numberUS 1522830 A, US 1522830A, US-A-1522830, US1522830 A, US1522830A
InventorsNichols Huron O, Nichols Wheeler J
Original AssigneeNichols Huron O, Nichols Wheeler J
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Mail-box support
US 1522830 A
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jan, 13, 1925 H. O. NICHOLS ET AL MAIL BOX SUPPORT Filed Oct. 30, 1925 Patented dan. 13, 1925.

nai-rra sfr et EzSg enfreint@ instaan artrosi H'III'RONIv Of NICHOLS AND J. NIHOIJS; VOF LOWELL, ,INDANL MAfILLBQX' SUPPORT.

Application-filed (lctoberO, 1923.3; Serial No-.671 ,16"73.4 y

To all tvb-002i t may concern.'

Be it known thatA we, `HURONyO.,l\lICH/oLs l and VHEELER J.. NroHoLs, citizens otv the United States,=residing atvLowell, in the countyot :Lake and ,State of Indiana, have invented lcertain new and luseful .Improve-- supportI tor-inail boxes which shall hold the mail tboxY in easily; :accessible ,positikonyandwhich shall be particularly suitable for use on rural tree delivery routes. Anothen object of the/invention isftoiprovide a mail box support which will allo/w.

the mailboxtoyieldf laterally in a horizon tal planelwhen struelrby'passing wagons, cattle, or other objects and thus prevent injury both to the mail box and to the object striking it.

A further object ot the invention is to provide such a mail box having a laterally yieldable and swinging arm upon which a mail box may be mounted, thereby permitting the supporting post to be erected, if desired, on the inside of a tence or other inelosure, with the mail box projecting outwardly in a horizontal plane beyond such Ytence or inclosure and toward the road-way where it can easily be reached by the carrier and at the same time to be swung laterally in a horizontal plane until it has swung around sutliciently to extend over the inside of the 'tence or other inclosure, in which position mail can readily be withdrawn from the box.

Av still t'urther object is to provide such a mail box support with means ttor effecting its return to mail receiving position and there yieldably maintaining it.

Other objects and advantages ot the invention will appear from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings which illustrate a preferred embodiment of the invention, and in which Figure 1 is a side elevation ot a mail box support embodying the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a sectional elevation oli the device shown in Fig. 1.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the post or other suitable support 1 may conveniently take the term of a hollow pipe section,the bottom end of which is drivenl into the ground, a suitable. depth. It; de-

.-sired,thev lower end of the postinay bev ,prof vided with laterally extending bracing means 2, to assist in maintainingthe post in upright position.

Thefpostml is provided at its upper end with the-screwthreads 3 and may conveniently be hollow, as showmtor the reception ot a coil spring 4, which is loosely retained within said end. One end ot the spring 4 is affixed to the post 1 inany convenient or desirable manner, the meansshown taking Atheform of a flat lugw inserted through slots 6 in the supporting. post and having the pin 7 passing through the post and also through the flat lugg and having. one en d Y otthespringfl secured to it, as illustratedin Fig-.12. flfhecoupling 8 is provided interiorlywith the screwthreads-Q torv engage; ment with the exterior screwthreads 2 ot the post 1. Rigidly held in the upper end ot the coupling 8 is a swinging arm having the vertical portion 10 and bent substantially at right angles, as shown at 11, to form the horizontal mail box mounting portion 12. The swinging arm 10 may conveniently be lixed within the coupling S by means of the pin 13 which passes through the coupling, and also through the arm. This pin may also conveniently act as the means to which the upper end ot' the spring 4 is attached.

The coupling 8 engages the post 1 by the screwthreaded connection with suiticient looseness to permit the coupling S to be easily rotated upon the post 1.

Any convenient or desirable means may be provided on the horizontally extending portion 12 olf the arm 1() to mount any standard or desirable form ot mail box thereon. For example, the end oli the swinging arm'may be flattened, as shown at 14, and have mounted on its top or upper side a flat plate which may be secured to the end 14 by any suitable securing means, such as the rivets 1G. Suitable holes 17 may be provided in the plate 15 by means ot which the mail box may be securely attached to it.

It will be seen that by the foregoing construction there has been provided a mail box support with a horizontally extending arm yieldably maintained in mail receiving position, but which is rotatably mounted to swing laterally to either side tor the purpose ot removing mail from the box or in f for mounting a mail box on said arm.

2. A mail box support comprising a supporting post, an arm screw threaded and rotatably mounted thereon, and a coil'spring having one end secured'within said post and the other end secured to said arm, said spring allowing said arnrto rotate on said post and tending to prevent disengagement of said screw threads. Y

3. A mail box support comprising a sup# porting post screw-threaded at its upper end, a mailbox supporting arm having screw threads in engagement with said screw threaded upper end of sad post and rotatable thereon, and a spring associated with said post and said arm and adapted to maintain said arm yieldably in position and prevent disengagement of 'said screw 36 threads, while permitting relative rotation of said arm with respect to said post.

4. A mail box support comprising a screw-threaded supporting post, a mail box supporting arm having a screw-threaded portion in engagement therewith and loosely rotatable thereon, and means for maintaining said arm yieldably in position on said Y post and preventing disengagement of said screw threads comprising a spring within said post having one end alixed thereto and its other end affixed to said arm.

5. A mail box support comprising a screw-threaded supporting post, a mail box supporting arm having a screw-threaded portion in engagement therewith and loosely rotatable thereon, and means for maintaining said arm yieldably inf position on said post and preventing disengagement oi" said screw4 threads comprising a kpin passing through said arm, a pin passing through said post, anda spring 'within said post and Y said arm having its ends respectively attached to said pins. e

In testimony whereof we aflix our signatures.




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