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Publication numberUS1525665 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1925
Filing dateMay 22, 1924
Priority dateMay 22, 1924
Publication numberUS 1525665 A, US 1525665A, US-A-1525665, US1525665 A, US1525665A
InventorsCharles Asdell, Slover Philip B
Original AssigneeSlover
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Vanity case
US 1525665 A
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' masas Feb, 10. 1925.

\ P. B. SLOVER ET AL vANTY CASE Filed May 22 rammed Feb. 10, 1925.



VANITY cAsE Appucanonmd may 22, 1924. serial No. 715,171. y

To a-Zlfwliom, t Imay concern.: y

Be it known that we,PHILIP B. SLovEn, a citizen `ofthe United States, and resident of Bowling Greelninlthe county of llarren and State of Kentucky, and CHARLEsAsDELL, a citizen of the United States, and resident of Bowling Greeinin thecounty of Warren and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Vanity Cases, ofwhich the following is a vspecificationi.` l y' Our invention relates 1to that type ofvanity case `which'is adapted to holdpowder puffs, rouge,lip stick, and other' toilet articles, and is provided with a'mirror.

Anobject of the invention Vis to provide such 'a device which will be ornamental and usefuland `will comprises ina small compass a large assortment of useful articles.` y, Another object of our invention is to provide a vanity case which will be adapted to receive and ret-ain a'folding comb of a type suitable .particularly for the use v of women with bobbed hair. i

A further object is the provision ofa vani-` ty case with two mirrors, one of which is `vanity case in opened position.`

Figure 2 is a side elevation with parts in section. y

Figure 3 is a fro-nt elevation with the lid raised and the various positions of the comb indicated. p

Figure 4 is a similar view of a modification.

The vanity case comprises a bodyportion 1 `having its upper edge 2 formed somewhat smaller thus forming a shoulder 3 against which the lid abuts when it is closed. This body portion `may be provided with a sliding drawer 4 containing a li stick A, powder puli' B, or other small article, but this forms no part of the present invention. A rouge compact C with appropriate puff D is carriad in the body o the receptacle.

Hingedat 5 to the inside of the upper edge 2 is a ring member 6 inrwhich` are mounted aconve-X mirror 7 and a plane mirror 8. The convex mirror enablesthe user to obtain a viewk of the entire face and head when it is desired vto comb the hair, while theL plane mirror `may be used when it is desired to apply powder or rouge, `or use the lip stick. A v e ,Hinged at 9, to the outside of the receptacle 1 is a cover 10 having a top portion 11, a

' skirt 12 and a` fiange `13 connecting the two.

The skirt fits down over the edge 2 of the receptacle e and .any suitable detent mechanism indicated at 1,4 `may beprovided for holding the cover in closed position against accidental displacement. y

y Attached to `one portion of the `inside yof theskirt 12 `and s aced from the top 11 by about the width ci) in :placeby solder or any other suitable means. lThis forms convenient means `for retaininga comb in place. The comb E in the presentinstance is illustrated as a.- foldthe flange 13is suitably `attached an apron 15. A This may be held ing comb havingtwo simi-lar parts 1,6 and 17 e hinged together at 18.` Detent mechanism 19 is provided `for `holding the comb in eX- itended position for use. The outer ends 20 which lie adjacent each other when thecomb is folded as shown in Figures 3 and 4 are curved, and a portion of this curve at least is the same as the curve of the cover.

When it is desired to place the comb within the case it is folded and held in the dot and dash position X of Fi re 3 in which position it fits readily withm the cover 10. It is then turned, passing through the full line position Y into the dot and dash position Z of Figure 3. When in this position the curved ends 20 of the comb fit against one side of the cover within the recess formed by the flange 13, while the other end of the comb fits against the opposite side `of the cover. The comb does` not tightly engage the sides of the cover, but the apron l5 is wide enough and the comb is close enough to the sides of the cover so that it cannot be withdrawn without turning it back substantially to position X. It is thus evident that we have provided simple and efficient retaining means for the comb which can thus be carried without detracting from its appearance in any manner.

Obviously the comb need not be a folding comb if'the case is largeenou h to contain a comb of the desired size. urthermore,

l as illustratedin Figure 4, instead of the single apron l5, two-aprons 21 and l22 in opposing relation and of the same or slightly different form may be emplgyed. The comb is then inserted in position in similar manner and moved to position Z. This construction will serve to readily retain a comb which does not contact with the inside walls of ,the top portion at all.

It is obvious that the retaining means for the comb may be applied to some other part aside from the cover, such as the drawer or body portion of the case, but it will be found preferable to place it inthe top. It is also clearthat variousdetails may be changed and some features of'the invention emplo ved alone without in any way departing rom the spirit of the inf vention, which is to be regarded -as limited onl by the'scope of the appended claims.

e claim as our invention: 1. Al vanity case comprising a body portion, a member hinged thereto and adaptedl to it within the body portion, said member provided with a convex mirror and a plane mirror, and a cover having a flange forming an internal recess and an apron overlying one sideof said recess and adapted toretain in position a comb. y

2. A vanity case comprising a body portion, a. member hinged thereto and adapted to fit within the body portion, said'member provided with a convex mirror and a. llane mirror, and a cover provided with an internal apron at one side to retain a comb when placed therein and turned until one end underlies said apron.

3. A vanity case comprising a body portion, a cover hinged thereto and having a liange forming an internalvrecess, and an apron carried bythe cover and overlyin 5. A vanity case comprising a body portion, and a hollow portion provided with an apron at one side, in combination with a folding comb slightly shorter than the internal diameter' of said hollow portion and having outer ends curved similarly to the curve of said hollow portion, the a ron act-v ing to retain the comb when place in said portion and turned until one end underlies the same.

6. A vanity case comprising a body portion forming a receptacle, a member hinged thereto and fitting within the receptacle, said member carrying a convex mirror and a plane mirror, and a cover portion having an internal apron at one side, in comoination with a comb adaptedy to be folded to fit within the cover and to'be `retained by the apron when turned until one end underlies said apron.

In testimony whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names.


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