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Publication numberUS1525242 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1925
Filing dateDec 26, 1923
Priority dateDec 26, 1923
Publication numberUS 1525242 A, US 1525242A, US-A-1525242, US1525242 A, US1525242A
InventorsKonrad Jagschitz
Original AssigneeMaschf Augsburg Nuernberg Ag
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Foundation for dry gasometers
US 1525242 A
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Feb. 3. 1925.

K. JAGSCHITZ FOUNDATION FOR DRY GASOMETERS led De m m C 5 M 6 i V. DD fl TILM 0 K I II V [7 n- 7 7 77 i I, 70110 I Tatented Feb. 3, 1925.




Application filed December 26. 1923.

To all ((f/[OIIL it may concern:

Be it known that I, KONRAD JAGSCHITZ, a citizen of the Republic of Germany, residing at No. 27 Veintorstrasse, Mainz, (itermany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Foundations for Dry Gasometers. of which the follmving is a specifi cation.

This invention relates to dry gasoineters and more particularly to the foundations thereof, its main object is the provision of means to easily and quickly right the gasometer upon its foundation in case it should subside owing to being built on bad ground. or in the mining areas. where sagging of the ground of frequent occurrence.

It is an admitted fact that dry gasometers can withstand one-sided sagging of the ground, i. c. onesided inclinations of their structures only to a very slight extent, and the invention, therefore, provides an ar rangement, by means of which the gason'ieters may be righted in a mostsimple and eflicient manner without in the least affecting their stability.

According to the invention the gasometer is erected upon a base plate of concrete or the like adapted to carry the inner useful load, and which rests with its outer circumference upon an annular foundation, hereinafter called the foundation ring, of concrete or the like. which is provided with an insulating surface layer and by which the weight of the gasometer is SHPPOItGd and, the forces set up by wind pressure. and others. are resisted. The arrangement according to the invention is such that the foundation or base plate carrying the gason'ieter is placed over the said ring and detachably connected thereto by means of foundation bolts, and that lifting devices are spaced at certain intervals around the circumference of the said ring and in contact: with the base plate. Thus, should a sinking occur, the gasometer need only be lifted at the respective place or places by means of the lifting devices, whereupon the clearance may be filled up with concrete.

The accompanying drawings diagramn'iatically illustrate the invention by way of example.

Fig. 1 is a vertical section through a gasometer having a foundation constructed according to the invention;

Serial No. 682.841,

Fig. :2 a plan view of the foundation or base plate; and

Fig. 3 is a detail view illustrating the lifting and securing devices.

In the drawings the gasometer which is denoted by 1 is erected upon a foundation or base plate 3 of concrete or other suitable material which is braced by ribs 2 and adapted to rest witl its circumference upon a foundation ring 4 which is likewise made of con crete or the like material. The said foundation ring -t is provided with a surface layer .3 of insulating material. The base plate 3 is provided with extensions (3 of the ribs 2 at the places correspoinling to the corners of the gasometer, and below these extensions. which project beyond the circumference of the ring 4, lifting screws 8 are arranged upon lugs 7 extending from the ring 4 and by means of which the gasometer may be raised at such places where the ground may have given way, whereupon the spaces intermediate the extensions may be filled up with concrete. Foundation bolts 9 are provided to detachably connect the plate 3 to the ring 4.

It is evident that other lifting means may be employed instead of the screws 8, which latter, however, constitute a preferred form of lifting arrangement on account of their simplicity and ease of manipulation.

\Vhat I claim is:

1. In a foundation for dry gasometers the arrangement of a base plate carrying the gasometer. a foundation ring engaging said base plate near its circumference from be low to support the same. and means between the said base plate and the foundation ring to enable a one-sided raising of the base plate and the gasometer erected thereon.

In a foundation for dry gasoineters in combination a strengthened base plate, a foundation ring supportii'ig said base plate. lifting means between the base plate and en gaging the same from below and the founda tion ring spaced around the circumference thereof. said lifting means adapted to enable a one-sided raising of the base plate and the, gasorneter erected thereon.

In a foundation for dry gasometers in combination a base plate strengthened by ribs, extensions of the base plate spaced around its circumference. a foundation ring eiigaging said base plate from below to suploo port the same, lugs projecting radially outward from the foundation ring. in registry with and below the said extensions, lifting means upon the said lugs and bearings against the extensions. and foundation bolts to dctachabl connect the base plate to the foundation ring.

r. ln a foundation for dry gasometers in combination a base plate, a foundation ring engaging said base plate near its circumference from below for supporting the same and lifting screws between said foundation ringand the base plate spaced around the circumferel'ice thereof.

In a foundation for dry gasometers in combination a base plate, ribs to strengthen the said base plate and extending into fiat portions projecting radially outward from the base plate, a foundation ring engaging said base plate from below, lugs projecting from the foundation ring in registr) with and below said flat portions. lifting screws arranged upon the lugs and bearing with their upper ends against the said flat portions of the base plate, an insulating surface layer on the foundation ring beneath said base plate, and foundation bolts to detach ably connect the base plate to the foundation ring.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


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