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Publication numberUS1524065 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1925
Filing dateApr 5, 1923
Priority dateApr 5, 1923
Publication numberUS 1524065 A, US 1524065A, US-A-1524065, US1524065 A, US1524065A
InventorsTimpson Caroline M
Original AssigneeTimpson Caroline M
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Cot and bed
US 1524065 A
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Jan.27.l925. v L52465 c. M. 'rlMPsoN l GOT AND BED Filed April 5', 1923 Patented Jan. 27, 1925.



Application filed April 5, 1923.

To all whom t may concern 4 Be it known that I, CAROLINE M. TiMrsoN,

a citizen of the United States, residing at.

New York city, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented cer tain new and useful Improvements in Cots and Beds, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to cots or beds and more particularly to an improved shelf attachment adapted to be used in connection with various types of cots or beds, an object of the invention being to provide an improved flexible shelf attachment which will be relatively simple and cheap in construction, light in weight, easily assembled in position or removed, adapted to be readily rolled up in compact form when not in use or for the gurposes of shipment, and readily and conveniently accessible at all times attached to the bed.

A further object of this invention is to provide an improved shelf attachment for cots or beds comprising a fabric shelf suspended from a pair of supports connected to opposite ends of the bed.

A further object of this invention is to provide a suspension fabric shelf for a cot or bed, the shelf having supports adapted to be connected to the ends of the bed, and one of the supports being adjustable so as to permit the fabric shelf to be tightened or loosened.

Other objects of this invention will appear in the following description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part vof this specification wherein like reference characters indicate correspondingparts in the several views and wherein F ig. 1 is a perspective view lllustrating my improved suspension shelf as applied to a cot or bed; Fig. 2 is an end view thereof, Fig. 3 is a fragmentary view illustrating the manner in which the fabric shelf may be adjustablysupported at either end, and Fig. t is a detail section illustrating a form of shelf support.

Before explaining in detail the present improvement and mode of operation thereof, l desire to have it understood that the invention is not limited to the details of construction and arrangement of parts which are illustrated in the accompanyingdrawings, since the invention is capable of other embodiments, and that the phraseology Serial No. 629,967.

which I employ is for the purpose of description and not of limitation.

Referring to the drawings wherein I have illustrated a present preferred form of my invention, the same is illustrated in connecto tion with a suitable cot or bed of any preferred form or construction. By way of eX- ample, the cot or bed comprises a suitable frame work formed from lengthwise extending side bars 9 and 10 connected together by 65 ymeans of transverse end bars 11 and 12.

rl`his bed frame is preferably constructed from angle iron bars, and stretched between the ends of the frame is a suitable spring mattress fabric 13. The spring mattress bed bottom is supported by the usual supporting legs 141 located at the corners of the frame. rlhe lpresent improvement comprises in general, a fabric shelf located beneath the spring mattress fabric 17 of the bed and sus- 7 pended between a pair of supports which are preferably detachably connected to opposite ends of the bed. The suspension shelf attachment is so constructed as to be readily assembled or connected to the bed and read- S0 ily detached therefrom, and furthermore is so constructed that the entire attachment may be rolled or packed up into a very small and compact space so as to render it highly satisfactory and convenient, not only for S5 shipping purposes, but for display purposes in stores, and for storage.

The suspension shelf proper comprises a portion of fabric 15 which may be of any suitable material such as canvas, and which is cut to the desired length and width. The fabric shelf 15 is suspended between la pair of transverse roller supports 16.

Each roller 16 is supported beneath an end of the bed by means of a pair of hook shaped supporting members 17. The several meinbers 17 are of substantially the same construction and each comprises a flat strap or bar bent to provide a right angle portion 18 terminating in an inwardly bent hooked end 19.

It will be noted that the hooked end 19 eX- tends with relation to the bent portion 18 at an angle less than a right angle, so that when the bar 17 is hooked over a transverse angle l bar 12 of the bed frame the downwardly and inwardly bent portion 19 will eifectually prevent any lengthwise oscillation of the opposite end of the strap orbar. The bar 17 as shown in Fig. 1 is also bent or coiled at the opposite end 2O so as to provide a cylindrical Aor tubular bearing or loop for supporting the roller 16. f

Thus it will be seen that each roller 16 is supported by means of a. pair of depending bars 17 detachably hooked'over an Aend bar 11 or 12 of the cot or bed. The roller 16 is supported in the coiled or tubular ends 20 o-f the bars 17.

As hereinbefore stated the fabric shelf 15 is securedatv itsopposite ends to a: roller 16. The endsfof the fabric maybe attached to the roller inI anysuitable manner and in the presentjinst-ance thisl is accomplished by mea-ns'of a metallic strip 121 radapted to be `clamped atits opposite ends to the roller 16-by means of a pair of set screws 22; The end of theI fabric shelf is' first inserted between the strip 2l andthe roller 16, and |Jhereupon by tightening the.` set screws 22 the .fabric will be .securelyclamped between the strip 21 and the metallic roller 16.4 The roller :16 :is provided at opposite ends Athereof 1with av seriesV of threaded aper tures or openings 23, andthe :bent end 2O of each supporting' strap 17 isprovided with an aperture voropening adapted to register with any one ofthe openings 23. By rotating thefroller 16 `within the bent or loop portions20 vany one of Athe threaded holes oropenings23 may be brought into registra tion with the hole or.V opening in the bent orloop`v portion v2O, and by meansof a setv screw 25y screwed into a threadedk opening 23 of the roller 16, the latter may be securely heldin its adjusted' position.

Thus, the fabric shelf 16 is suspended and held I under 'tension between .they rollers 16 atl opposite ends ofthe `bed,-andinv order to tighten theshelfior take upany slack, it' is merely necessary to remove the set screws l' 25 from one of the,.ro-llers, grasp the roller between-its'-endsand rotate it sufficiently toroll'up.` and tighten the fabric shelf. Thereupon the set screws maybe inserted so as to extend through thejz members V17 into a. dif-p ferentset of openings 23m the rollers. If.

' portioirad-apted to be inserted inthe opening 26,tfhevvroller 16 may be rotated for the purpose-oftightening the fabric shelf,

As illustrated-in the drawing the fabric shelf l is provided at one side edge thereof with `a depending skirt 27, and Soued i0 the depending skirt 27 along the sides and bottom thereof as shown at 29 and 30, three pockets being herein shown by way ofl eX- ample, orthepocltets may be formed bvV folding up the skirt- 27 and stitching :at-*29 and 30. The pockets 2S are readily adapted to receive and hold various articles and may be closed by means of snap fasteners 3l and 32'. l

It will be noted that the pockets 28 depend or are suspended from the free side edge of the fabric shelf 15 and the pockets may be thrown up orI folded over upon the shelf 15 at any time.

The fabricfshelf 15 is thus stretched and suspended between a pair of oppositie ends thereof only, and the side edges between the ends of' the shelf. are entirely free from any support. As 'a result the shelf is always easily accessible, since thevside edges will always extend in the same plane as the middlef portion, so that after continued use` in. holdingand supportingpillows and bed ding, even though the fabric may give or sag, 'it will do so uniformly throughout its extent, whcreasif the'fabric were held bctweenV a. rectangular frame instead of bcing suspended between its ends, the mid-` dle. portion` would. sag considerably below the rigid framed edges, thereby rendering it `difiicultr and almost impossible sometimes to reach in over the side bars, and grasp articles inthe downwardly bulged middle portion of the shelf.' Furtliorn'iore, this suspension shelf` permits quick dismounting of the attachment and easy 'adjustment of the fabric to tighten or loosenthc same. By means of the take-up devices or adjusting devices at theA ends of the shelf, the proper degree of tautness or tension ofthe shelf may bev obtained at all times.

Furthermore, by means of the detachable supports for-the fabric shelf, the latter may not only be adjusted' but readily removed and detached.' from one roller and rolled up entirely'V upon the other roller. Also the suspension shelf may be adjusted to accommodatevarious lengths of'beds, and when the shelf supports are detached from the ends of the bedv and the shelf rolled up upon one or both of the rollers, the entire attachment may be packed inra very small space.

Referring to AFig. 4 it will be seen that the depending bracket members 17 may be bent; up at the lower ends thereof to provideupwardly,extending portions 35 forming an open channel or loop within which the roller member 1G is freely seated. This construction permits quick 'detachment of facilitates thev assembling thereof.

.It iS to be undcistood that by describing),r

in detail herein any particular form, struc` ture, or arrangement, itv is not intended to limit the invention beyond the terms of the several claims or the requirements of the prior art.

Having thus explained the nature of my said invention and described a way of constructing and using the same, 'although without attempting to set forth all of the forms in which it may be made, or all of the modes of its use, I claim:

l. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising two pairs of hangers, transverse members connected to the lower ends of said hangers, and a fabric shelf stretched between said members and beneath said bed bottom, said fabric shelf being unsupported intermediate said members, and said hangers having at the upper ends thereof bent members adapted to embrace frame members of the bed, the bent members extending transversely to said transverse members.

2. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising two pairs of depending hangers having means at the upper ends thereof for detachable connection to opposite ends of a bed, a transverse member supported by each pair of hangers at the lower ends there of, and a fabric shelf detachably commected at opposite ends to said members and snspended therebetween.

3. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising a pair of depending supporting members at each end of a bed, each of said members having at one end thereof'a hook shaped portion adapted to embrace the end frame of the bed, a pair of transverse members including a roller member supported at the opposite ends of said members, and a fabric shelf connected to and extending between said transverse members.

A. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising a pair of depending supporting members at each end of a bed, each of said members having a hook shaped portion adapted to embrace the end frame of the bed and also having a looped end portion, roller members extending into said looped portions and supported thereby, and a fabric shelf suspended between said roller members, said members being rotatably adjustable thereby to adjust the tension of said` fabric shelf.

5. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising a pair of depending hangers at each end of the bed, each hanger at its upper end having a horizontally bent portion terminating in a downwardly and in wardly bent end adapted to embrace a frame member of the bed, transverse members con necting together the lower ends of each adjacent pair of hangers, and a fabric shelf suspended between said members.

6. A shelf attachment for al cot or bed comprising a pair of adjacent depending` hangers at each end of the bed, a transverse member connecting together the lower ends of each adjacent pair of hangers, and a fabric shelf extending lengthwise between said members and suspended therefrom, each of said hangers having the upper end bent horizontally and downwardly to embrace a frame member of the bed, and the horizontally bent portions of all the hangers extending in parallel relation lengthwise of the fabric shelf whereby the upper bent ends of the hangers will maintain the lower ends thereof against displacement by said shelf.

7. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising a flexible shelf, depending hanger members adapted to be connected to a pair of ends of the bed, and transverse members connected to the lower ends of the hanger members at: opposite ends of the bed for suspending said shelf, one of said transverse members being rotatable to adjust said shelf.

8. A shelf attachment for a cot or bed comprising a fabric shelf, depending snpporting brackets having means at the upper ends Athereof for detachably connecting the brackets to opposite ends of the bed, and transverse members between which said shelf is suspended, said brackets having means at the lower ends thereof for detachably supporting said members.

Signed at New York city, this 3d day of April, 1923.


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U.S. Classification5/658, 5/308
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