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Publication numberUS1525138 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1925
Filing dateAug 17, 1923
Priority dateAug 17, 1923
Publication numberUS 1525138 A, US 1525138A, US-A-1525138, US1525138 A, US1525138A
InventorsLeath Giles J
Original AssigneeLeath Giles J
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Garment-supporting bracket
US 1525138 A
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Feb. 3; 1925. 31 1.525.138



Application filed August 17, 1923. Serial No. 652843.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GILES J. Learn, a

citizen of the United States, residing at Bastrop, in the county of Bastrop and State of Texas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Garment-Supporting Brackets, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in garment supporting brackets, embodying means for conveniently supporting hats and coats, and particularly useful as an adjunct to motor vehicles capable of ready attachment to the top cross beams of open cars or to the backs of the front seats of the latter.

The primary object of the present invention is to provide a hat and coat supporting bracket, capable of general application and embodying a mo-vably mounted coat hanger, which is readily detachable at will for placing of a coat thereon and associated with means for holding the same removably in a folded inoperative position when not required for use.

Another object of the invention is to provide a bracket embodying a horizontal arm, provided at one end with means for attaching the same to a suitable support and having a resilient hat holding clasp at the other end thereof, said resilient arm being also provided with resilient clips arranged in spaced relation for facing each other for removable reception of a resilient coat hanger, whereby the latter may be supported in a depending operative position parallel with, and beneath the arm.

With the above and general object in View and others that will become apparent as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in the novel form, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter more fully described, shown in the accompanying drawing, and claimed.

In the drawing, wherein like reference characters indicate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

Figure 1is a top plan view of one form of garment supporting bracket, constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2is a side elevational view of the device shown in Fig. 1, and illustrating by dotted lines the coat hanger in its raised inoperative position.

Figure 3is an elevational view of the preferred form of resilient coat hanger employed, and

Figure it-shows a fragmentary view of a blank from which a modified form of the supporting arm may be formed.

Referring more in detail to the several views, and particularly to the form of the invention illustrated in Figs. 1 to 3 inclusive, the invention embodies a jointed arm including a section 5 having one end flanged as at 6, through which suitable fastening devices may be readily driven for rigidly attaching the device to a suitable support, and a section 7 hinged as at 8 to the section 5 for swinging movement relative to the latter. As shown, the section '7 preferably consists of a strip of metal having laterally extending cars 9 at one end, arranged in spaced parallel relation, and provided with teeth 10 upon the inner faces thereof. The outer end of the section 5 is enlarged to provide a head 11 snugly disposed between the resilient ears 9 and having ratchet teeth 12 upon opposite sides thereof for co-operating with the teeth 10 of the ears 9 in holding the sections 5 and 7 against relative swinging movement when the wing nut 13 is tightened upon the pivot bolt 8, in a wellknown manner.

- A U-shaped horizontal hat supporting clasp 14 is centrally attached to the outer end of the arm sections 7, in any suitable or preferred manner as at 15, and it will be understood that in the use of this clasp, the crown of the hat is fully in place with the brim of the hat resting upon the clasp.

The arm section 7 is provided with a forwardly facing resilient hook 16 at a point beneath the ears 9 adapted for removable and pivotal reception of the offset central portion 17 of a wellknown form of coat hanger, constructed from a piece of resilient wire. By means of the hook 16, the coat hanger is effectively supported in a depending operative position, and the coat hanger may be readily removed when desired for more convenient placing of the coat thereon.

A rearwardly facing resilient hook 18 is attached to the forward end of the arm section 7 at a point spaced from the hook 16 a slightly less distance than the distance between the lower bar 19 of the coat hanger and the offset portion 17, so that when the coat hanger is swung upwardly as denoted by arrows in Fig. 2, it will be disposed in engagement with the hook 18 as indicated by dotted lines in the last named figure, by simply forcing the coat hanger parts 1'7 and 19 toward each other a sufiicient distance to allow the portion 19 to snap past the hook 18. When in this folded position, the coat hanger Will be held against rattling or accidental detachment, and will be held effectively out of the way. The jointed arm per mits disposition of the arm sections at any desired angular relation as found most convenientin the particular type of vehicle in which it is employed.

As shown in Fig. 4, the horizontal bracket arm may be of onepiece rigid construction as at 5 in such cases where a jointed arm is not required, and one end of the arm may be provided with suitable ears 6 adapted to be bent upon the folded line 20 at right angles to the arm, so that securing devices may be readily driven through the ears 6 into a vertical support.

From the foregoing description, it is believed that the construction and manner of use, as well as the advantages of the present invention, will be readily understood and appreciated by those skilled in the art.

Minor changes may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as claimed.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters-Patent, is

A garment supporting bracket comprising a base section, a section pivotally mounted upon the base section, means for fixing the pivoted section in adjusted position upon the base section, hooks mounted upon the pivoted section, said hooks being spaced from each other and having the bill ends disposed toward each other and a hanger member adapted to be engaged with either of the hooks and being of a transverse breadth greater than the distance between the bill ends of the hooks whereby the hanger member may be engaged edgewise in both o1 the hooks and disposed parallel with the pivoted section.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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